Saturday, April 26, 2008

Some serious blog Catchup!

cute photo of Caroline I took a few days ago

thanks again Denise for the Ketchup bottle, I had no idea how many times I would need it. Here is my attempt to do a little catch up for my weeks worth of all the ideas and events in my head.
Caroline loves the days she goes to school. I snapped a photo of her waiting to get picked up in the morning with her backpack.I finally took a photo of Sally Jane with her build a bear. I can not believe they had a yellow one. She loves this guy!
one night this week we ate grapes for dinner and this is her grape face
this is her stop taking pictures of me face
with the weather being so warm, much of the girls afternoons have been searching for worms and making potions out of leaves and such they find on the ground. Caroline has a special recipe she says on how to make it.
She serves the soup up on bark and tops it with a special yellow flower. They are always sitting on our front porch and are free so feel free to take one - the bark soup not my kids.

Caroline has got in her head she needs to go for a run everyday. So now she packs up a stroller and then runs in the circle in front of our house. hmmm maybe I do have a good influence on my kids after all!

Silly Sally!
I have no idea how I think I am going to shave one second off my marathon time if I continue to eat this everyday for lunch. My favorite sandwich. White Rainbow bread, sliced bananas, the new peanut butter that has honey in it, grape jelly and salt and vinegar chips smashed inside. oh my it is so good!
some of the worms from outside have moved into the mini Polly pocket homes. They seem a bit homesick, as each morning one of them is dead.
The news lately has all this information about Americans hording food and that there is going to be a food shortage. It is interesting. Our church has encouraged our members to have a years supply of food for at least 30 years (anyone know when The LDS church started encouraging it's members to do that) We have been slowing working on accumulating food to have in case of an emergency for us or our neighbors. I have asked for a wheat grinder for mother's day and am hoping for a Bosch mixer too sometime soon. One of my pace projects this year to slowly increase our food storage. This photo is one of my trips to the commissary a few weeks ago. I had two full grocery carts. $400 worth that lasted us about 3 1/2 weeks as well as the cans and supplies added to our storage. not too bad I think - but then again I am the WORST grocery shopper.

note* I met a blogger in the commissary who stopped me the other day. Elaine I am so glad you said something it was nice to meet you. She lives in the area, our husbands work at the same place and we go to the same church(different building). I have had 4 people now who I didn't know read my blog recognize me in town, it always makes me embarassed at the time but then am so glad they said something.
Girls camp accumulation is well under way. this was some stuff I bought the other day along with some groceries and two new goodwill purchases. Sometime I feel like such a consumer!
one of the goodwill purchases was this $5.00 popcorn popper. My kids were going nuts. Annie Kate even asked after I poured in the kernels "So what are we making" she had no idea that this was popcorn. Oh my what have I done to my child. They loved watching it pop and it reminded me of being a kid watching home movies while eating popcorn.
Jeff officially told me he thinks these shoes make me look like a Ninja and to get rid of them. He has maybe told me this about two other items of clothing I have had. He is always right with almost everything (darn) so I said goodbye to my troll-ninja like shoes.
Caroline learned about Noah's Ark in church on Sunday. She goes to a Presbyterian preschool and was so excited to bring this picture to show her teachers. "my teacher loves these kind of stories mom" So she slept with it under her pillow until Tuesday morning so it would be safe. Hearing her retell the story from what she learned in class was so hilarious. She has a great memory and told every detail down to the "white bird finding the leaf and then God sent a rainbow!"
Here is my SPT for the week. I am sorry to say that the only new green thing about me this year than last year is my green rain coat that I wear all the time. I have had a desire to start a compost pile in my backyard and do some plastic recycling.
the weather is putting in me in such a better mood! Yea this is my secret path were I practice crossing the finish line. I was so happy to see it greening up.
the tulips are growing everywhere along the path.
and just taking a second to look up in the sky made the best picture
the pink blossoms in front of the church are lovely

i had never noticed this house on my runs and the cool bridge they get to cross to get into their house.
I love these peeling trees by the lake on my route.
This street haunts me. it is not even that big of a hill but I can not seem to run up it. I have done it once but Jeff was in front of me pushing me to go. Gatestone I will conquer you this summer!
sometimes I feel like the only person in my neighborhood that does not have a nanny or a maid. These cars are everywhere in my neighborhood and some days wish it would magically stop at my house.
Last winter I splurged on a now updated baby jogger shade. Best money ever spent. today was the first day it really made a difference. It now goes down and completely blocks the sun and not more soupies coming along to hang down in front and then getting lost on the road. It can also detach and cover the front all the way. If you own a baby jogger check on their site and see if they have one for yours. I love that stroller.
On Sunday I made homeade rolls - new recipe and used some of the dough to make cinnamon rolls. oh my! heaven. Some of them turned into towers when the were rising. i made a maple icing and they were yummy!
Girls Camp
Saturday we had a leadership training for Girls camp where we learned to make Lasgna in the dutch was yummy, but also good to get going with camp and meet some of the ward leaders. Oh my i have so much to do and am starting to freak out a bit!
Kennedy Center
The field trip to the Kennedy Center was really great. I am not a big fan of riding on the buses with all the kids, but Annie Kate really wanted me to go.

we sat in the back and I heard the boys behind me tell all the same jokes that we told when we were kids. Annie Kate was a snuggler with me and slept most of the way there on my lap and slept again on the way home.

she didn't want me to take many photos but agreed to this one of us.
The Kennedy Center is one place our family had not been yet.
They had a great music through time show for the kids and the last song was from Harry Potter and the kids went nuts.
Their bathrooms win cleanest in the city by far. They even had the rotating plastic to keep everyone's bum sanitary!
I am amazed at the field trips Annie Kate has been on and will get to take in the next two years here. They still have two more awesome ones before the end of they year, but at $17.00 a pop it gets so pricey. Is everyone else paying that much for field trips? when I was a kid they were like $2.00
And last but not least my thank you note to Lilly Pulitzer.
Thank you Lilly for selling your darling dresses at Costco for $19.00...
even though you have the exact same ones at Nordstrom right now for $70.because if you had not I would have never gotten these cute photos of my girls in them!

This is Caroline growling it me asking me "why are we in the rain taking photos?"
yep they were much happier once we went inside and had some yummy juice!
Super Sister Power!!!

Ok so how did I do am I all caught up? Just need to get my goodmail together and then I think I am good for the past week at least. Need to do Spring break and Sally Jane's birthday!
  • do you want to make the rolls, here is the recipe
  • did they have Lilly dresses at your Costco?
  • do you think my elf-ninja shoes are that ugly?
  • have your kids seen popcorn been made at your home?
  • do you smash chips in your sandwich?


Anonymous said...

Wow! You are much going on. I remember the field trips when we lived in Virginia...very exciting (especially compared to Las Cruces!) we would go to the city almost 2 x a month for something with the school. Great school systems out there. I LOVE your Bed, it is so perfect for you and you do Deserve it. It is rightly yours!!! So enjoy. I am like you and have no nanny or maid....but somehow we all get through the daily shuffle of life. Enjoy your beautiful weather and great "soup" concoctions. Miss you!!!! Love, Heather

linda said...

You've had so much going on...I'm tired just reading it.

Your pictures are beautiful and really capture the moment.

I loved your recent post on your new bed...SCORE big time. I need to start going to the goodwill!

Natasha said...

I worry about that plastic wrap on the toilet seat. I mean, I always wonder, "Where does it go?" (I know, I am a freak.)

My kids love to make "grass soup" for their Webkinz so I can totally relate to the bark entree your kids whip up!

My you have been busy, busy!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Yup, this was a great catch up post, Kristi. Thanks for putting it together. Your photos are amazing. It's fun to see the enthusiasm that you hit everyday events with. (Caroline's grimaces about taking more photos is funny, I'm glad you included them, as well as mentioning AK dreads photo ops, too.)

Chips in a sandwich? When there isn't any lettuce in the house, chips make the perfect substitute crunch for me. I haven't ever tried them in your signature concoction though.

I'm not a fashion expert even using your best pretend imagination, but I agree with Jeff. Those shoes are ninja shoes. Now, would I have quit wearing them because of that? Nope. They look too fun to wear.

Are you the Stake Camp director? An assistant? I missed the actual calling when you wrote about it I guess and have wondered exactly what you are doing for girls' camp.

Amanda said...

You are so good at documenting life! LOVE the picture of the toilet by far the most, snicker snicker. Umm, our field trips are never over $5.oo. Our last one to the zoo was only 35 cents. No kidding. We're in Chicago, so it's not like there aren't expensive things here, too! Wierd! But how wonderful that your girls get to see all the cool things in D.C. That would be an incredible experience.
I like your elf shoes, a lot. But most men don't have good taste in shoes, most straight men anyways.

Anne said...

That sandwich sounds interesting to say the least. Now I'm craving those awesome cinnamon rolls. That's really all I've got for this post. Can you tell I'm starving right now?!

Kristi said...

the chips in the sandwich thing sounds a bit weird. We have a hot air popper we pull out when we want to make lots of popcorn. I do want to make those rolls. thanks for sharing!

My name is Andrea said...

I've been having the same field trip Utah we spent no more than $5 per trip. In the last week my 2 boys have brought home permission slips for 4 field trips (2 a peice) that will total $126.00! One of them is to the 6th Floor Museum (the JFK Museum) in Dallas! Loved your post...all of it!

Marla said...

They do NOT have Lilly dresses at my Costco...Wow,those are adorable!
I think the shoes are kinda cute...the ninja thought would have never occurred to me.
I love chips in a sandwich, esp doritos in tuna salad.

lelly said...

so fun to see the stage at the kennedy center where i played in the band for three graduations, and then had the honor or walking across to receive my own diploma!

$17 field trips?!? yikes! jack had a field trip this past week to walk to the fish house and watch the crabs molting. it was free AND he got to bring home an empty crab shell, so i thought that was a pretty good deal!!

carlo said...

is the LP dress thing at Costco real???

Seriously, you found them at COstco??

Love the other updates but stuck on the LP at Costco...


oh and i feel the same about nanny and cleaning woman. dang...

Quelly said...

I smash chips in my sandwiches and get very strange looks - but that could be because I am doing it in public...

Your girls look just ADORABLE in those dresses. You gotta love Lilly!

Barb said...

Oh yeah, I totally smash chips into my sandwich, but the lunchmeat kind. Never tried it in peanut butter sandwich.
My kid's field trips are still $2, just to cover the cost of the bus.
(though we dont' go to the Kennedy Center)
I had never heard of Lilly Pulitzer before I started reading your blog, and here in Canada we don't have the dresses at Costco.

mimi said...

As usual, the girls are adorable and funny! You are a great mom and those dresses are so Kristi. I can't believe you found one for Annie in her size as well as the littles. Cute cute cute! I would love to have one of Caroline's worm soups. Yum yum.

Traci said...

We just saw that yellow teddy bear ad Build-A-Bear today! It is really cute! My daughter was asking for it for her birthday!
Love the great scenic pics from you run too!
I myself kind of liked the ninja shoes, but sometimes hard when your spouse no likey!
I think you did a great ketchup too- whoof! Bet you are glad to have that over with!

Jill said...

There's so much to comment on with this post I'm not sure where to start.

Welcome back.
I love all the pictures with this post and am totally smitten with your beautiful spring weather and cherry blossoms, that photo of the sky is stunning!

I love chips with anything and definitely love them in a peanut butter sandwich. Robyn's husband puts butter on bread and then smashes salt & vinegar chips on it and calls it a chip sandwich.

That's pretty funny about Annie Kate and the popcorn popper.

The self-portrait of you two on the bus is very cute.

We don't have to pay much for our field trips, either very little or nothing, but we don't do anything very fabulous either.

Allison said...

My daughter only gets two field trips this year, one was to see Jack Hannah (which is kinda cool) the other seems lame The velveteen Rabbit production by a local high school. $11 each, not too expensive for us, but shouldn't the high school do it for free, or is the cost for gas?

Love salt n' vinegar chips, but kinda cringing at the sound of them in peanut butter sandwiches.

I was trying to see what brand your jogger is, I am in the market for a double.

michelle said...

oh my, Caroline's got some beautiful presentation going on there with her soup on the bark! Maybe she'll be a chef someday...

I think your ninja shoes are cute. I would totally wear them.

You scored on the popcorn popper -- that is the best kind! My kids love it when we make it like that instead of our more usual microwave kind.

I haven't seen those dresses at our Costco!

patsy said...

Great posting!
WE pay only $2-3 dollars for field trips-- suggested donation, but the kennedy Center- wow!
I'm so impressed lelly graduated there.

The spring photos are gorgeous!! Dresses too- we definately don't have them at our costco.

I like to make tons of popcorn in my soup pot for teenagers on the weekends- it's really funny how many of them didn't know you could make popcorn that way- It tastes so much better-& it's great for a big group of game playing teens.

i just can't believe how gorgeous those cinnamon rolls are- cream cheese frosting on cinnamon rolls is the best, you should try it if you haven't already.

wende said...

it was so great to get caught up with you. your photos of your girls are beautiful, and i love rainy photos!

i would pay $17 for a field trip if my kids did exciting things in d.c. for the money. here in utah, the field trips are only $3-5 but it's because they're doing boring things! i remember the best field trip ever was visiting congress my senior year and then having a mock congress session of own. i feel like i have a working knowledge of congress that the average person doesn't because of that. i LOVE d.c.!

i'm so excited to meet you on saturday! :)

Michelle A. said...

It took awhile but I just read your last two posts! Your thrift store ordeal - I'm not sure you could have calmed them in any other way. You kept your cool and did what you thought was right- and in a round about way it worked. The dresses are really cute, I haven't check Montreal's cosco yet though - but they are really cute. Love that cinnamon roll photo, very cool! Your daughters little bark sandwiches are so sweet! Glad you are well and that you are getting some great running in - and yes, chips on sandwiches are very good!

Lene said...

I found Lilly at our Costco and didn't buy any. Then realized I was an idiot and went back the next day and grabbed a couple. So cute.

sweetfunkyvintage said...

Love that you got those dresses! I got the same ones at my Costco (just joined 2 weeks ago and the Lillys made it all worth it!), only they were $23 at our store!