Thursday, March 13, 2008

Something new.

So, last week we got digital cable. We have been paying for cable for two years that we can't even see NBC, CBS or ABC and have just been too lazy to call and get it fixed. We cancelled Netflix this year and put the money into getting digital cable. So now we can pause, record and rewind live TV. Everyone i know says this is life changing and that you watch less TV. We watch so little TV that I think at first this will have the reverse effect. I now record shows on Do it yourself network and can watch all of them in about 20 minutes. I just watch them on Fast forward and then push play when it is something interesting. It is like crafts on speed.
I record:
From Junky to Funky
Knitty to Gritty
(i don't kit but some day want to learn how, I have tried twice and it has not worked)
Jewlery making
Martha Stewart Crafts
Crafters Coast to Coast

There are still a bunch more I need to add but this channel made it worth it.
I have figured out this must be how everyone is able to have time to watch Oprah - I have not watched this show in two years.
The reason I decided to go for the digital cable was I seriously could not have Annie Kate watch commercials anymore. I feel like so much mainstream TV is trash. We tried to watch the first few episodes of American Idol and I we had to shut if off. for two reasons.
one. the
commercials for the FOX shows gave me nightmares
two. the trash talk coming out of the contestants mouths were horrible. The girls slapping her behind pretty much sealed the deal that we didn't turn it back on until last week.
I just am wondering when did it become OK to still say the bad word but just putting a little fuzzy blur on the
tv and a beep is ok. No wonder kids are so sassy these days.
Nice Rant huh.

Anyway the whole point of my writing this down was the cool story that happened the day we got it installed. This was the second attempt to get it put in. We
apparently have some serious wiring issues in the house and the first guy left and didn't come back because he didn't want to do it.
The second guy spent 4 hours at our home crawling into every space to fix the problem. I kept following him around saying, "this isn't going to cost me anything right?" He was so nice admitting it was the cable companies issue. (in the past we got slapped with a huge bill to fix something in this house regarding the phone so I was over cautious) He was covered in dust by the end of his installation and exhausted. I felt bad because his wife kept calling and seeing where he was and he kept asking her to give him another 20 minutes to fix the problem. (i kept thinking of the MANY times i have called Jeff seeing when he would come) Even though I wanted to get it taken care of that day I told him "go home to your family!" He was on a mission to find out why the cable was not working and stayed until it was done.
As he was getting ready to leave I said to Jeff we have to tip this guy something. We only had a $10 bill. As he walked out the door Jeff handed it to him acknowledging this was nothing in
comparison to his hard work. At first he didn't want to take it but i think Jeff shoved it in his pocket.
The cable guy said, "Hey when I walked in here and saw this how could I do you guys wrong"

He pointed to this framed family photo we have with below of the Family Proclamation - which is a declaration and reaffirmation of doctrines and practices of our church that came out for families all over the world in 1995.
Jeff and I both looked at each other. I was not sure if it was the picture that touched him or the beautiful words that are below it.
If he would not have been so dirty (and a total stranger) I would have just hugged that guy. He said it a few times before he left pointing to the frame, "that is just beautiful man, just beautiful"
the photo is of Jeff's family at his sister's wedding. It was taken almost 8 years ago. The bride in the photo just had her 4
th child, so you can imagine how beautiful the photo would be now with the other 10 grandchildren and sister in law that came into the family since this was taken. Of note the wedding was in Seattle Washington and we were living in New Orleans. I had flown 4 days after I had an emergency gall bladder removal - that was a painful plane ride. But a great time and worth it. this was a photo taken of me and Annie Kate that weekend. It is probably one of my favorite photos and I will probably use it at my funeral when I am 90 on the cover of my program - even though I don't know if i ever looked this good after that day. My sister in law Melissa snapped it and I am so glad she did. This is a scanned copy and pre digital so it could be the only copy. You can see the rip on the top corner. I am so glad I wrote about the cable guy because it prompted me to scan this photo.
Anyway to wrap up my long cable story.
  • I thought what he said was touching
  • i wish we would have had more cash to tip him
  • his comments prompted me to read over what is framed on my wall
  • i still think most of what is on tv is trash and it is a constant battle for me not to get sucked into it.
  • i love do it yourself network
  • that family photo of Jeff's family is one of my favorites
This is a quote I have hanging next to my t.v for almost 4 years now. I had given it to my Young Women in Tennessee

"Stay away from any movie, video, publication or music regardless of it's rating where elicit behavior and expressions are part of the action. Have the courage to turn it off in your living room. Throw the tapes and publications in the garbage can for that is where we keep the garbage. Again I say, leave it alone! Turn it off! Walk away from it. Burn it. Erase it. Destroy it. I know it is hard counsel we give, but our standards would not be dictated by the rating system."
H. Burg Peterson


Charity said...

I've been having a battle in my mind about TV. There are some good things that we get on TV (conference, BYU channel, PBS...)but there are is SO much garbage that we have to wade through that sometimes it's not worth even turning on... We have cable, but only get the basic channels. I was nodding my head the entire time I was reading this in affirmation to your "rant" about the evils of commercials...I have just copied the quote that you have by your TV and placed it next to mine. With a husband that works nights, sometimes it's easy to get sucked in because it's right there. Your post reduced me to tears today...maybe it's because I was having a bad day but I like to think that it's probably from the spirit.

Thanks for the post....

Jill said...

This is such a great story, and that is a seriously gorgeous way of displaying the Proclamation to the Family, definitely more meaningful.

There is a lot of junk on tv and I love it that the kids don't watch commercials anymore. I love watching design shows on HGTV (we don't have DIY) and used to love Crafters Coast to Coast but I hate the way they film it (vomit cam) so I stopped watching it.

kristi said...

jill. that is so true - it is like my caroline is holding the camera.

Becky said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderful post, Kristi! I wish I had the time to tell you all the reasons why I love this post--since I don't, just let me tell you that I totally agree about the TV thing and I loved your cable guy story :)

Cara said...

I know you don't want to hear about another digital gadget but my SIL got her kids "The Gardian" for christmas this year. It automaticaly blocks bad words, nudity even taking the lords name in vain. She loves it and even though it cost $$$ she says it's worth it! Also, what a great example you were to the cable guy and to all of us for sharing that beautiful story!

Erin said...

Wow, what a great quote. I cancelled our netflix a week ago because even with all the great movies I was watching, I was wasting so much time! Bitter sweet. We had just bought a 50" TV too and we don't have cable so, nice TV, with nothing to watch on it. Oh well, I've been reading great books in front of my new unused TV.

Stephenson Family said...

We haven't had reception or cable for 6 years now. I thought at first when we made that choice that it would be hard and wonder what I'd do with all my time. BUT, I honestly don't know what time we must have had to watch TV. We don't miss it at all! Really, the things we miss like conference or BYU sports are on the internet and we can enjoy them on-line.

My kids are definitely the ones that get glued to the TV. If we go visiting teaching and the TV is on, I canNOT get my kids to leave - they stand in front of the TV and I literally have to drag them out the door!

That's not to say we don't watch movies though - but really, those are so much easier to screen than TV shows or commercials!

Ashley said...

I really like everything in this post, esp. "crafts on speed." You look gorgeous in that picture.

Brown Family said...

That was a fantastic post and I too agree that TV is getting worse... and it's hard to even recognize. Awhile ago I followed a link that shared some of your favorite traditions. I can't find it anymore. Is it gone?

Elisa said...

I am so with you on the commercials. I don't need my little girl strutting like a Victoria Secret model. We watch nothing by PBS around here, but I really miss the food network, HGTV, Martha...Oprah. We are happy with Netfilx for now...I just watched a Hardy Boys episode...classic!!

Nikole said...

Kristi, I totally agree with you about many things.
1. Most of what is on tv is trash.
2. Craft/home decorating shows are great.
3. Tivo is the best invention ever!

Thanks for sharing!

Shauna said...

I love and need that quote!!!!!
Amen to your TV perspective. Love DVR-- I watch much less TV and it is not on as background noise anymore!

Rachel said...

I need to copy that quote! Some girl friends and I went to a 'chick flick' last week, a PG 13 movie and I was SHOCKED to see nudity (a woman pulled off her bikini top)! In a PG13! This has disturbed me greatly that our rating system has gotten so lax that it allows that kind of content in a PG 13! The language is bad enough, but seriously?

What a great example you were to that man just by being YOU! Thanks for sharing!

Oh, and I made those sugar cookies today - divine!!!!

LeAnne said...

That story totally gave me chills. Thanks for sharing that. I love the idea of framing the family picture with the Proclamation. It puts such a strong visual message with such an inspired work.

Thanks again for that. I love your blog and even though I don't know you, you are an example to me. :)

Lauralee said...

great quote.. you look awesome in that picture.. right after surgery? I had that emergency gall bladder surgery and I know didn' look good for a llllllong time!
not a lot of good on tv.. it is kinda sad.. not sure why we pay for even basice cable, except we get pbs..and that is pretty clean!

patsy said...

great post~ I love, love, love my DVR!! It is life changing- we only watch what we want including American Idol wo/commercials. the commercials on fox are so bad & one of the reasons we got the DVR.

One show we love is Monk on USA network. It reminds me of what I call 80's tv. Not too much- the mystery starts at the beginning & then they figure it out in an entertaining way that's actually clean, no guts, no sex- just a fun show. My teenagers watch it with their friends here!!

The Proclamation photo- gorgeous- what a grand statement about our church...about your family that he noticed it. said...

I never would have though that three little letters could have such a big impact on my life. Rich and I both (heart) our DVR. It really will change how you watch TV. I wouldn't say that I watch more or less than I did before, but it certainly takes me less time than it did in the past.

You will absolutely love it...

Juli said...

I needed to hear that. I was sitting in the dentist's office the other day and picked up a magazine full of immodest people and I thought, I shouldn't be reading this, but kept reading, until I looked over and there was my daughter Sarah watching me. I put it down. National Geographic, that's the one for me. You are the best, Kristi. Come visit next time you're in NM. And check out my brand spanking new little blog. I just ran the Moab half marathon, and I have you to thank for getting me moving.

Liz said...

Great post Kristi! Maybe you could send the cable guy a copy of the Proclamation! Love the quote you posted at the end!

michelle said...

We are in love with DVR too. It is seriously torture to ever watch real-time TV now with commercials. And that little rewind button has become such a habit that when I'm in the car listening to my radio, I often reach to rewind something I missed!

I love the story of the cable guy -- you just never know when something will have an impact on someone else! And that photo of you and AK is gorgeous.