Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sally Jane on Thursday running and getting really dirty for our almost Spring day
I have got to post something.

I have not really sat down at my computer since Friday. What on earth is happening? so I am making myself post something so I don't forget how. I have so many things on my mind (idea headaches for sure) and have 3 great posts in drafts that need to come out. I have received some incredible good mail (which is hanging on my door and perfect for SPT today), we purchased new technology and i am dying to talk about it and have found some amazing goodwill treasures!
But instead of staying up all night to catch up I will just say a few things.

Saturday we did a little "fruit" shopping. Our computer is very old and getting ready to retire - so we investigated a few apples. Then we watched some awesome pinewood derby racing. The skies then opened up with the sun for literally 20 minutes. We ran to the park to get some fresh air and watched the storm clouds roll to the sun. We sat there in awe of the beauty of it all. (camera in the car) then in 5 minutes we watched the enormous, dark rolling clouds swallow the sun and release some moisture. All of us were at the playground and far from the car. At first it was funny with droplets of rain. Then the storm and then the hail. Jeff grabbed Caroline and I Sally Jane. As we ran to the car Sally Jane was screaming "ouch, ouch, ouch" each time one was hitting her. I felt like I could not run. My jeans were getting heavier and heavier as they got soaked with water. We all got in the car and just starting laughing. We were drenched.
I then jumped back out of the car to do a fake weather man video, but could not stand up because of the wind and the pellets of hail- it cut my newscast short.
You can't even hear what I am saying, but it truly represents the moment.

Of course we had to do something historic because it was Saturday. So Jeff took us to a Black rock mill down the road. The sun came out again for five minutes. we jumped out of the car, showed the kids, read the sign, looked in the mill, said "wow this is old", jumped back in the car and went home.

that night we watched the funniest movie ever. Please, Please rent it an tell me what you think. Seriously add it to your netflix. It is called King of Kong:fist full of quarters. If you even remotely enjoyed the 80's or video games you won't want to miss it. I am laughing just thinking about it.

Sunday was great and calm and quiet. I am feeling guilty when I go a whole Sunday and don't think about downtown. Really not sure how to deal with those feelings. Caroline gets so excited when she realizes we are going to the close church and does not have to drive all the way downtown. I wonder if she realizes both churches are exactly the same or if she thinks we have two religions. I am so glad I took so many pictures and am looking forward to girls camp mainly to see the girls from downtown. Annie Kate gave a talk in primary and it was all about her experience last year and really sweet.
We came home to have roast - a Sunday must have for Jeff. I attempted the rolls again. This is my second time since my Sunday fiasco a few weeks ago. And yes the were bad again. I didn't cry this time and didn't even need a "shake it off nap". I think seeing the girls each take a turn to roll them makes up for how horrible they taste. The recipe makes two cutting circles and each girl has mastered the cutting and the rolling, now the mom just needs to master the dough making. I think I am killing the yeast and finally learned what scaled milk means. I am not giving up, even though I have now ruined about a dozen tries at making these. They have only turned out good once on my own.
and to end - the littlest pets have just invaded our house in such a good way. This may be the closet my kids ever get to having a dog. They get played with more than any toys we have ever head. The new yellow pig is Sally Jane's favorite.

let me know if you rent fist full of quarters - our movie producer guru friend recommenced it - I may have him make me a list in case there are more great documentaries I could be missing
do you have littlest pets?
are you dying to see my goodwill finds?
when was the last time you were hit by hail?


Anonymous said...

emma is a littlest pet shop fan for sure, I love the charlotte's web spider and pig do you have that one? it comes with a little web. amazingly, we have almost all the accesories as small as they are....we have an apple, I am sure I don't use it to it's full extend. But love it. Last hail was probably October! love, heather

Tasha said...

I am dying to see your goodwill finds, always am!

Traci said...

Do we have Littlest Pets at our home- YES!!!! I think I love them too! My son even has a few. I can't quit buying them for my daughter. Yes they are the toy that gets most played with too!!! Who would have ever thought. I loved little toys like that when I was little too along with stuffed animals, which my daughter has also taken a love too as well.
Would love to see your Goodwill finds too. My mom-in-law always seems to score when ever she hits a Goodwill.

JENNIFRO said...

Wasn't that sky UNBELIEVABLE!! Those winds ripped the entire tin roof off our GIGANTIC barn and flattened a brand new shed. Crazy.

I will rent that movie FOR SURE!! Loved the trailer!

At least you make rolls. I never have.

Jenmomof4 said...

We just started getting some Littlest Pets at Christmas. I bought some today for the Easter Basket.

I love Goodwill and even stopped at THe Goodwill in Springfield, MO yesterday after my son's eye appt. We have to drive an hour every few months for his appt.
I found packs of Jibits (for crocs) there were 8 for $1.93. The kids were so excited.

We had hail a few weeks ago. It was storming pretty bad.

Jill said...

Welcome back, the world just isn't right when you don't blog regularly!

I haven't been hit by hail in awhile, your video was funny.

We have a wild life park of Little Pet Shops at our house, I will have to remind Whitney of that the next time she yearns for a real pet.

I look forward to all of your upcoming posts.

Kristi said...

show us the good will finds! hail? doesn't do that much up here- maybe 1-2 times a year. love littlest pet shops.

Rachel said...

For a quick/recap post, this is pretty impressive! Way to weather the storm and take advantage of even the briefest moments of sun!

Sorry to hear about the rolls! I need to experiment with breads more myself. Pillsbury just doesn't compare with homemade.

Having 3 boys and then a one year old girl, we haven't ventured into the world of littlest pets yet, but I appreciate the ideas for down the road. For now, she's pretty content with the trucks, trains, and dinosaurs (a different dynamic than YOUR home, I'm sure).

I am constantly amazed at your Goodwill finds! I had a lot better luck when we lived in Kansas, and just haven't been so lucky at DI here in Utah!

Maybe you get tired of this, but I just wanted to tell you I think you're such an awesome woman! Of course, through a blog, we can mostly see the BEST foot forward, right? But, even so, your creative approach to ALL you do, from fulfiliing church roles to homemaking and holidays to inspire me and more than anything, I always leave your blog with a smile and a new amazing idea! THANK YOU Kristi! You ROCK woman!

Oh, and I need to check that movie out! I am SO tired of everything that comes on TV (except Biggest Loser)!

Allison said...

I am not good at bread, rolls, or any dough that calls for yeast. I just made another attempt at pizza dough on Sunday. Looks like the same dough demon that visited your house made it to mine in time to get us both. I hope you figure it out. I may give up.

I really like your blog and am trying to be better at letting people know when I visit.

Poulsen Family said...

We just watched "King of Kong" a few weeks ago...I thought the record holder for all those games was seriously arrogant and couldn't believe what a serious thing it was to him and to those others. It was crazy!

Michelle A. said...

OK, that movie looks so funny! I have to see if I can get it here in Montreal, something tells me probably not! Oh my, I'm on the lookout for it now! Yikes on that weather! I remember Alexandria having hail, than rain,than snow and sun all in one day many a time! Your picture in the car laughing is such a great photo!

Deb said...

show your finds already! ha. ha I love that you do that, I thought I was the only one who got excited about thrifty finds.

Just a suggestion for your rolls, use a thermometer if you have to add warm water. I learned this the hard way.

Liz said...

You always have the most interesting weekends.

I'm sorry your rolls have only turned out once! What a bummer! What kind of yeast are using? That might be the problem too. I always use the SAF yeast. It is the best. One thing I have learned is that you really do have to let dough rise, forever, for it to really turn out right.

I can't wait to hear about your new technology and your goodwill finds! Can I come be your neighbor, so you can help me have goodwill finds???

Amanda :-) said...

Wow, that wind blew you 180 degrees! What were you hanging on to??

We're experiencing gales right now, straight from Iceland or somewhere. They're cruel winds.

That film looks so interesting. I doubt I'll find it here in the UK, though. :-(
I told you I'm showing 'Paperclips' to our church sometime soon? I got the DVD from Amazon and it's superb. Keep your/your friend's recommendations coming!

Good luck on your quest to master dough-making. I feel guilty that I don't feel guilty that I can't make dough...!

Noodle said...

We just watched The King of Kong last week! It was excellent. My husband and I laughed and gave each other those raised-eyebrow looks during the whole thing!

Laura said...

We liked that show too.

LJ said...

Love you Kristi, if anyone would get good use out of a mac it would be you!