Wednesday, May 28, 2008

blessed day

Coming home from the commissary today Jeff and I stopped and had lunch in Frederick - this town is so charming and has not seen my face or my wallet enough these past two years. That must change. This doorknob was just one of many details on a store front.
the chocolate brown parking meters add charm to the main street. The one next to us was full or I would have snuck some money in as usual.
all the colored houses are shops are just great!
I am not sure what this building was, it said Professional Building, but I could not figure out what it was - but it was eye pleasing.

the gazebo by the baby pool

Swim Team tryouts were today and Caroline was so excited. Ever since last summer she has been hoping to get on the pre-team.
I don't think there are many 4 year olds on the pre-team but this kid was determined to try out.
This is her first anything to be apart of. She has not taken any lessons, classes or been on any team and she was just beside herself with joy! (by this age Annie Kate had been in gymnastics, and two soccer teams - what was I thinking?) She has cheered for her older sister for a few years and it will be good for her to be cheered for this summer.
to make the pre-team she had to swim half the length of the lap pool. But we had told her since last summer she had to swim the full length. She jumped in and one of the youth coaches was there to motivate her to swim to the end. I think he was surprised at how fast she swam and couldn't walk back fast enough. They got to the middle of the pool and the coach came over and said "Pre-Team she is in!" She was so excited but had in her mind that she was to swim at the end of the pool. So she just kept swimming all the way to the end.
It was a proud mom moment for sure. At the time I was sad I was not taking a photo from the end of her swimming to me, but this photo is so much better. She is a go getter and one determined little girl.
Here is our little swimmer with two of the youth coaches were were so supportive in this little girl trying out - they kept saying, "she is 4?"

Sally Jane is just happy being in the baby pool floating on her noodle!
we found a turtle in front of our house this week and he will be staying with us until our weekend visitors come (can't wait!) and then will get moved back to the lake.
and I am sure this will not be the last photo booth photos you will see. our family is having a blast with this thing. I think this may be my new guest book, instead of having people sign in an actual book they can just sit in our photo booth! (photo booth feature on Apple Computers)


Autumn said...

seriously you have a photo booth in your house?

I'm so proud of caroline for making the team! Congrats!

Traci said...

Ok, that is sooo awesome and cute about Caroline making the pre-team! Tell her- "You Go Girl!"
My tykes might need to take lessons from her!!!
We also have an apple and my tykes are always in the photo booth!

Karrie said...

Way to go...I love swimming as a sport for 16 year old swam on Viewmont High Schools swim team this year for the first time ever and lettered in the 500 meter (20 laps across the pool). She's a long distance swimmer....I bet your little one is well on her way. Maybe future Olympians...who knows?

linda said...

Way to go Caroline...I knew you could do it!!

My kids swam for 13 years of competitive swimming...from age 5 to 18. Those years with swim team were the best! Enjoy your summer by the pool!

Tasha said...

That sounds like a great day all around! Caroline is a wonder!

wende said...

what photo booth? did i miss something?

i LOVE swimmers! go caroline!

A Savvy Event said...

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lelly said...

absolutely love the photo of her finishing up her lap!

Holly said...

Go Caroline! What a little fish--she did great. What an example of her spirit and determination that she swam the full length!

I really liked all of the pictures you took of your outing in Frederick. You inspire me to document more of the details(love that doorknob) and take more interesting photos. Do you carry your Nikon on all of your outings--is it cumbersome? Or do you sometimes use a point & shoot? Do you use auto settings most of the time? Thanks for letting me pick your brain!

kristi said...

i do take my big nikon most places, i carry it in my purse or bring my camera bag a lot of times. and yes it is cumbersome and a pain but i am always happy when i am downloading my photos.
when we were bike riding on memorial day i just had my point and shoot around my neck.
i used automatic for 2 years and am finally starting to get if off of that. my brother taught me three things that made all the difference. i take A lot of photos, at least 100 for each outing. so keep in mind i only put the good ones on my blog,

Jill said...

I love all the pictures of the quaint things in Frederick. Have you gone to Ellicott City yet? My parents used to live there and loved the adorable downtown.

I am super impressed with Caroline! My kids were nowhere near being able to swim the length of the pool at age 4! I love her determination and that she made it! Go Caroline!

The photo booth guest book is a fun idea for sure.

Liz said...

Congrats to Caroline! That is so exciting for her!

michelle said...

Way to go Caroline! It is amazing that she can do that at age 4!

My kids love photo booth too.