Thursday, March 13, 2008

if i came to visit you next week, how would i know which doorbell to ring? do you have a formal entrance? should i come to the front door? or do you prefer your guests to come around back? (would you be surprised if i came in through the garage?!?)

I think my mind is changing the T in SPT to Thursday's because I can not seem to get it together to get it done on Tuesdays. I seriously look at this blog today and think so who is the girl that had the time to start this let alone write over 1000 posts? My life seems to be consumed with two little kiddies that are all consuming and for some reason always crying. I seriously think my kids cry more than others. Anyway I am making myself do SPT this week, because I love Lelly and she always brings out the good in me when I do them. This is my therapy session this week.

Just last week I took down the half inch note above my doorbell that said,
"our doorbell is on Christmas vacation - Please Knock"
It was all faded because it has been up there for 3 months. Our doorbell is still on vacation so if you ring it, it won't do you any good. Sometimes knocking does not do you any good either. (I am a believer I don't have to anwer my door or my phone unless it is convient for me - it is kind of a pain being my friend)
If you came to visit me the front door is the only access to my house. If you came in the garage it would only get you to the garage. Where we live the garages are all behind the homes and most of them are not attached. While it is so pleasing to the eye to look at a home and just see the home and not the big fat garage in front - it is a TOTAL pain to have a detached garage. Right now I am not sure if it is worth the asethetic pleasing effect to the eye.

But you would recognize my door because it has a huge, big piece of good mail on the front! I got the most exciting piece of good mail last week (you can read about it more in my good mail post that is sitting in draft form soon)
Someone I have never met sent this AWESOME large metal, hand cut (by her husband) shamrock as a gift for me. She wrote me the most awesome note about how they used some of my St. Patrick day traditions last year and this was to thank me for sharing. I LOVE this on my front door and the cute polka dot ribbon she added fits perfect at my home. This good mail is very timely because i seem to be going through this weird stage of sharing my life & ideas and having a public blog. I have never questioned what I throw on here but for some reason these past few weeks I am considering a little change ahead. Just thinking outloud. I have always thought having a blog is weird and still do - but I have really enjoyed it. hmmm i look forward to what lies ahead.
and i seriously can not finish without directing you to Stacy's blog again this week. The creative wonder woman has done it again. Don't miss these instructions on how to make these.
Photo stolen again without permission.
Maybe my new blog will just be a blog pointing you to Stacy's brilliant blog.


lelly said...

so, to recap our therapy session...

good mail + sharing + traditions + the kindness of strangers can = some great reasons to blog our lives away!!

LOVE the shamrock!!

michelle said...

Love Lelly's recap! That shamrock on your door is the perfect good mail for you -- so thoughtful. And I saw Stacy's terrariums on her blog and thought they were brilliant!

{natalie} said...

please don't stop blogging. you have such great ideas! my sister in law and i were just talking today about how we love it!

ps cute shamrock!

Debbie said...

I am so glad you got the shamrock and I am so glad you like it! I do love all of your ideas and steal from you often (the Valentine's pillows were my last theft...I fell in love with them last year and it just took me a year to get my act together). Anyway, thanks again for the great ideas and inspiration - I have since found 3 other options for St. Patty's Day ribbon, so if you want to change it up a bit I am certainly happy to send off some other ribbon options.


Kari said...

Here's another cute crafty easter idea you may like.

Debbie said...
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Becky said...

I have been stalking your blog for the last two days waiting for your SPT and also waiting to see if you have received any packages from Arizona :)

I love the shamrock. And I am also the type of person that only answers doors, phones, e-mails when it is convenient for me so I completely understand.

I'm so grateful that you blog--thanks for sharing with us!

Holly said...

LOVE the shanmrock--how thoughtful. Polka dots just cheer everything up I think.

I agree about answering the phone or the door--it should be at the owner's discretion--epecially the phone for me.

These deep thoughts of yours aren't going to cause you to stop blogging---RIGHT?!? I'm staying tuned... said...

I hardly ever answer my phone and I don't answer my door unless the person who is on the other side told me they were coming over and I can not hide. .. Eeek!! Terrible but I like to hide out in the quietness of my home.

I do hope you don't stop blogging also. That would be terribly sad. I recently posted about going private. I am not sure what I want to do.. but like you I have these weird feelings about blogging. I don't have secrets but I also don't want the whole world to know ALL my business.

I also really love your shamrock. Easter and St. Patricks day snuck up on me and my door is so plain and boring. I need some SPRING inspiration!!!

kristi said...

becky i just got it today. so wonderful

Alisa said...

I love that- As soon as I saw it, I thought, "I hope she says where she got it"-
I agree about waiting to answer the phone and the door, but lately my kids have been beating me to them.
I hope that you keep blogging- I enjoy your blog so much!

Jill said...

That metal shamrock is great and it looks fabulous on your pretty door.

I saw Stacy's genius idea on her blog last night and couldn't believe it. The combination of you two together must be absolutely electric.

I curious about the changes you're referring to blogwise. Hmmm.

Hilary said...

I get all nervous when you talk about changing your blog or not blogging... you truly inspire me for the better and I NEED YOU!!!! {thank you}

Anonymous said...

Oh that shamrock is AWESOME! I am the same way with the phone and door. It works with the phone, but Mya has been beating me to the door lately.

Kelly A said... your blog and hope you don't stop, you inspire soooo many people. From your great ideas, heartwarming family stories to you trips downtown. You expresse so lovely what I feel most crying, torn between making all the kids happy (AK BB game, had me in tears). And though I don't comment much...I apprecitate all that you have written. Thank You!!!!

Janna said...

Love the shamrock and your front door.

Liz said...

very cool shamrock...and the other thing, wow!

Barb said...

I wish your shamrock good mailer had an etsy shop. I'd be all over that shamrock!

Amanda :-) said...

Brilliant shamrock! I find so many St Patrick's decorations a bit over-the-top and busy. I love this because it's v.minimalist and simple. We have a detatched garage too :-/

I had my answerphone set to 4 rings, but upped it to 6 the other week so that I'd have more time to answer it. I have a friend whose phone automatically switches to the answerphone, so she can pick and choose who she speaks to and when. She has 3 kids, so that's fair enough.

Isla's a total whinger. She can turn the tears on and off like *that*. I think it's a girl thing. She will probably be a great actress one day - but I agree with you. It's hard to get a clear shot at things if you're constantly having to chase the source of a child's screams, only to find they dropped their biscuit (or smthg trivial like that). As soon as she's old enough to understand, I will be teaching Isla the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf!

Bren's Life said...

I love the shamrock on your door. Did you make it? Very very cute. I want to learn from you how to have such a creative & fun blog... Any suggestions?