Monday, June 02, 2008

How to do D.C. in 84 hours and ...

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I promise to get my "What would you do if you had one day in D.C." for those who have asked for it - so this was my research weekend.

The everything pink tour bus has now parked. This weekend we have seen and experienced the following: (now you can see why I have not posted)

Washington Monument
National Zoo - the hippos were the best!
Iwo Jima Memorial
Jefferson Memorial
Korean War Memorial
Lincoln Memorial
World War I Memorial (this was a first for me)
Capitol tour (super special tour where we stood on the balcony, I almost threw off Caroline so it was a little intense for me)
Lunch at the Museum of the Native American
National Cathedral
Changing of the guard and Eternal Flame at the Arlington Cemetery
Old Towne Alexandria
Mt. Vernon
Paper Source
Embassy Row
Future Site of the Martin Luther King Memorial
Kentlands Community Garage Sale (oh prepare to be very jealous)
PT Cruiser, punch buggy, Cooper, Subaru Outback
D.C. 3 Ward building - early abort - crying from AK
encounter with D.C. Metro Police Officer (Military ID again comes in handy)
Walter Reed Medical Center
Wrong turn which took us to the Pentagon
Ben's Chili Bowl
Buggies Pizza in Virginia
Marble Slab Creamery
George Mason Memorial
Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial
Many, many public bathrooms thanks to Caroline's weak bladder
The National Mall
found the spot for my 2009 Christmas Card photo
Found the freaky shark man on the Tidal Basin bridge (huge ribbon contest coming)
two visits to the playground
Took the turtle to his new home in the lake
chasing squirrels
Annie Kate's truancy ("not she is not sick, she has an appointment downtown with the leader of the free world")
driving the gator in the back of the truck (luckily the Metro police did not catch us)
Fresca, Trader Joe's dried pineapple, make your own breakfast because your friend is too tired to get out of bed
Appreciation for this great country - Pink and Priceless!


Jill said...

How DO you do it? Were Stacy and her family able to keep up? Hopefully they'd been training before their trip. I look forward to the photos and more posts.

Charity said...

Only one word for you....WOW!!!!

LeAnne said...

Wow, you are amazing! I love your list! I also can't wait to see your Do DC in a Day Post. We are coming to DC for the 4th of July and cannot wait! We will have four days and many advance tickets. I grew up just outside of DC and haven't been back since I was 14. I cannot wait to see my favorite city again!

Kim Sue said...

love your slide show video - it wears me out while I sit here in front of my computer in my pjs :) it looks like it was lots of fun.

Rebecca said...

That was like the best flip book ever! (I too loved watching it here in my pjs!)

Liz said...

I am amazed at how many pictures you take and the number of places you are able to make it to in such a short amount of time. Do you feel like staying in bed for a week now?

Shauna said...

OK- Im tired from just reading! Sounds so fun!

patsy said...

Can we come visit???

Kara Jayne said...

NO WAY!! Can't wait for the tutorial!

Anne said...

I'm with Charity...WOW!!

Kristi said...

perfect timing! I will be there in a little over 2 weeks. can't wait to hear more details! thanks.

Lindsay said...

That was fantastic. Really, you did that ALL in a weekend?! Wow!

michelle said...

What a weekend!! I'd be happy just going to Cosi... what a whirlwind! You've got to be the best tour guide ever.

Christina said...

holy cow!! that was crazy!! now i know why you NEVER answered your phone WOMAN!! HELLO!!! tag your it! geesh!

rachel is FOR SURE coming Jan 17-21st to see the president get sworn hoping i come with (most likely i will be) her hotel is IN YOUR CITY!! i have a cousin in laurel & a HS friend in Onley..are those cities close to you??

do you get tired of being a tour guide?!?!??! do i need to train to hit DC with you!??!?!

Michelle A. said...

So fun Kristi! I loved the cute hippo with his red ball - very sweet. I've made some of these picture reels - how long does it take to load onto blogger? I've tried it but, quite frankly I must not have the patience to wait for it to load. So glad you had fun with family in town!

Natasha said...

WOW, and I thought that I did alot in the 6 days I was in D.C.!

J&K Freeman said...

I can't wait to see what the crazy shark man is like.

bryn said...

i am so tired for you all but it sounds like so much crazy fun. there is nothing better than a day in d.c.!

Kristy said...

Every time I read your entires about DC it makes me want to visit even more! Someday I will make it there with my family. I will keep your list in my vacation folder. Thanks!!

The 5 Bickies said...

what a weekend!! Our Sunday paper travel section featured an article with out of the way DC landmarks to visit. I am sure you have found them all but will send it to you anyway.

Traci said...

Loved the vid!!! I sooo heart Hippos!! Thanks for sharing, what a fun way to see them in action!
Was going to finally try and take the tykes to DC this summer, but with my overly huge preggo belly and walking for long amounts, we will have to wait for another time, but I am sooo glad for all the info you have about the best places to go!!!

The monkey bunch said...

sounds busy! As far as I have heard, the WW1 memorial is only for those who served from the district of Columbia- there is no national WW1 memorial. Something to find out for sure! It is pretty tiny compared to the others!