Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hurry and grow up already!
This is a photo of the sprouts outside our house of all the dandelions trying to make their way through the dirt. and I seem to be telling them to hurry and grow up.
And this is a photo of something else I seem to be telling to grow up faster too. I know, I know I will regret it someday is what everyone tells me, but I seem to be getting a little impatient these days with all these "littles" around the house. I am so over the diapers, the car seats, the socks and shoes, the buckling, the unbuckling and so on.
Then we go and have a fun family day like today and I think what made it so fun is that they were kids- and adults are not near as much fun to photograph as kids are anyway.our town looks like a big slurpee machine exploded all over as it rained shards of ice the other night. Too bad it was dirty our else it would have been like Sonic ice in a yummy drink.
So when we woke up to the sun shining this morning we thought no matter how cold it is we have to go for a walk and get out!so even though we had to put on our coats, gloves and hats we went to the park.
we got out the John Deere Jeep (Adam your favorite miniature car) and taught Caroline how to drive. She kind of looked like a drunk driver hitting everyone's fences and bushes.
I thought this was a great photo of Annie Kate walking behind the girls looking on and was wondering if this could have prompted "I want to be the only child" comment. We do have two worlds going on with the kids, but this is the way it is and again there is no changing it.
Stephanie, i can't tell you how much I appreciate your comment of reminding me that Annie Kate used to dream of a sibling - I was excited to tell that to her too this morning. Power of we walked through the neighborhood I realized I will look back and regret that I didn't take more pictures of this great neighborhood.
and right as I was thinking this I saw the most awesome movie scene unfold. There was a cute Grandma and Grandpa that appeared to just pull up from a long drive or the airport. The got out of their car and started to unload bags. At the door across the street was a little girl standing at the door pounding and smiling when she saw her Grandparents. The Grandpa grabbed the cute brown and blue Vera Bradly bag and left the rest behind and the two of them seriously ran across the street to see their granddaughter. I couldn't believe I took this secret photo but it was the cutest scene to remember. and just another cute house on our walkI loved this great photo of Caroline practicing her turning skills on the Gator. And to think we say we don't have a yard - it just happens to be half a mile from our house.

We looked on at the pool with hopeful eyes - telling Summer to hurry up and come. That frozen pool water is yuck.
we hung around the park and I could not think of how different our Sunday's our now. to just get up having nothing to plan for or race downtown. It is a needed break for our family.

Annie Kate on the swing
getting ready for her big jump
and Jeff posing for a photo trying to keep his braces still a secret....but no they are still there.... and his teeth look amazing
Sally Jane is a daredevil on the swing and can't ever seem to get pushed high enough. Of course unless Jeff is doing the pushing...

and he wants to make these girls at tough as steel and uses his Superman powers

and she spins out of control...
but maybe he does it just so he can make it up to her with lots of kisses afterwards.

Caroline is not quite as brave on the swings but always loves a good push from dad.
and as for me I was there too but will continue to take self portraits of myself the rest of my life to document that I am at family outings. (Denise B. i can't tell you how in love I am with these glasses.. oh yes I guess I could if i would get off my tail and write you a much needed thank you note.)our gator ran out of gas on the way home and Jeff had to come pick us up, neither one of us was willing to push it home. What a great morning all before we had a excellent day at church.
I was thrilled with my photos from the day but wish I could take any credit for them. All photos taken on Automatic with my Nikon D80 and no cropping or photoshopping was had - just a great camera!


Chanel said...

I can not tell you how thrilled I was when the day came that all my girls were potty trained, dressing themselves, pool safe, buckling themselves in the car ect.
It did not take long after celebrating my kids independence that I started missing all those things that I had secretly wished they would would grow out of.
I know it feels like this is never ending but this stage ends and you will look back and miss it.

Jill said...

I totally understand you being over diapers, car seats and all of that. Now that I'm on the other side of it I must say it's liberating to just be able to go somewhere without all the stuff. Of course, I miss all the little-kid cuteness and can't believe that's it's gone. How could I be with them every single day and not have seen them changing before my eyes?

Your outing looks wonderful and you all look so cute in your hats.

Stephanie said...

Run neighborhood--I'm pretty sure my parents used to live there. It's all so familiar...

crystal said...

Heeheehee: the slurpee machine explosion was the funniest phrase! I love your blog, Kristi :)

(found you via Jill--I promise I'm not too weird...)

Kim Sue said...

from a Saturday with no pictures to a Sunday morning full of pictures - they are beautiful. We love to bundle up and go to the park. We usually have it to oursevlves. Lots of fun!

Anonymous said...

We headed to the park too! I love family walks to the park. Your pictures are fantastic- your SP is cute.

The grow up faster issue is one I deal with- but then Jill's comment "How could I be with them every single day and not have seen them changing before my eyes?" has me a little teary. I want it to end, but I want them to stay the same cute selves they are.

Michelle A. said...

Those blooms look positively lovely, I haven't seen grass or ground since Thanksgiving! Love the photos!

Sunshine said...

I loved this post Kristi. My two little guys decided that after church they would take a gallop...yes a gallop around the block on their stick horses, so dressed in dress pants, button up shirt, spiked hair and they went. It was beautiful. I think it is our nature to push them (our littles) through stages we grow tired of...and just in time to regret and pull back the reins wishing to get it all back. Push and then Pull...with all the snapshots inbetween! Thank you for your post.

michelle said...

I'm very familiar with the conflicting feelings of wanting them to grow up a little, but wanting them to stay tiny and adorable at the same time... I'm also familiar with the different worlds going on with the kids -- hello, I have 12, 8, and 2! It does have its challenges, but it has its blessings too. At least I never had more than one in diapers at once. Although I am so ready to be done with diapers for good. (if only I was ready for another round of potty training!)

Also, those shoots don't look like dandelions, more like something pretty -- maybe crocuses! Hurry, Spring.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Slurpee explosion was so descriptive, Kristi! What a fun, fun way to spend a Sunday morning. That SPT theory is revolutionizing our photos!

pinkjagxj said...

These photos are great! You should take a copy of the grandparent photo and give it to them. I think they'd love it.