Thursday, May 29, 2008

3 books in one month

Truly a miracle has happened because I started and finished 3 books in one month! I finished my last book this morning so I could be able to make this personal record!

Here are a few of my turned up bottom page quotes that I enjoyed.

gift giving

My mama nudged me with her elbow. "Ain't that a beauty?" she said. "Like to cost the whole amount, but that is the finest windmill money can buy. Steel plates behind the wood, and if one breaks, why , you just end up a man with a piece of wood and an iron peg." My mouth hung open. I said, "Mama, you ordered this? Without asking me?" "Well, it's a present. I don't need your permission to give you a present." It is a blessed thing a joy I can't describe, to look on a powerful gift such as this. Something that represents a sacrifice from someone else or an effort far exceeding what I'd feel was normal, is so beyond my expectations, it touches my deepest soul. My throat tightened up and I felt something swell in my chest. "No", I said. "Reckon you don't." My eyes burned, and I had to hold on to m head for a few seconds. Then I put my hand down and said, "To me a present is a nice feather pillow or a new apron. Mama, this is way overgenerous. It has cost you sixty acres of land. It's too big and too fine and-" "Well, then you just mind your manners and say thank you." "Thank you mama" pg 104-105

I loved this quote. gift giving is such a tricky thing but I have been one blessed with some amazing gifts that represent a sacrifice from someone or an effort far exceeding what i feel is normal - have you?

"One thing I know from living with Jack is that war, any war, stains a man deep, and nothing can get the stain out. They can wear clothes like a rancher or a banker, but the stains are under there, never far from the surface of their skin. " pg 59
I thought a bit about this quote this Memorial day weekend when we walked past all the men at the Vietnam Memorial hugging each other and everyone seemed bonded just by being there. I was amazed to hear at the concert that the Iraq war has been going on 6 years - that would mean my Annie Kate would not remember a life without our country being at war.
Jeff does not talk much about what he sees at Walter Reed but I am sure it affects him. I know for me I have such a deeper appreciation for those serving. When I go to Walter Reed they have tables set up with people to talk to or get information about Post Traumatic Syndrome - it makes it more real for me - but still I feel like I have no clue what it must be like for the families and those serving. My respect goes to them for their sacrifice.

My summary of the book was that it was ok. I didn't realize this was the sequel to These are My Words (which I have not read, silly me!) I will read that next. I do love these type of pioneer, homesteading women books and always helps me appreciate the day to day of my life. After reading this I did feel a longing for really helping women with their families and not be so guarded or private as my community feels.
But I found myself getting bored with it at the end and finally skipped two chapters to read the last chapter- and i was kind of happy it was over.

This was a pleasant surprise that I loved this book. My favorite part of this book were the faces I gave to the characters and even seemed to give the Giver a different face than was on the cover. This is a great book to help appreciate any trial that you might be going through- it helped me be reminded of the joy in my life.
I didn't have many turned up corners from this book but there was one I don't want to forget.

Jonas was impressed by the things Benjamin had achieved. He knew him, or course, since they had always been group mates, but they had never talked about the boy's accomplishments because such a conversation would have been awkward fro Benjamin. there was never a comfortable way to mention or discuss one's successes without breaking the rule against bragging, even if one didn't mean to. It was a minor rule, rather like rudeness, punishable only be gentle chastisement. But still. Better to steer clear of an occasion governed by a rule which would be so easy to break. pg 27

This is such an interesting quote and could sum up one of Jeff's standards. I always feel like he has so many things he has done, seen or knows but never really talks about them because he feels like it would be bragging. As for me I can't seem to stop talking about my self when I meet someone and so have really made an effort to ask as many questions about someone else so I don't do that.
So my questions
- is there a comfortable way to mention or discuss (face to face) your success without bragging? really feel free to tell me what you think.

-do you feel women these days are more private with their life and trials and need for help or is it just me?

- have you ever received a gift like the description above?

This was one of those gifts that I have received. Every piece of this quilt is hand appliqued. It took months and months to create. It was given to me by my dear friend Mindy who made if for me during my first pregnancy. When I opened it I was so overwhelmed and cried so hard I got a bloody nose. It is the first thing I would grab in a fire after my children.


michelle said...

First of all, I just have to say: read These Is My Words!! It's better than Sarah's Quilt, and it has Captain Jack Elliott in it!! Ahhhh.

That said, I did like Sarah's Quilt and I really enjoyed The Giver as well. Congratulations on reading 3 books in one month! You're a reader, Kristi!

I liked the quotes you pulled out, especially the one on gift giving -- "It is a blessed thing a joy I can't describe, to look on a powerful gift such as this. Something that represents a sacrifice from someone else or an effort far exceeding what I'd feel was normal, is so beyond my expectations, it touches my deepest soul." YES.

And to answer one of your questions, I do think that women are more private with their trials and needs than they need to be, but I don't know if that is a new thing. I love it when I see people opening up and talking about their problems, because then we see that we all have similar struggles and we can be such a support to each other.

Shanna said...

Like it was said before, read These is my Words! You won't regret it! The beginning is a little hard to get into but it soon turns out to hard to put down.

I hope you don't mind that I have been reading and commenting on your blog. It is great to read wonderful blogs from great women!

Jill said...

Way to go with all this reading! I know you started out loving Sarah's Quilt so I'm kind of bummed that it fizzled at the end for you. I think you would have enjoyed the chapters you skipped because the ending was good (as I recall).

I love The Giver. I listened to it a couple years ago and then we read it for our Ward Book Club last year. I think it's fascinating.

I do think women keep their struggles private. Maybe we share them with our closest friends, but don't broadcast them (except on our blogs sometimes) for fear of how they'll be received. It's always comforting to me to find out I'm not alone in my struggles. Perhaps if we could judge each other less and love each other more we wouldn't feel the need to keep everything to ourselves.

Christina said...

I for sure one of those girls that isnt afraid to share my trials/struggles in hopes of finding help...with jons accident it just profounded the situation..i then became baffled as to why people would show up at my house and ask the usual question "what can i do to help" it was SO hard to give them a list--i finally would just tell them ANYTHING, take out the trash, sweep my floors..honestly anything will be helpful--you dont need a laundry list from me..just ANYTHING--i am always hoping someone would just come to my door and say i have an hour so im just going to help you with whatever i see could be helpful--HOWEVER my amie taught me that some women would DIE if someone showed up at their house to "help"-im certainly more free about that..
i was watching ellen yesterday & will smith was on there..he said he's constantly reading and learning & made the point that NOBODY on the earth has a "new problem" we are all having the same problems since the beginning of time and SOMEWHERE SOMEONE has written a book about how to solve it!! it made me think..kind of true..& if women were better about sharing their trials/struggles it would help EVERYONE..not just the individual struggling..

is there a comfortable way to mention or discuss (face to face) your success without bragging? really feel free to tell me what you think.
ONLY when the other person is able to handle it-there are some people that cant handle success of someone else & it leads to jealousy--i tend to start with "so im super excited about something!" i think im for sure more like you & my jon is EXACTLY like when jon just took the LSAT for possible law school & w/o ANY law studying or even being in school since he graduated the Y in 98-he sat down for 2.5 hours took the test and scored a 155!! HELLO thats WAYYY good!!! has he told anyone NO not even his own family...

- have you ever received a gift like the description above?
I have received several gifts like that...a quilt made from all of my online mormonchic friends, 50k donated to the fun for jon last year from ONE family(which is already gone!), friends like amie alvey & melinda taylor who are very very generous!

Becky said...

You really got me thinnking with those questions...if we never told anyone what we were good at and/or never talked about or showcased our talents would we have many of the joys in this life? Who would paint the pictures that are hung in galleries for all to see (similar to bragging really)? Who would sing songs and perform on instruments? Who would share their ideas? I think there is a fine line between bragging and holding back too much of ourselves...If you didn't share your talent (even "brag" a little bit) so many women would be missing out on all of your wonderful creativity. What a gift it is that you share with us!

Along these same lines--yes, women are more private. We're too afraid! Afraid to share our accomplishments because we might hurt someone's feelings; afraid to share our disappointments because we don't want to be ridiculed; afraid to share anything because we might lose something in the process (although really the opposite is more likely to happen).

I am adding The Giver and Ida B. to my list of books to pick up at the library today :).

READ These Is My Words!

Alana said...

I love the Giver. There is also another excellent book by that author called Gathering Blue. I studied the Giver when I took Children's Lit and college and the girl who sat next to was also LDS and compared it to Satan's plan vs. Christ's plan in coming to Earth. Also I'm curious as to what you thought happened in the end as different people think different things (I'd write the two choices but don't want to ruin the book for anyone)
I think we as women are private with our trails and don't realize how much help it would be it we shared them with others. I think that is why the Lord gave us VT in the church - I've noticed that good VT can tell when something is going on in your life even when you are trying hide it. Also the Lord directs us as Visting Teachers what to share with the sisters we teach.

Holly said...

I have to jump in and repeat what the others have said. Since you have been in The Reading Zone (yea! by the way), please, please, please read These Is My Words. I can't properly describe how good it is--but IT IS.

I've never read The Giver, though I enjoy reading childrens'/young adult literature--especially the Newberry Medal recipients.

Interesting thoughts about bragging vs. keeping too much too ourselves. I don't think it's bragging to share our successes or the things we are good at--as long as we temper it, keep it in balance. I like what you said about making an effort to ask more questions when you are talking with someone. Close friends are such a blessing when there is something more private to discuss--they don't mind listening to you talk about yourself because they love you and know you will do the same for them.

Mandi said...

HI Kristi

I am so glad you enjoyed your books. My eldest daughter had to read The Giver last year for school (so of course I had to read it to) she found it really interesting and having to analyse the book for school was a fantastic thing for her, she loved it.

As for the quilts, I am obsessed with them, but I think I have mentioned that before - last time I visited the US I brought home 5 -yes 5. I had to borrow a suitcase from my brother to bring them home!!! LOVE THEM!!!

Have a great weekend.......mandi.

momof3crazykids said...

I read These Is My Words in one weeks. I have had Sarah's quilt now for almost 6 weeks and just can't get through it. I'm going to just have to renew it again and finish it up. My next book for our ward book club is Eat Cake. Hope it's as good as it sounds!

patsy said...

I loved the giver. My book club read it last year.

Congratulations on becoming A reader-I heard Shannon Hale- my favorite author speak & she said most women & children don't read because they give up on finding books that spark their interest. that really got me thinking- I don't want to quit reading (I recently started too) if some of my book club books are not for me.

I think women feel like we have to be private. We are just too hard on ourselves. Plus, we've all been that school girl whose friends turn on us & gossip... those fears are real.


Mindy said...

I loved "These Is My Words." I read it in the hospital when I had Henry. Every stitch on the quilt for you and AK was done with love, not necessarily sacrifice. I thought of my love for you and our friendship with every stitch!

Price Cream Parlor said...

One of my all time favorite books THESE IS MY WORDS! I am almost finished with Sarah's Quilt. You might have enjoyed it more if you knew it was a sequel. Ah, I have to agree with Michelle! Captain Jack! Sigh!**
I can write an entire book on secrets/trials for women. We each come with our own set. Some are worth sharing - others are not. It would be nice to have book written or people to talk to when you are in the thick of something. There is nothing better than women supporting women!

lindsey said...

i found your blog through google reader. i have to say reading when you have kids is so difficult. i am pretty proud of myself if i read a book and nothing is damaged when i am done.

These is my Words is the first book, then Sarahs Quilt then Star Garden. I highly recommend These is my Words, you will love it!

As far as your questions...Bragging i don't necessarily think you are bragging if you are really proud of your accomplishment. Cause lets face it if accomplsh certain things with kids i think you deserve to be proud of yourself!

i am pretty out spoken and i do air alot of things out on my blog. i don't know if that is good or bad cause sometimes it seems to get me in trouble.

wende said...

these is my words is WAY better than sarah's quilt - infact, it's one of my favorites and i didn't really love sarah's quilt. so, go read it, it's just fantastic!