Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pace Project #1
Get over it - good mail style!
I have a series of Pace Projects that I want to do this year in conjunction with my word of the year.
Ok, so one thing I have not done on my blog for a long time is post my good mail received. Because I am a compassionate perfectionist I get in a jam in many areas of my life and good mail is one of them. I want to document good mail because it reminds me of the goodness in my life, I want the picture to be perfect and hanging on my cute little tree out front,I can't always get the cute photo on the tree, i get worried i will forget someone's good mail and then they will feel bad so I have just kind of stopped not knowing where to pick back up , I also get worried how it is perceived when i post the fabulous mail i send (ie: I can hear it now, "you have time to take photos of your mail but you can't clean your kitchen floor) - so today I tell myself GET OVER IT and Pace yourself. I am requesting Amnesty for all the good mail I have not documented.

Today I got some mail and this is what my face looked like!
in the mail I got these awesome Pink Oakley Sunglasses
the sender notice I had posted a photo of them on the giveaway and she sent them to me! They are the most incredible glasses ever. oh my I love them. I love the white bag they come in, i love the white hard case they sleep in at night. I feel like one lucky girl.
I am not feeling bad anymore for sharing the goodness that my every so nice mail man sits on my doorstep. Pace Project #2 share all your birthday goodmail and don't worry what people think about it!

Pace Project #1 notes
  1. take a photo of mail the day you get it and stop worrying about finding clothes pins to hang on the tree
  2. send thank you notes right away so you don't get all worked up that you need to do some big grand thank you package
  3. don't worry about what others think about you sitting in your own home taking photos of your mail
  4. clean kitchen floor no matter what you do or don't do.

Thank you to the sender of these glasses can I brag about you or do I need to keep this undercover?


Jill said...

Wow, that's some seriously cool and thoughtful good mail!

I just got done posting a bunch of good mail myself and mentioned why I post it and that it's not about showing off. It kind of pisses me off the we even feel like we need to do any sort of disclaimer, why can't everyone just be happy for each other?

I was thinking about your birthday good mail just this morning and wondering when you were going to post about it.

The kitchen floor doesn't have to be a big deal. Vacuum it well after everyone is done eating for the day and then just mop it, it's no big whoop. The vacuum does most of the work.

Anne said...

Do you need me to come over and make you do it like I did with your christmas cards?? You know I'll do it!

Kristen said...

That is some serious good mail! Lucky girl!!! How nice :)

carlo said...

wow! how surprised were you? that is awesome.

i am with jill- no need for disclaimer and no need for apologies for the goodness you get!

Amanda :-) said...

You love specs, don't you? Haha! They look just right for you. Love that they have a white case. You love your white too!

I understand what you're saying about putting things off in the pursuit of perfection. Maybe you should just limit yourself to using your tree for 'big' things like Easter good mail etc?

Kitchen floors, urgh. I wish I could follow Jill's advice that easily, but my vac is stored in a cupboard so that's a pain to drag out, and the mop constantly disappears into our outside, detached garage. *frowns* The household tools conspire against me. Isla smashed 2 big Pyrex glass bowls across the floor yesterday, so I had a BIG kitchen floor clean up to do! Cereal crumbs are nothing compared to shards of glass!

Wende said...

ok, those are the cutest sunglasses i have EVER seen! now we need a picture of you wearing them!
don't feel bad like you need a disclaimer, life is too busy and too complicated to sweat the small stuff.

Tasha said...

Your fingernails look great, by the way!

denise said...

Glad you like them. I was so sad that I didn't get them to you sooner but this is the year of not worrying about little things, right? The point is I finally got them in the mail.

Hope they bring you lots of pink happiness!

Amanda L. said...

That is a great face you are pulling! And your nails do look great! How fun to have some great new pink glasses!

Holly said...

I like your pace plan, phase 1. I can appreciate the Get Over It Attitude, because my nutsy head often stops me from actually DOING things. I overthink and stew. Silly! Will try to follow your lead on this.

Those pink shades seriously ROCK!

Natasha said...

That is some seriously generous good mail and the shades seem to be so you!

{natalie} said...

that is so awesome!!!!! how cool. they are right up your alley. i say post your good mail. no need to feel bad about it. everyone knows you have great intentions and you do so much for others. it's refreshing to see it come around to you.

Liz said...

Those sunglasses are awesome!!!

melanie said...

You deserve every bit of that awesome good mail. And I must say, you look smashing in those shades!

Post away Kristi your good mail. Good Mail inspires others and if your post gets one person to send some out, it was totally worth it.