Friday, May 30, 2008

My endorsements

This morning Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi put a call out to the super delegates to make their endorsement known for either Barrack Obama or Hillary Clinton. I am not a super delegate but am a super consumer, so I thought I would take a chance to endorse some of my favorite products. If you are looking for a blog subject today and want to share an endorsement of any kind it is a great way to journal.

Jasmine Vanilla Hand Soap from Bath and Body
I love this hand soap (even though he one pictured is Black Currant) In August Bath and Body has a soap event where they will be only $3.00 each, which is half the price. My hands smell yummy for about half an hour after washing them with this great soap.
Make up

Wet and Wild lip liner - #666 - The best kept secret ever. It is only $.99 and is wonderful. I have used many of these down to the last inch.
Mary Kay Mascara - this is hands down my favorite mascara and the only mascara that does not leave me looking like a raccoon.
Bobbi Brown Shimmer brick - The last one I had lasted me 2 years. I have the brown shimmer and the pink shimmer and love them.
Dental stuff

Colgate toothpaste - it is not that I love the tooth paste, but I love the dispenser. I wish there was a way I could refill these and use them over and over.
Floss Picks - the best way I can get myself and kids to floss. It was even the dentist who suggested using these more than once - they are kind of pricey to use just once. *edit in my search I also found these refills that may save the problem - has anyone used these before?)
Oral B toothbrush. This is just a battery operated one from the drug store, but there is just something that I love about it. I am too cheap to invest in a nice one so this is my cheap substitute. $4.00
Kitchen scissors
This is one of my favorite wedding gifts. Silly but true I love a good pair of kitchen scissors.

V8 Fusion
I love this new juice. A healthy guy at church told me about it and so now I am sold. I don't know if is making me healthier but I like to think it is. Just do an experiment at your grocery store and see if the shelf is half empty like all of ours. They are often sold out. It is about $4.75 each (ouch) but I can get them at the commissary for about $2.25 so i buy a bunch when I see them.
My last endorsement is a total indulgence. It is $8.00 and when I buy it I feel a little guilty but love the way it makes my laundry smell. It is Ultra Downy - Pure essentials. I LOVE this stuff. Sometimes I save it only for my sheets and my own laundry and say "the girls don't care how smelly their laundry is."

Have you tried any of the products?
What product do you endorse?


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

You're right, Kristi, this is a great journal idea. I loved reading your endorsements and plan to follow your lead today.

Ande swears by V8 fusion and I agree with the Mary Kay mascara. I haven't tried the other things you suggested (but laughed at the laundry and the kids not caring how they smelled), but plan to remember them.

Hmmm. Wonder which way the super delegates will go.

sweetfunkyvintage said...

So funny! I discovered the wet and wild lip liner when I was in high school and have used it ever since. Truly the best lipliner color ever!
I haven't tried the downy, but am tempted to!

Kristine said...

We use some Reach flossers that have refills available. (They look very similar to the hummingbird ones you show.) They are fantastic...and I second the fact that they are the only way to get my kids to floss (and me!). I'll have to look for the B&BW and Downy. They sound divine.

Jill said...

The only product I use out of these is the floss picks. This makes flossing doable for me so it's totally worth it!

Marie said...

What a funny take on the election process!

Isn't it funny how passionatly we endorse the products we use? I have used the same brand of toothpaste my whole life, and it ain't gonna change.

Christina said...

i have that B&B handsoap-i keep the contairs in all the bathrooms then put in my cheap antibacterial dial soap into them--for some reason the B&B ALWAYS TOTALLY DRY OUT MY HANDS..which is probably why they sell the lotions..hmmm...

i use the .99 eyeliner from them--
i WORSHIP loreal voluminous (ive been using it since HS)

ive NEVER flossed (i know probably bad) but i do brush my teeth! HA i dont really mind which toothpaste..they seem all the same to me..we use those dispensers for the girls LESS MESSY!

i pretty much stay away from any smelling laundry stuff (its not good for the environment yada yada yada)so i stick to the basics Tide w/ Downey in it & a good ol' bounce sheet...

v8 fusion-they are always yummy!

Laurie said...

Those all look great. I haven't personally used any of them. Looks like I'll have to add a couple to my shopping list.

Jenmomof4 said...

Hey Kristi,

I did a post on my blog about my favorite things. I did a Mr. Linky for everyone to post their things/endorsements. I am even giving away one of my favorites to one lucky person.

Come add yours!

Allie Parker said...

those look like some great ideas! i'll have to try some of them out!my most favorite things is tresemme's hair spray. it is light, but holds my hair all day long!

Kristin said...

Wow!! There is another one of us out there...I thought I was the only one who used Wet & Wild lip liner #666. Bad number but GREAT COLOR!! I have used it for YEARS!!

patsy said...

Love this journaling idea- I will for sure do it soon.
By the way we use the floss picks - they sell them at the dollar store- much cheaper & so worth it!
I really want to try that hand soap!! said...

So we have Self Portrait Tuesday, Wordless Wednesday... how about Friday Fave?

I use B&BW soaps all the time... Orange Ginger in the kitchen and the regular Lavender in the baths.

Floss picks rock our world. I reuse mine too. I rinse them with water and then pour some listerine over it to kill any germs.

You are cracking me up over the Downy. Girl, that jug will do almost 80 loads of laundry, so at $8, it's like 10 cents a load. In my book, all laundry should smell good.

Amy said...

I'm a lurker who has finally decided to leave a comment. I'm a friend of Stacy[S] and found your blog through hers. I think she's actually at your house right now??? Anyway, I had to agree with the Kitchen scissors. I've been married 10 years and have the SAME scissors as you and still love them.

If I had to endorse something it would be Clorox Wipes. I use them for the kitchen, bathroom, on the toys, in the car, everything.

Amy S. said...

Actually, I buy my flossers at the dollar store. Is that weird? You get 50 for $1.00. Then I don't feel so bad about trowing them away each time.

michelle said...

I use floss picks, too. It is the thing that converted me to being a flosser, it's so much easier! I'm so glad my hygienist recommended them. And now I know I can get them at the dollar store! I love that battery-operated toothbrush, too. Somehow my teeth just feel cleaner.

Jill got me loving Downy. The only problem I have with it is that it sometimes leaves spots on my clothes! Not cool. But it sure does smell good. So I'm going back and forth on that one.

So funny about the lipliner -- my mom used to wear that one when I was in high school and I think I used it some too! I had forgotten all about it until you gave me one.

I just have to say: every time I wear Mary Kay Shell lipstick people ask me what color it is. I love it.

Oh, and I my favorite B&BW scent is coconut lime verbena! Yum.

Kath said...

I can't tell you how many years my sisters and I bought #666! That is too funny!

sHaWna in Costa Rica baby! said...

Here are my favs:

Vanilla (for cooking) from Costa Rica or Mexico- it's triple strength and smells divine.

Strawberry daiquiri lotion from B&BW. I always get asked, "who smells so yummy?" It also has the gold flecks to give you that glowing skin.

The Letter Factory Video from Leap Frog. My kids know their phonics at about 3 years old because of this video. I highly recommend it.

Thanks everyone for the new list of products to try!

Cecilia said...

Thanks for all the tips!
I do use the same tooth paste and dental floss...hehe

But, I might have to add the laundry detergent to my list! I love when my laundry smells fresh and I keep trying different ones and I haven't found the right one yet...This might be it! Thanks!

tifferbob said...

I use Downey Vanilla & Lavender scent in the purple bottle. It is a little pricey but smells like a field of lavender.

I had a woman ask me if I was wearing perfume, which I don't. She said I smelled very fresh.

Claudissima said...

oh my goodness I have been wearing that lip liner for about 15 years now....very good isn't it!

Claudissima said...

crazy that they would put such number on it

J&K Freeman said...

I am with you on scented fabric softener. I love the way clean sheets smell with it. I have had to give it up for the last three years because my kids have eczema and that is one of the things that irritates their skin. I hear some children grow out of it though...
I was wondering what the comissary is? It seems like you get some great deals there.

Laura said...

I'm always interested in others "favorite things". What a great post!

These days I'm loving Cucina soap from Anthropologie--the fruits and passions scent is especially nice.

I'm also eating Quaker Granola Bites in either cinnamon or chocolate. The only problem is that I could easily eat the entire box in one sitting.

Robert & Tatiana said...

I'm so glad that you're endorsing the dental stuff! :) Studies have actually shown that any electric toothbrush is better than a manual, so good job! I'm also in debt to whoever invented those flosspics! That's the only way I get some of my patients to floss. I endorse keeping them wherever they will be convenient; in the car, by your bed, or by the TV. I make my husband floss while he watches TV (That's what he gets for being married to a dental hygienist). I'll have to try the B&B soap. I love the ginger kind, it's super yummy!

charlotte said...

I love that Bath and Body Works scent--I use it all the time!

Shelley said...

Bath and Body Works is actually having their big sale now!! I might have to swing by and buy some of that soap. I usually stick with the fruity anti-bacterial. But I think I need some help in the relaxation department!!