Monday, December 17, 2007

Saturday recap. can you believe no photos!

I don't usually write about things that I don't have photos of but don't want to forget our Saturday.
On Saturday after spending two days in bed, I decided not to be sick anymore. I ripped off all my bedding which is all white. I threw it in the washer with a cup of bleach to wash away all the sickies. Took a shower. Put on makeup. Put my hair in hot rollers. There is something that when I do my hair I just feel better. And I told Jeff "I am not sick anymore!" (ha!)
We went to the commissary and got three carts full of groceries. We bought all of Jeff's young men their favorite bag of candy bars and their favorite box of cereal. It is almost worth joining the army just to get such cheap cereal. They are like $1.49 a box.

We went to a great party on Saturday night. Ok, it was better than great, it was fabulous. I was still feeling pretty sick, but since I had cancelled last year to go from being sick, I didn't want my friend to think I was avoiding their party. It was catered with chef in the kitchen making custom pasta dishes. I felt like I was on a show on the Food Network. I think it is the 4th time this year we have gotten a baby sitter, so it was great to go out. We did our annual tradition of paying the babysitter with all of her money in a Santa hat tied up with a big bow. I usually fill it with all one dollar bills but had forgot to go to the bank. (I am a firm believer in paying a good baby sitter in some creative way. We usually put the money in a candy bar wrapper - must post more about this later)
Back to the party - Our friends have a contest with awesome gifts going to who brings the best dessert. The chef was the one who sampled them so you knew if you won it must be pretty good. We also did a white elephant gift exchange. Jeff and I got number 24 out of 26 - so we were golden! During the exchange we had, two movies and a $15 itunes card - it got stolen, The 2007 White House Christmas ornament - it got stolen, then we ended up with the last gift which was a can of wheat.
It was a great night. I came home exhausted. I knew I needed to make cookies and two pans of fudge for church the next morning, but just went right to bed and did it the next day.
I just love Christmas!


michelle said...

A party catered with a chef in the kitchen? I can't even imagine. And I guess I shouldn't be surprised that you even pay your babysitters in a creative way... but I was. That has literally never even entered my mind!

Jill said...

I'm impressed that you made yourself get up and get going so that you could make it to that party. It sounds like it was worth it. I hope you get better quickly, this is the worst week of the year to be sick!

pjmesser said...

so glad you could get up & make it to the party! It sounds like so much fun- sorry about the wheat- who knows as creative as you are- for sure you can come up with something great to do with it!
I love your posts, they make my day.

carlo said...

oh kristi, bless your heart.

your "not sick anymore" resolve is awesome. i did a similar "convincing" myself prior to the cookie party i hosted.

i love the babysitter pay idea.

hope you did not crash after your magnificent party!

Barb said...

This is one of those posts that makes me sorry that I have older children than you do! (a thought I have had many times because some opportunities to copy/emulate you are past)
We no longer need babysitters, but I have had some fabulous babysitters and I sure wish I had given them their pay inside candy wrappers!