Sunday, February 24, 2008

a saturday with no camera

I didn't take one photo yesterday. just didn't feel like it.
What is funny is how many years I have gone a day that comes and goes and i never even thought about writing about it or even documenting it with a picture. Good thing I can still type about it.

woke up to jeff making yummy eggs and bacon
went the the gym - it has been over three weeks of me doing nothing and i am starting to feel like i do look like i am pregnant - yikes, but a reminder to new readers I AM NOT!!
went in to Michaels Craft store to get stickers for Annie Kate's sticker club
got a manicure, no color just clear. so proud of myself for stopping my nail biting habit
spent 7 minutes in Florida... ahhhh
as a family we went to goodwill to pick up the $25.00 desk i bought earlier in the week to get my sewing center set up now that i have my embroidery machine back. we left with a $10.00 trampoline, $7.00 awesome wooden chair on rollers for the sewing desk and a $10.00 wooden toy box for our dining room that never has any dining in it.
went to downtown Rockville to a she she toy store where they sell Playmobil and cool toys from Europe.
I visited a wonderful Stationery store and even surprised myself that I bought nothing
We ate donuts as the "Fractured Prune" Custom made donut shop where you pick the toppings. Oh my it was great. The chocolate mint and sugared maple were amazing.
We then went to the library and just hung out reading to the kids.
I made a pit stop on the way to buy a birthday gift for my sister-in law at this awesome little shop. I also bought each of the girls a hand painted Easter egg from Austria. It is from the same store we went to this summer in Salzburg. I could not believe it. they were only $7.00 each. They were $10. each when we were there. I had not bought one in Austria because I was afraid they would break, lucky me
It was freezing outside and I am so over the cold.
Jeff made dinner (which means I did not screw up any meal today)
Annie kate and soaked in the mass of library on my bedside table and we dreamed of how to make our Easter Tree this year.
Annie Kate told Jeff and I she wishes she was an only child and feels like the little girls get all the attention. Of course we gave her a big hug and said, "get over it - nothing is going to change"
Jeff and I laid in bed talking about Tennessee and how much we still miss it. We went through all the families in our Winstead Hill ward and how being there changed our life. We remembered :all of my wonderful young women, the joy of having a lawn to mow, our neighbors who we miss so much, our Bishop who would be one of the first person we would go see if we went back, walks by the river by our house, having 10 kids running between backyards, how things seemed slower there. We loved Tennessee and miss it so much.
Then I feel asleep.

9 comments: said...

This Tennessean misses ya'll too! Please come back and see us... or better yet, come back to stay!

What's funny about AK's comment is I remember how desperately she wanted a sibling when she was the only child. Interesting how things change.

Alisa said...

I love reading your blog..
I have thought of you often after your "pregnant" comment. It can be so hard to pick up and move on after a comment like that. AND being sick on top of that. Glad you are up and moving around, and able to get back to the gym. THAT is a big hurdle for get back into the swing of things.

Jill said...

It sounds like an excellent day, whether you took pictures or not.

Congrats on getting back to the gym! I need to recommit tomorrow dang it.

Your goodwill purchases are always so amazing, hopefully you'll show us your purchases when you set them up in your house.

It's good that Annie Kate could articulate her feelings about wishing she was an only child. She had a long time of being the only one. It's also great that you and Jeff responded the way you did. Too funny. You can also tell her that one day she'll be so happy to be blessed with 2 sisters, even if it doesn't feel like that right now.

Kristen said...

I love to hear about your good finds. a trampoline for 7 bucks! WOW!

michelle said...

It sounds like a wonderful day! I haven't taken any photos in about 3 days (gasp!). But seriously, having someone else do the cooking, working out, going to multiple fun stores, eating out, getting a new stash from the library, having a little teaching moment with AK, and a nice little stroll down memory lane with your sweetheart? All in one day?! Does it get any better than all that?

patsy said...

Wow what a great day!

Kim Sue said...

sounds like a super Saturday!

JENNIFRO said...

Wow! Thanks Kristi--for the intro on the blog--why did I live in silence so long? It's super fun getting comments from someone besides your sisters!
You're nice! Thanks everyone!

Anonymous said...

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