Thursday, January 24, 2008

Last year i was so inspired by Michelle's post about picking a word of the year that I took that idea and seriously ran with it. I picked the word and when I picked that word this is what it looked like to me. Tight and hard to read.and when I finished with that word this is what it looked like to me. Open, free and lots of room.

I picked a few stretching exercises last year.
  • stop biting my nails. thanks to the lady at the shop I get my eyebrows waxed who said to me, "you nails look horrible, that is a nasty habit" she gave me a free manicure and i did not bite them after that day last January.
  • i stopped drinking diet coke. after a second kidney stone and thought if there is a chance this has anything to do with it, i am quiting. i crave it still every day but was able to quit cold turkey
  • overcoming my anxiety about flying to overseas. when we decided to go to Europe last year in a 6 week time period - i told myself to relax and not get caught up in the details and planning and to just go! That attitude exercise made all the difference in our trip. As a girl with usually too many expectations I went with only a couple. Eating good food, bringing home something sentimental and not losing my kids.
  • i ran a marathon. i have always wanted to and me doing so was a huge stretch for me. it stretched me physically but much more spiritually and emotionally
  • i threw a party in my house. i am kind of weird about how small our home is to entertain. I had friends over for a Christmas cookie exchange and was so glad I did.
  • i served in a church congregation last year that stretched me beyond what I thought I could be stretched. I lead the music in primary, taught lessons, ran the ward website, made sure Santa found every one's address downtown, fell in love with children i will never forget, spent 6 hours on Sunday's at church, fed the masses and can honestly say i wore myself out in service.
It was a great year. So of course picking a word for me with be a new tradition. I have thought long and hard about My Word - what would I pick, what do I want to work on?
a few that were in the running.
sacrifice, peace, Wengen (i will explain later)
but the word I came up with is ....

I was to be Persistant.
I want to be able to Acclimate myself, but slowly. I don't have to always jump in head first, but take new situations one foot at a time.
I want to always use my Creatvity but not all in one day.
I want to be excited when it is easy to be Excited and even when it is not

as an idea gal I can see the end of a situation immediately. I just have a hard time pacing myself to get there. I imagined myself finishing the marathon before I could even run longer than 60 seconds. I tend to either be on a High High or on a low low. there are few in betweens for me. You can see 5 blog posts for me in one day and then not see anything from me in a week. My goal this year is to find more of the middle. To pace myself to get to my goals.
My husband has a saying that says "we train to live, not live to train" last year training for my marathon I lived to train, it is what got me through the year. This year I want to train to live. I don't want to be so hard on myself if I am not going a million miles a minute or 15 miles a minute. i also decided to pick a quote for the year and it says.

{ If you are not moving at a snails pace }
you aren't moving at all

I tend to stop trying to do something if I can not do it all in one day. for example
  • cleaning my house. I do a great job before someone comes over, but the day to day is hard for me.
  • I do a great job of preparing a great talk at church be doing research every day of my life is harder.
another pendant from Lilly Lane with our family
Christmas photo and Thomas Jefferson quote on the other side.

so as you have been reading my blog have you been gooing and gahing over my new pendants to remind me of my new word.

LillyLane was so generous and sent me a handmade pendant with my word of the year on side and my quote of the year on the other. Thank you Thank you! I love it.
Lilly Lane (a pink Christmas gal) also loves the idea of picking a word of the year and wants one of you to have one to! So she is giving one away!
if you win you will be able to have a photo, quote or our word of the year put in a pendant just for you!
to enter the week long contest just leave a comment

What is your new word of the year!
and what do you hope to with it?


Rebecca said...

I am so excited to be first that I have to post something eventhough I don't have a word yet. So, I will be back...

Quelly said...

How exciting! I love those pendants -- I have chosen the word ORDER for this year.

Good luck with keeping the PACE Kristi --

Farrah said...

I remember reading your older posts about your word of the year and thought it was such a great idea and decided that I would choose one for this year. I chose TRIUMPH. For almost three and a half years I have been trying to have another baby. This last year especially has really been hard in my struggle with getting pregnant and I went the fertility treatment route, but had no luck. I started to let it control my life and have decided that just dwelling on it will make me more of a miserable person. Although I don’t expect to get pregnant, I do want to triumph over my infertility by looking at what blessings I do have which is one sweet boy that I am so grateful for. I also have been asking myself what can I learn from this. I know what it has taught me so far but I know there is more that this trial can teach me.

Nikki said...

I love the idea of a word for the year- and was inspired by your "stretch" to choose my own this year. I chose the word remember because I tend to forget. I forget to remember the things that I already know. I need to remember to...
* pray often, pray for inspiration, and listen
* count my blessings
* show affection & patience for my children- "you will be a mother to very special persons"
* allow my kids the chance for personal growth
* record family history- old and new
* study the scriptures- "you shall have a recalling of the teachings given to you..."
* have faith in myself- "you should not fear for you shall never fail"
* always work on my testimony
* not forget myself- physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually
* not take my marriage and my super husband for granted
* cherish the temple
* strenghten extended family ties
* create life long friendships
* get better sleep!

I'm positive there are other things I need to remember- that I'm forgetting, of course. I will have to add to my list as I remember.
Loving PACE- just know you'll inspire us all again with this one.

crystal said...

Oh, I am SO ordering one of those pendants! I love them!

I love your word; and I think you are right: feeling like you need to accomplish it all in one giant leap in order to get to the finish line causes us to be hard on ourselves. I like that thought and will think of it often. I am very hard on myself.

My word is "moments."

carlo said...

oh goodness.

love your word/words
and the pendants? WOW! how generous. quite fitting, actually! given how generous you are with all around you...

i have chosen progress as my 2008 word(as in making progress or to progress).

i am thrilled with it. i have used it a good bit already and can see the possibilities for the entire year...

ps- i finally posted my "perfectionist" post today -- and it so relates to your comments in this post today.

Kim said...

I have so loved reading about your church service downtown. I get chocked up every time I read them and I am sorry that you won't be going there anymore. I was very touched with the story about the young couple going to primary and asking if they could help. I have been thinking about it a lot and came up with my word. "MOVE"
move to help
move to enjoy
move to learn
move to do
I have a problem with sitting idly and watching others and thinking how nice that is to do. Well this year I want to be the one doing and not watching. Thanks for all your inspiration.

Charity said...

I have to say the word for the year is EFFORT.

I like the word effort because to me it's an action word...I know that sounds kind of funny, but...
* it takes effort to go for a run when the weather is below zero and it's still dark outside

*it takes effort to be kind and loving to a child who is struggling with having a good attitude.

*it takes effort not to get offended at church/home/work by someone who says an unkind word when they don't know the circumstances.

*it takes effort to really STUDY your scriptures and follow through with the words that you read.

*it takes effort to provide service for others...especially when you feel like you already don't have the time.

*it takes effort to accept, learn and grow from the trials that the Lord sees fit to bless us with.

and lastly...sometimes it takes EFFORT to love ourselves for who we are, what we look like and where we are in our lives at this very moment...

Thanks for inspiring me to reflect on what I can do to use more EFFORT in my life.


Amy said...

OK, have loved this idea since I first read about it from you! I am thrilled to participate in 2008!

My word is "CHOICE".

1.) Remember I am a choice daughter of God. (sometimes my Mom makes me feel less than that...she is sick & in pain and does not truly intend to inflict pain, but it cuts me to the core when she uses hateful words.)

2.) I can make the choice to say "no" and not over-commit (and exhaust) myself.

3.) I can choose to remain sunny & happy everyday and pass the good cheer around to everyone.

P.S. And, (shameless plug)...I hope you "CHOOSE" me!!!

Elizabeth said...

Another wonderful word pick. Not just the word but what you plan to do with it. I am amazed with all you did last year to stretch yourself.
My word is Love.

I am loving more this year. I want those around me to feel my love more this year. I want to set in motion waves of beauty. I am going to love the many moments I have with my children in these early stages of their lives. They will know how much their mother loves them. There will be no room for unkind words or shortness of tempers. Love will fill that space and push it away out of our home.

April said...

I love reading all of your posts. You are so inspiring. My word of the year is Prepare.

Jessica said...

My word is BLESS. I like how it can relate to physical as well as spiritual aspects of my life.

Missy said...

Oh, I would really, really, really love to win a pendant with my word. I saw your word of the year last year and have been pondering a word for months. I am still working on drafting a blog post for my word and want to gather my thoughts about it.
Those pendants are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

What a great word Kristi- and cute necklace!

Mine is ADAPT. From my thinking to the everyday things like laundry and dishes. I want to adapt my normal and become and evolve into who I know I can be.

Laurie said...

Love the pendants she did for you, and the word of the year inspiration. After considering many, many words I decided on "prayer" as my word of the year. I'm working on humbling myself by going to the Lord first to discuss my needs, concerns instead of talking to everyone else about them or trying to solve them on my own. I'm trying to strengthen our couple and family prayers to create a strong foundation for our family.

Price Cream Parlor said...

I love the snail and the quote! So dang cute! I love these necklaces! Such a great idea to have your word on it!

Jessica said...

how interesting! i think we must be a lot alike, because i'm constantly trying to get my opposing sides to go for more of a middle road. i'm a bit of a self-proclaimed "extreemist." for me i either do something all the way (like making my twin nieces' quilts from cutting and piecing to hand-quilting and binding in a week and a half) or never quite finish it (like the queen size quilt i started making for our bedspread over two years ago that i still haven't finished quilting).

so for my word this year, i have the same concept as yours, but a different word. and that word is "CONSTANT."

this year i will focus on making a constant effort to improve myself rather than a haphazard, all or nothing approach.

the word really applies to so many aspects of my life:

*constant vigilance as i try to lose all my baby weight
*constant effort at reading my scriptures
*constant attempts to keep my house clean and orderly
*constant attention to the things that matter most and are the most important to me -- such as my family

this is so long! sorry, i've been meaning to blog about my word, but i guess i've found my venue here. thanks for asking us to comment on our word. :)

and those pendants are BEAUTIFUL!

Michelle A. said...

Your word Krisit is great - good for you for picking it! My word this year is ORDER. I realized late last year that I am always "organizing" and never creating order in my life. You can read more here:

Love these pendants, very creative and very sweet :)

Jamie said...

Darling...and love your word by the way. Mine is FOCUS! There's just too much going on in a young mommy's life and sometimes ya gotta stop and FOCUS on what's really important! You can get the whole scoop on my blog!

Nikki said...

My word for 2008 is:

I was so inspired by your word last year and celebrated with you as STRETCHED throughout 2007, that I wanted to do the same this year. I even blogged this earlier this month and mentioned you and your accomplishment.

Feel free to peek at my blog and see how I want to STRENGHTEN in 2008.

Good luck to everyone trying to live up to their word this year.


Barb said...

Oh, that is a good word, and such a great follow up word from your experiences last year.
Will you be able to live your word but not at a break-neck pace? I can see how working on this will be a blessing to you and your family.
My word is HEAT. I am maybe too well paced, and need to turn up the heat in my life once in a while.

Elisa said...

Nourish. Last year, since I was pregnant for half the year and had a newborn the rest, my secret word had been "survive". I did survive but not without huge sacrifices to my body, mind and soul. Our new guy had added so much love to our home but, I got through the sleep deprived year by living on Coke and Chocolate. I now feel heavy, wrinkly, and old.
It's time to nourish my body (go to bed earlier, EXERCISE, eat foods that make me feel good not just taste good).
It's time to nourish my mind (books on my ipod to listen to while nourishing by body)
It's time to nourish my marriage (that ones a secret;)

Kim Sue said...

I began blogging several months ago and found my way to your blog. I have been so inspired by your year of "stretching". I had been thinking about a word for my year and I chose "know". I wrote about it here....

Love the pendants - I hope I win!

Melissa said...

I haven't officially announced my word of the year on my blog yet(I'm building up to it) and in fact it isn't just a word, but 2 words that I know are very important to do. Ever since I heard about your word of the year last year I've been thinking of what mine should be and these 2 words keep coming up, even though they aren't what I want and I know they won't be easy for me. They are... drumroll please.... "Let go". I know at first that may seem like a counterproductive word or phrase, but the way I see it is to let go of the idea of perfection that keeps me from even trying, to let go of the extra weight I carry on my body that burdens me, to let go of the past memories and expereinces that aren't possitive, to let go of hurt feelings and let go of the extra clutter and stuff I have around the house that keeps me and my family from living a peaceful existance. I know these words are meant for me to concentrate on this year (and maybe longer) and I know if I do my life will be better all around. So there it is. Let go...

sista # 2 said...

LOVE love love the princess snail with a pink crown! Sooo cute ;)

I don't know why I do this, but I
feel like if I choose a word for the year, I'll then come up with another I like more! Weird huh.
PACE is great - I like the concept.
I seriously may have a word a month just to keep up with myself!

Thanks for sharing Lily Lane. My
sista #4 totally ROCKS!! ciao

Jennifer said...

my word is FAITH. To remind to have daily faith in God, in His plan, faith in the doctors that are treating my brother, faith in relationships, and so much more.

Amy said...

I haven't posted my word yet but it is "OWN" and actually it was inspired by one of your first January posts. You wrote that you owned 2007 and it profoundly impacted me. I need to take more OWNership of this stage of my life...stop waiting for "some day" and jump in to accomplish and become now.

RoRo said...

There are so many great comments and words I know I don't have a chance at winning but I love reading all these different words so I thought I would share mine: HOPE I don't have very good health and all last year we didn't know how long I was going to live, well I didn't think I would see 2008 but I am here and so this year I am going to have HOPE for the future.

Purple Magic said...

I wanted to say what a fantastic concept this is, one idea has inspired so many of us to look at our lives and choose a word to help us develop and grow - for the benefit of not only ourselves but everyone we come into contact with - Well done ladies.

My word is DESTINY, as we are all destined to live, love and grown for how ever long we are here.

Anonymous said...

I'm a new reader but love the idea of word of the year. My word is STRENGTH. My oldest son joined the Air Force last year and I need strength to adjust to him being gone.Strength to live with 2 teenage daughters. Strength to live with a chronic illness. Thanks for the inspiration!

Stephenson Family said...

I love your words of the years so far! I think it's a great idea. As a family this year we chose one goal together as it was something I wanted to focus on - GRATITUDE.

Wende said...

this was such a fantastic post kristi! my new word of the year is "patience" because this is definitely something i could improve on. i did do a whole blog post on it, i love the idea of having a word of the year. this is my first and i'm looking forward to having many more to come! thanks for sharing!

denise said...

Love your word Kristi!

I just recently decided on my word - I have been thinking about it for a few weeks. My word is DARE. I have repeated the words in my mind so much just in the last week. When I feel like I am not doing something right, if I need a push, If I'm scared, If I'm unsure, whatever it is I hear myself say DARE and it gives me the uummpphhh I need to move forward.

michelle said...

What a wonderful word! I love it. It really seems right, like you put a lot of thought into the choosing. After seeing all that you did with "stretch", I can't wait to see what you can do with "pace"!

As you know, my word is free. Free of clutter, free of excess weight, free of the constraints I put on myself...

p.s. Marc bought me a Lisa Leonard necklace for Christmas with free on it. I love it!

Jill said...

I love how much your lived your word last year, and I think your word this year is a great one. It's hard to experience high highs and low lows because it means your life is always and extreme of some kind, I totally get that. Hopefully you can adopt a snail's pace this year and do a little bit of everything a bit at a time. Maybe one post a day? Good luck with all of it, you'll do great!

I love the Lilly Lane necklaces. I haven't picked a new word for the year yet because I'm still working on "Love" from last year.

Anjanette said...

My word for the year is UNCOVER. It's already been an amazing journey.

I am attempting to uncover the things in my life that demand change or need to be resurrected. It means facing that which I am not necessarily proud of or excited about. And, it also has meant uncovering diamonds in the rough, beautiful gems, sparkling light already present - like old interests that I have put off or wonderful qualities in my life and honoring them again. I guess it is all about paying attention to who I am and what is in my life and living in the present so that I can be used fully by God!

Jan said...

Loved your post -- such great insights. Thank you.

My word is going to be "cherish". Often there are things to wade through and deal with that are so not fun -- but I choose to cherish every moment, good or bad, fun or not. There are lessons in every experience, and I am going to focus on cherishing them. Along with that, I will cherish my family (I do cherish them but this will be a focus for me) and let them know what a blessing they are to me.

Cassie L. said...

My word this year is JOY. It is has been a word that has literally popped out at me in text as I have been thinking and praying in the last months. I had been feeling some insecurities about choosing this word, as it may imply that I am not happy with my life or not a cheerful person. But that is not the case. What I want is to find ways in which that happiness and peace of heart seeps in at times that it may not normally be welcome. So that I can end my day knowing that I came at everything with an attitude of love and thanksgiving. This word, although I know is perfect for me, has been a challenge at the start because I am a girl who likes to check off lists and come up with measurable goals and that is tricky with this word. But I am excited and have challenged many friends and family members to have one of their own. My father-in-law even did a talk about this concept to the women at a prison at which he was the bishop!!

Staci said...

Wow! A word of the year sounds like such a fabulous idea. I'm never good at specific goals so doing a word for the year that applies to everything is great. My word that I chose is: MOLD. Sounds funny I know, but I think it will really work for me. gave a definition that really is what I want my word to mean this year: "a distinctive nature, character, or type". I want to be a distinctive person and stand out. No more hiding in the background for me.

mold by body into shape
mold my relationships into better
mold the minds of my children
mold myself into the person I've
always dreamed of becoming.

I'm working on finishing up a blog post about my Mold and what I hope to accomplish this year.

Thanks for the wonderful word o the year idea. Good luck with yours.

Kristi said...

I am thinking- order- for my word. doing things in order, finding order in my life, all that stuff. love the pendant, love your blog! thanks for sharing!

Jennifer said...

The pendant is beautiful! I think having a word of the year is a great idea. Trying to pick just one is really hard. I think that the best one for me is "time".
I need to remember to take time for the things that really matter, my husband, kids, family and even myself sometimes!

SECPumpkin said...

My life is constantly pushed to the limit with little time to appreciate the moments that make up each day. With working with at-risk youth, being a cheer coach, trying to be good to my family, work with my middle school girls at church, and well just all the normal mundane things that take up life is overwhelmingly full. So this year, I've decided to pick a word (ispired by you) and it is EMBRACE. I want to constantly EMBRACE every moment God gives me. I want enjoy, savor, feel, and trust Him with every emotion, trial, joy, and situation. So this year instead of dwelling on the past or the "ifs" or trying to get through days by looking forward to something ahead...I'm going to EMBRACE!

Poulsen Family said...

I want to PERSEVERE: to persist in anything undertaken; maintain a purpose in spite of difficulty, obstacles, or discouragement; continue steadfastly. I think my major downfall each year, and essentially why I have neglected making goals each year is because of the discouragement I feel when I don't reach my goals as I planned. This year, I've chosen to dig myself out of that pit and persevere even when it's difficult.

That is my hope and my goal!

Heather said...
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Heather said...

Kristi--I'm so excited about my word and you totally inspired me to think about my life in a new way.

Here are some exerpts from my blog post about my word:

So what was it that I knew I wanted from 2008?:

I want to be closer to being person I know I am inside. I don't really think this happens in one year, because the learning and changing never stops, but I don't want to feel like I'm holding myself back. I want to live on purpose and take advantage of every opportunity.
That may seem weird, but that's it. And there are lots of angles from which I view this statement or idea, but it all comes back to the same thing. And it applies to several, if not most, areas of my life. It's not about being perfect. It's not about what I have. It's not even about what others think of me. It's about what I know in my heart. And saying that, it's not a comparisson to who I am today or to anybody else.

So my word for 2008 is: FEARLESS

I finally found my word right around the first of the year, but couldn't totally articulate why it is the one. I knew it was, and could sort of explain it, but not well. I figured it didn't really matter because I knew what it meant to me.

The cool think is that after I picked my word and knew it was right, I've had so many experience which validated it.

Here is more of what it means to me:
For now, here are some of my simple thoughts on what it means to be FEARLESS:

--willing to look--really look at--what is holding me back from things I want
--willing to act on my inner voice--and not hold back based on fear of what others will think/say/do
--willing to give up comparisions and overanalyzing
--willing to learn to look for my affirmation/feed-back from the right sources
--willing to take risks from things that are important--mostly relationships
really learn to have confidence in the tasks at hand--and know that my energy is well spent. This will take me really focusing on seeking a confirmation as to what is the better part for ME right now.
--learning to look for the reasons why I have particular personality strengths/flaws--instead of wishing them away. and trusting the Lord enough to realize He gave those to me so I can add my strength to those around me and to learn from the weakness associated with that strength.
--learing to not care what others think, but still caring about others!

I know this is long, but this was the coolest--after I picked my word, a great friend shared this quote, which I had heard before, but had forgotten.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves: Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small Does not serve the world. There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, As children do. We were born to make manifest The glory of God that is within us.
It's not just in some of us; It's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, We unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we're liberated from our own fear, Our presence automatically liberates others.”--Marianne Williamson

My blog post:

Jinii said...

I love this idea for a word of the year. I have a lot of new things going on this year. I have taken on a lot of new responsibilities at work and my husband and I are starting a family this year. I tend to get myself so worked up that I do not enjoy all the great experiences that are in my life. So my word of the year is "Embrace". I want to embrace all the changes in my life and remember each special moment.

My name is Andrea said...

I have wanted to have a word for this year, but had a hard time thinking of one word that tells what I hope to achieve. Today the "ensign" came with an article called "Living a Balanced Life." And there it was. My word. BALANCE. I tend to concentrate so fully on one aspect of my life that the others suffer. My hope for this year is to "bring into harmony or proportion" all the areas of my life: spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and economic. I will do things in moderation and within my abilities. Thanks for this challenge! You are awesome!

Mamma Letty said...

Balance! The balance to choose the top priorities over the little...
I heard this little ditty and I need to share..sorry I will sum it up but it totally identifies why my word is balance.

There was a professor who teaching his class filled a mayonise jar with golf balls, asked the class if it was full and they said yes.
He then added some small pebbles, asked the class if it was full and they said yes.
He then added some sand, asked the class if it was NOW full and they said yes.
He then took two cups of coffee from under the table and poured them into the jar.
He said NOW the jar is full.
The golf balls are the most important things in our lives like our family.
The Pebbles represent the smaller yet, important items like work school stc.
The sand is the little things we do every day.
If we fill the jar with the sand first there is no room left for the bigger more important things.
That also means, we can't fill it with pebbles or there won't be room for the golf balls....
He then said the coffe represents that you should always be able to take time out, to have coffee with a friend.
So, that is why I have chosen BAlANCE.
I NEED to put the big things first!

Mamma Letty said...

So, now that I have gone back to read the comments i noticed that just above my comment Andrea chose "Balance" too! How funny!

GeorgiaBelleBoutique said...

Congrats on your great marathons. What an accomplishment. I love the word of the year. What a great idea. We put quotes and sayings around the house to inspire us..but to sum it all up in one word. I think I would choose Patience. Patience to listen, to learn, to love, to give. Patience to watch the children grow, to teach them Patience, Patience to know everything worth having is worth waiting for. Patience for life in general. Get out of mindset we have to have it now. God gives us what we need when we need to.
I think Patience would be a good word for me this year.

Chanel said...

I love that you this!

My word is for 2008 is "remodel"- because I am taking out what I don't like and replacing it with what I really want in my life.... don't worry, I'm keeping Eric!

Traci said...

So interesting, cause I thought of your word for the year was a great thing, but didn't really think about it for myself, then I wake-up in the middle of the night last night thinking of the word BLOOM! Out of now where and it won't leave. So my word for the year is BLOOM. I am going to work really hard to "Bloom where I am planted." Too really enjoy the now and where I am at physically. To start to like Connecticut better and finding the good in things. To reach out more and Bloom!
Thanks for the challenge! I am ready!

denice said...

My word for the year will be LAUGH. I need a daily reminder. I'm generally happy but the stress of living takes over and I forget to laugh. Laugh with my husband, laugh with my girls, laugh with my friends, laugh with those who look like they don't enjoy their jobs.

Liz said...

My words are BELIEVE and DO. I had to pick 2, one just wasn't enough. BELIEVE because I don't believe in myself enough, and I must believe that I am not always in control. DO to remind my self that I must DO every day to make my business successful.

kristyd3 said...

First, I must say how inspiring your blog is to me. I love to read all of your ideas and thoughts. In fact, I'm somewhat addicted to it! :)
My word for the year is going to be SMILE! I want to work on taking the time to stop and realize all of my blessings and smile! I'm always rushing around like a chicken with it's head cut off and it seems I don't take time to enjoy the moments that are passing by and appreciate all that I have. So this year, I'm going to slow down, and no matter what happens, I'm going to SMILE and hope that it can have a profound effect on my life and the lives of others!

I love your necklace and I'm going to order one for myself and my mother and sisters!

The monkey bunch said...

My word for the year is flexibility. I used to be a gymnast, but after 4 kids I have lost all my flexibility, but more than that I want to work on my mental flexibility. I tend to have grandiose ideas and am very frustrated when they don't get accomplished. I need to work on being flexible with those ideas. I also need to be more flexible in my thinking and judging of other people and realizing that I don't know all of their circumstances and why they act the way they do- Walk a mile in their moccassins! Flexibility is important physically and spiritually!

Karen said...

Kristi: I have been DO inspired by your posts!!! Thank you for being such a great example and mentor :o)

My word for this year is DO. It is short and sweet and just what I need this year...

I know my potential, I know what I am capable of, but often I sabotage my own efforts by not believing that the change will ever occur--I'm afraid that I'll never match up to the vision I have of myself and what I could be... I have thought in the past that it's easier to live below my potential than to FAIL in my efforts to be my better self. A little bit like your "miracles" post. Oh does that make ANY sense???

So this year I have committed to DO the things I have always dreamed of doing--and to put the word "do" in place of "can't" or "later" in my everyday thinking. I will DO everything I can to make the changes I want to see, and not WAIT for them to magically happen, or to sit back and feel sorry for the things that I have no control over. I will DO what I can, and I will DO it this year! GO 2008!!!