Sunday, January 20, 2008

Super Saturday

Saturday was a great day all that was missing was me getting my tail up early to go for a run - it didn't happen.
Annie Kate had her third Basketball game. I can't believe I have not written one thing about

  • she is playing basketball
  • her getting the number one for her number (she has a thing for odd numbers so she was thrilled)
  • their team color is pink - she does not like that
  • Jeff is the assistant coach - she loves that
  • going to the games is impossible for me. the first one Jeff and I both had crying babies in our arms for the first 15 minutes until I had to leave.
  • the have lost both games until Saturday when they won! They were quite excited.
After that we rushed to the other side of town to see Jeff's other kids play basketball. I just love watching these guys. This team is their life right now - they call Jeff during the week just to talk about who is going to start, what time the game is and how their jersey's are doing. They don't get to take them home each week and they are always so excited to wear them.
While watching the game someone leaned over to me and asked me if I was Kristi from Pink Christmas. It was a Pink Christmas gal who goes to church in the building we were watching them game in. She is friend with Elizabeth in Hawaii! It was so fun to meet her and I appreciate her feeding my kids gummy worms to keep them happy. She wrote one of the best posts ever and before I link it I am going to see if it is ok with her. It was fun to meet her and she said she recognized me by my pink and green hat. good thing I wore that hat that day.

We went to Ben's Chili bowl after the game with our little family. I just love that place and having been telling myself since after the marathon that I get one visit there with no quilt. I still felt total guilt after gorging myself with chili dog, chili fries and the best ever banana chocolate shake. It is kind of sad that after not being there for many months that our favorite employee, James, still recognized us after not seeing us for months. Shows how often we have been in the past.

We then were getting the museum itch after our visit to the postal museum earlier in the week. Annie Kate was in the back of the car saying, "I can't believe I am saying this but I am really missing walking downtown all the time from museum to museum" She suggested we go to the National Archives. Jeff and I both said - "too boring" we thought about going back to the Postal Museum - I was wishing I had bought one of these little Postal trucks for myself. Then we searched in our Garmin for the Building Museum - a recent tip from a blog comment from Rachelle B.

This place was awesome. I felt like we were back in Europe when you walk into a building and your eyes go strait up to the high ceilings. This is a photo of Jeff and Caroline walking in they look so small compared to the big pillars.
The building is beautiful! If you are a first time visitor to D.C. I would put this as the first museum to visit. It has an exhibit that talks about why the city is on point and the whole design of the National Mall. You can see everything at once and will give you a great appreciation for the design of the city and monuments.
They have tons of activities for the kids. You can even check out tool kits to learn construct different things. There was a birthday party going on upstairs while we were there - awesome!
This was a activity for the kids to build their own arch like the National Memorial in St. Louis.

It took all of us to put it together.

The tile on the floor throughout was beautiful, even in the elevator it was worth a second look.

you couldn't help but just constantly look up at how beautiful the building was. There were lots of drawing activities for the kids as well. If you have any interest in design, drawing, architecture or want a place to have your kids be allowed to just run around - this is a must see in D.C.

I was thrilled to add one more photo to my "me in D.C." gallery.

Great Saturday! Great Basketball! Great food! Great education!

Later that night I picked up a incredible double jogger and 7 trash bags of great kids clothes from my generous friend, to take downtown. I wish I could have photographed how appreciative the girl and her husband were when we gave them double jogger. - I feel like we have played Santa all year long in our church congregation.


Missy said...

What a great weekend! I keep thinking that one day we may be lucky enough to run into your famiily out in DC some weekend!
The Building Museum looks amazing! We have talked about going there forever and haven't made the time to do it. I will make sure that we do it really soon! And we are due for another trip to Ben's chili bowl! There is a farmer's market on the street corner down the street from Ben's that is terrific too!

Liz said...

This museum sounds really fun!! I was just lamenting the other day, that while we do have museums in NYC, they are all pretty expensive(well you are only requested to make a donation, but still). It would be nice to make it down to DC again and see some of these museums we didn't see last time. We never ate at Ben's Chili Bowl, so that sounds good too!

Charity said...'s Charity, a new reader to your blog coming all the way from Alaska....I am amazed every day that I hear of a new project you or your husband is involved in within the community or the church community for that matter. I was sitting here shaking my head this morning in amazement over your dedication. Thank you for all that you do, for your families service, and for the generosity of your time, talents and a marathon runner gave up a run....Just thought I would let you know that your efforts don't go unnoticed...even as far away as ALASKA!


pjmesser said...

I wish I was in D.C. right now!

Stephanie said...

Reading this post makes me miss living in a big city. There is so much to do! On the way back from our trip to Europe this August we are going to stop in DC for a day and a half and schlep the kids around museum to museum and squeeze as much in as we can! Kids love cities! I appreciate all your family-friendly tips. Oh, and yes, we know how awesome Robin & Scott are. They are true, lifelong friends.

michelle said...

I want to go to that museum!! I just love architecture. And how funny is it that you were recognized as Kristi from Pink Christmas? You're a celebrity now.

Andie said...

Looks like fun!

Your post reminded me that I was thinking it would be great if you had links on the Pink Christmas blog for us to check out the other's blogs and get to know them. I know it would be a ton of work.

crystal said...

Kristi! You are so spoilt with all those museums scattered about. I'm so jealous! The BUILDING museum?! How fabulous! I've started making a DC must-see visit from your posts. We went to visit my brother in May 07, but there were not enough days to see it all :(

Rebecca said...

What a great tip. Next time we are in DC we are definately going to the Building Museum. Thanks for always having such a great blog!!

Amanda :-) said...

Oh for just a speck of the energy that AK's got! Her numbers thing is so funny, and I'm thrilled she got no.1! Kristi, did she get the book I sent?

That museum looks stunning. You are SO SPOILT in that city!! Arrgghh! It reminds me to go to Urbis here in Manchester. It's a trip we've been putting off for a long time, but you just don't know what awaits you til you make the effort to walk through the doors, do you?

Hope Jeff's team thrives too. They look full of beans in that picture.

Amanda :-) said...

And wanted to say WOW to so many new readers to your blog. You seem to be on a roll at the moment with that. It's very exciting!

Jill said...

It's funny that Annie Kate doesn't like it that her basketball shirt is pink.

I'm not at all surprised that you were "recognized" by someone because of your blog, I'm only surprised that she recognized you because of your hat. I would think seeing your big, blue eyes would have been enough to identify you.

That museum looks amazing. How rewarding to have Annie Kate say she actually misses walking around downtown!

{natalie} said...

what an awesome day together as a family. i love days like that so much. i have fun memories of playing church b-ball, thought my husband can't even picture me playing ball now! i'm glad your daughter is having fun w/it!

katherine said...

It was really cool to meet you and your family and see those awesome youth with the cool blue jersies. I still don't know how our team won that game. My sister in laws and I couldn't stop laughing at our guys (mostly my brother in law and his friend, ok mostly his friend) throwing air balls and passing when he should have been shooting. It was a fun game though. Also, I can't believe ALL you guys do on Saturdays! That is amazing. feel free to link my post if you want to.

Holly said...

What an excellent museum--NOT boring at all!

I'd like to live beside Ben's Chili Bowl--that's just too tasty!! He would totally know me too.