Sunday, April 13, 2008

Small World Sunday

today was a fabulous day. just fabulous.

I felt myself today enjoying just getting up for church having nothing to do, I didn't feel like i was in any kind of rush. I had nothing to prepare for church except get my kids dressed. I actually for the first time in a long time felt very relaxed. (this is not normal for me) I felt like the weekend was going in slow motion. Our Saturday was not planned or rushed, just nice.

I had a two hour meeting before church for Young Women's. During that meeting I had my visiting teaching interview. I have been in Relief Society for almost 20 years now and have never heard of that until I moved to this ward. (it is in the manual) I think it is kind of fun to go in and sit down with the R.S. president and talk about who visit teaches you and who you visit teach. I have the best partner in our ward and visit teach the two greatest ladies. I have kind of kept on the down low about my last two visits because I don't really know how to express all my feeling about it. I just feel like I am back on my mission when I sit in their family rooms. My partner is just amazing and I told her I want to write a book about her. ( i am kidding but it would make a great book) I am going to see if she will let me take a photo of her to put on my blog, because she is so beautiful.
me with two of my young women in TN getting their senior quilts

Even though we have now lived her for almost 2 years, I still have very homesick times for comfortable situations and wish I wasn't the new girl. We had only been in the ward for 6 months before going downtown, so sometimes I still feel so new. I was in the young women's program in Tennessee. It was one of the best callings I ever had. I loved those girls so much, I still love those girls so much. So even though I consider myself quite outgoing and try not to complain I am having to really throw myself into this new situation. It is hard to remember even though the principles taught in our church are the same all over the globe there are many things that are different from ward to ward. This ward YW is so different than my last one. Buck up Kristi!

Then the best part of the day and why this post is called Small World Sunday. I am just so excited to type this.


  • I moved from New Mexico and I went to BYU (Utah) in 1989 and lived in the dorms. During that time I met a guy named Terry and he was from California. I never heard or saw Terry again after freshman year. I had short, permed hair and I was a total spazz!
  • In 1996 I met a girl named Chanel while I was living in New Orleans. Chanel moved from Utah but grew up in California. I had longer hair and was growing out a perm, but still a spazz.
  • In 2006 I started a blog while living in Tennessee. My hair was now long, I could not find anyone to give me a perm and I was too tired to be a spazz because I had two young kids extremely close together and was very tired.
  • In 2007 I got a email from a girl, Amanda, who was living in Connecticut. She was from Utah and friends with my New Orleans friend Chanel. She found my blog from Chanel's who no longer lives in New Orleans but back in California. I was now living in the D.C. area and perms are way too expensive.
  • Amanda's last name was the same last name as the guy Terry from California.
  • Terry from California married Amanda from Utah and moved to Connecticut.
  • Amanda and Terry were coming to D.C. for spring break and were nice enough to stop by our house for dinner!
oh my seeing him was like seeing a movie star. Terry was the guy in the dorms that was friends with EVERYONE. He was the cool California guy. Every girl I think had a secret crush on him but he never had a girl friend. He was friends with every walk of life, even a permed, short hair spazz from New Mexico like me. I felt like I kept telling his wife, you married the greatest guy. look at this amazing gift he made for his wife for Christmas!

He has just as much style as he did then and his family is darling. Amanda brought me a handmade gift that they both made. Amanda and I have gotten to know each other from blogging and just may have been separated at birth. (except she is younger than me)
The amazing thing about the night was that I was not even stressed. I was hoping was his same relaxed self so I didn't even worry about cleaning a thing (Jeff had done it all while I was at my meeting, but normally I am kind of a stress case) I didn't care that all we were feeding them was tortilla soup, or that I fed their kids corn dogs on cafeteria plates, or that I had not mopped my kitchen floor. Because I kept thinking if Terry liked me back then there is nothing I can do now that is any worse than knowing me in the dorms.
our girls became fast friends and even had the same pj's. They made crafts the whole time

Caroline asked me the next day when her friend is coming back to build another trap.

We hope they come back soon!


sorichfamily said...

so glad you ALL had a great time!! we think they are just fabulous too! how fun!!

Jill said...

That's so fun that you got to meet Amanda and that you got to see Terry again. It really is a small world now that blogging is a part of our lives. Everyone knows someone who knows someone who knows you, or me or someone else we know. Crazy!

Anonymous said...

What a spazz!
Hey, it's Terry, and I think you are too kind to suggest that I was as popular as you say. Hogwash, I say! In any case, I'm so very happy that we are reaquainted. It just shows you that it pays to be never know when your wife will become blog-sistas with an old friend.
By the way, you married a very cool guy! Tell Jeff I really enjoyed chatting with him.
I do hope you make it up our way this summer!
Take care,

michelle said...

No way!!! So fun to see Terry again, even if it just through the photo on your blog! I hadn't put it together that Amanda was his wife. I have been admiring the bird on her profile pic -- to think that he made that for her! And he really was as popular as you said, the nicest guy.

Most of all, I loved what you said about being relaxed and not worrying about cleaning and mopping. That's the best!

What's up with you never having V.T. interviews before? We have always done them. I feel for you feeling like the new girl -- I am not outgoing and I am struggling with my new ward. But I am not giving up! (yet)

Michelle A. said...

What a fun visit! I have just loved getting to know Amanda throu her blog and emails - you're a lucky girl! Your photo with the two YW is really beautiful!

Rebecca said...

Wow, what a small world!

Amanda L. said...

Your floors were very spic and span. Your food was delicious..our kids were thrilled with the dinner and plates. I loved the matching pj's with the girls and how Caroline and Ian just took to each other so well. You were relaxed and perfect hosts and we loved every minute of it! Thank you for saying those nice things about Terry. It is a small world! is it that my husband commented before me?

Barb said...

Yes, I discovered Amanda and her brilliance through SPT. But I didn't know her husband made that adorable birdie button piece!