Saturday, April 12, 2008

a Saturday of firsts.

this was the first time
  • Jeff and I went running together - just us! It was great. After he ran 5 miles he called me on the phone and said get outside we are going together another 5 miles. I have a complex about running with people who are faster than me, thus why I have always run alone. I am full of pride. Jeff has to fake run when we go together because my run is his fast walk. But I must be getting humbled because it was awesome!! (photos were taken on his cell phone but they got deleted, boo hoo!)
  • I went to Annie Kate's soccer game for spring season.
  • we all got sunburned. yea for the sun, but boo for the burn. the little girls got coated in green gel that night before bed
  • we have bought four new tires for our car and had the cash to pay for them. i am so grateful to have money to do that, I can't say it enough.
  • the missionaries just stopped by to say hi and we sat outside and chatted since we moved here.
  • we went to get ice cream and run around the main square this year. i am sure it will be our first of many ice cream trips. We have mastered getting the most for our money at Marble Slab (so expensive) Jeff and I share, Annie Kate gets a kid scoop and the two girls share a kids scoop - but still is $11.00.
  • took the girls all to build a bear together. it was Sally jane's birthday party. She invited her two best friends, Annie Kate and Caroline. Sweet and Simple.
  • that I saw the movie Becoming Jane. I know NOTHING about Jane Austen. I mean nothing. I have never read her books or seen movies made from her books (jill and michelle promise me we are still friends) I was so sad that she never got married. I kept waiting for the movie to make a dramatic turn and have her find love. The movie was hard for me to understand and i almost turned if off a few times, so I think the books may be too smart for me. There is a book group starting in our ward only studying her works. If my word of the year was stretch maybe i would do it, but it's not.
have you had ice cream this year outside?
does $11.00 seem like a lot for 5 people to eat ice cream or am i just cheap?
how true is Becoming Jane to Jane Austen's life?
are you as sad as me I have no photos to document this day?
can you believe how behind i am in blogging?


Rebecca said...

I agree with $11 being too much for ice cream. If you have a Baskin Robbins nearby, they have dollar scoop nights on Tuesdays! And if you check on their website for your area, there may be a 31 cents scoop night coming up. Ours is April 30 and it benefits the Fallen Firefighters Association. There should be a truck there and firefighters. Who would want to miss that?! Okay, enough talk about ice cream. I was sad for you that you didn't have any photos to go with your post, but glad you had such a great weekend.

Jill said...

I think $11 for 5 of you with all that sharing is outrageous! It better be seriously awesome ice cream for that much.

Good for you for running with Jeff!!

I loved Becoming Jane! We can still be friends, that's not a requirement or anything.

Elaine said...

Everything is expensive here in DC. The first time we took our family of six for ice cream it cost us over $30--and I didn't even get any ice cream. I about choked at the price! It takes so much of the enjoyment out of it!

patsy said...

$11 ~ we're all being ripped off, aren't we!

I can't read Jane Austin. I've tried. It just goes way over my head with all the english & fancy words. I LOVE the movies- really love them! I netflixed Becoming Jane but my 14 year old watched it & said she cried her eyes out- WHAT? I sent it back... I don't need that.

Running with your husband~ way to go!

Traci said...

Yes- we had ice cream outdoors too over the weekend. The local Dairy Queen opened for the spring/summer business (they close during winter since they are just a walk-up-to ice cream place) Although it ended up getting windy, I had to give my daughter my pony-o so she wouldn't get ice cream in her hair. It was a great way to end the day!

Kat said...

$11 for five people seems like a great deal! It is $2.20 a person. I can't get an ice cream bar for that, let alone a scoop. I guess it all depends on where you live.

Elisa said...

Kristi, please please watch the Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley (the music and scenery is the best in this version), it ends the way Jane's life should have ended.

We hardly ever go get ice cream because Darin says we can buy a whole gallon for the price of 2 scoops. I married a frugal man, what can I say?

I found some of the cutest picture of you and Heather while going through some pictures at my parents house. I sent them to your mom since you were both in them. They are so cute, if you haven't seen them you'll have to get copies!

suzy said...

I just watched Becoming Jane last week. I have also never read any of her books or seen any movies made from her books. And i read a lot, I was just never interested. But I loved loved loved the movie. It just made me feel so melancholy and sad. So maybe I should have hated it. But it has gotten me interested in her life a little so I googled her. Apparently there really was a Tom Lefroy that she had a little thing with. He visited his cousins for a month and apparently they never saw each other again. But she did mention him a few times in letters to her sister and he did name his daughter Jane and said later in his life that he loved her, but that it was a boyish love. So the movie was pretty fabricated. I think I loved it so much because of the acting on James Mcavoys part. Mansfield Park is supposed to be her most autobiographical novel and I just got the movie from Netflix today.

Tasha said...

Ok- I was an English minor and I loved Becoming Jane, but I am not the biggest Jane Austin fan ever. I don't love all the English sensibilities about how women have to act and the rules around courtship. I don't love that era, it all seems dirty and cold and eating potatoes and drinking cold or hot tea!

It was beautiful and warm this weekend and its cold now. I can't even think of ice cream!

Tasha said...

Oh yeah, Dave and I went running together on Sat, he usually runs ahead a bit when I take walk breaks and then runs back to me. Luckily he was on call so while he stopped to take his pages I could keep running and this time he ran to keep up with me. We are doing a 5K for Utah Donate Life this Saturday and luckily there will be a big crowd of people so we can just meet up at the end! Its great to do it together , isn't it! I ran with my neighbor on Monday and I agreed to do it before I realized that I never run with anyone. I was so nervous starting out...and left like I was probably holding her back the whole time. She weighs probably 50 lbs less than I do, how could she not have a lot more spring in her step?

Liz said...

$11 is way expensive...we hardly ever go to those kinds of shops. The other day we had some soft serve cones from Stew Leonards (local grocery store) and they were seriously the best soft serves ever! We all had one and I think it was $8 (Ben got a sundae). Anyway, it was nice to be eating ice cream outside!!

Hurray for going running with Jeff! That is awesome. Take pics next time you go, because there will be a next time!!! :)

I just watched Becoming Jane. I have read many of her books several times, and I think it takes several readings sometimes to fully get them...some are definitely harder than others. I think watching the movies also helps to get the books more too. SO, maybe try reading Pride and Prejudice first, and don't necessarily worry about discussing the books at book group.

I got some sunburn on my arm today. I spent most of the day outside with the kids...Jared in the sandbox. It was so nice out!! But sunburns really stink. I was thinking that perhaps I should get out the sunblock, but didn't. Too late!

Missy said...

have you had ice cream this year outside?

not yet.

does $11.00 seem like a lot for 5 people to eat ice cream or am i just cheap?

I feel the same way! Although marble slab and coldstone ice cream is sooooo good and I am such an ice cream freak, I can almost justify it!

how true is Becoming Jane to Jane Austen's life?

I haven't seen it. I did watch all of the Jane Austen movies that PBS just did on masterpiece theatre recently (still in reruns) - very good.

are you as sad as me I have no photos to document this day?


can you believe how behind i am in blogging?

Totally - I am much farther behind than you are, though! :)


Laurie said...

I am like you - I have had a hard time getting through the Jane Austen film I tried to watch, and I think the books are above me. The language is just hard for me to focus on I guess!

Courtney said...

love your blog - i sent you an email! You are THE WOMAN! So fun to read all about your inspiring ways...AND I LOVE ice cream - if it is really good, $11 is worth it! You are awesome at the run...I'm with you though, can't run with someone faster than me...usually a loner too! So fun to get to know someone as amazing as you!

Charity said...

I'm not a big ice-cream fan, but did you know that Alaskan's eat more ice-cream per capita than any other state?

The missionaries came over for dinner on Sunday, and when I offered them dessert, they said..let me I had to laugh because it was true! It wasn't even above 20 degrees outside and we were still having ice-cream!

What a great fun filled Saturday!

Allison said...

Sorry, not answering your questions, but encouraging you to see one more movie kind of about Jane Austen. The Jane Austen's book club it's PG-13 and has some language, but I think they do a good job of relating her works to our time. I enjoyed it, but I am a fan, her Pride and Prejudice is my favorite book.

Kim said...

$11 is a bit much for ice cream, but I can't complain. We don't have an ice cream shop within 25 miles, except a Dairy Queen. And it is far from cheap.

lelly said...

kudos for running with a fast runner!! what a great date.

i haven't had ice cream outside yet this year. we seem to be all about the *water ice* or *italian ice* around here.

jane austen?? (sums up what i know about her, unfortunately...)

i marvel at your ability to make the most of expensive situations!!

Anonymous said...

I will admit a little envy of having a husband that you can share running with. I wish Linc had good knees- he does too! Congrats on being able to get out there together.

And I am a cheapwad too- that seems like a high ice cream price for all the sharing going on.

Kim Sue said...

ice cream out is a real treat but for an almost-out ice cream buy ice cream cones for your house and a couple of toppings that your kids can dip their cones in (what child doesn't love to stick some gummibears on their ice cream) and then take a walk together.

Becky said...

I love Jane Austen and hated that movie so don't let it turn you off of her books :)

I am getting caught up reading your blog and don't have time to make any more comments but just had to take a second to tell you that!