Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Stuff

This week my friend emailed me a photo of the prom dress she made for her daughter. This is the same friend who saved my patootee with Caroline's Sleeping beauty Halloween dress a few years ago. She is an incredible seamstress and when I opened the photo I about flipped. Her daughter is the dang cutest gal and was such a inspiration to my daughter last year as one of the swim coaches.
back to the dress. When I opened the photo I thought, I have got to get back to sewing more for the girls. I don't think sewing will ever be cheaper, but it is so rewarding for me. I would love to be able to sew classy modest dresses for my girls when they get older and practicing on size 4 could give me some good practice. My friend has taught "Modest is Hottest" classes on how to take a low cut prom dress and with a little sewing help it show a little less skin. She is really amazing.
Her daughter found a JCrew blouse with the ruffle collar that they liked and bought one on eBay and took it apart to make the top of the dress then designed the bottom. So are you ready to see it.
Seriously the most amazing dress ever. I love it. She plays Lacrosse and went with another Lacrosse player so she is getting a little game in before they go. It looks like a photo out of a magazine.

So after seeing this photo I made a new goal to get some of these dresses out of my head and on to the girls. I found two dresses I had made for Annie Kate when she was little and had the girls wear them to church today. I love seeing them wear something handmade.
Don't you just love Caroline's choke hold squeeze.
Caroline was also so cute today and wanted to carry the church bag in. You can see in the above photo how heavy it is. She is a tough cookie!

Caroline's dress was one of the first dresses I made for Annie Kate. I loved the pattern so much I made two of them. The fabric I found was at a quilt store in New Mexico and loved it so much but didn't have the energy to make a whole quilt.

Annie Kate who never makes a girly pose said "hey don't you want to take a photo of me."This little Apron dress has such wonderful memories for me. I took a sewing class at a little sewing store in Nashville to learn how to make it. It is where I learned to make my own mini piping and ruffle for the collar and sleeves. It is a wonderful easy pattern that is so vintage and southern. you can buy it here. (it is called the Carol and pattern number 15)
Annie Kate even tried it on today. she is so little it almost fits as a shirt!

Jeff got in two books before we left for church.
Mean Jean the Recess Queen and
the lighting in the room was kind of weird but i loved how the two photos turned out.

The photos of the day make it look kind of dreamy, even though the weather today was so beautiful and breezy! I love spring here and can't say it enough.
But it was kind of a rough day for me. I don't know if was lack of sleep (went to a movie last night and didn't get home until after midnight) or what but I had the hardest time emotionally being at church today. I seriously had to talk myself into getting dressed and going. I made it through sacrament meeting but just could not stop crying and feeling so out of sorts. I ended up going home and leaving the kids at church with Jeff. I felt like I was kind of fighting the urge to leave the whole time i was there. I note this only to remind any blog readers that no one's life is perfect no matter how cute their kids look in a dress and a hair bow. Life if hard. My body seems to have a hard time moving these days which seems to get me really depressed. I have temptations all over the place and fight them like anyone else. Life is normal and hard for me no matter how cute my neighborhood is. (i say this to save anyone from life-envy that often comes from blog reading)
I am happy for new days, the sun rising tomorrow and the hope that tomorrow will be better.

***edit. Thank you Crystalyn. reading amy's post today was awesome. if you have a minute indulge yourself and find this line that I loved.
"It would be a shame to let the one thing that pulls us together push us apart."


Allison said...

I know you're not perfect, but I really like all the things you do perfectly. And the things you don't (the ones you share, anyway).

It's okay to have some days are for crying and ice cream. Having days like these just make the good days even better. I am sorry today was that day for you.

kristi said...

allison, oh no do you have survalence in my home.. i came home and had two bowls of Baskin robbins choc. and peanut butter ice cream. how did you know?
sad it to say it made me feel a lot better!

Crystalyn said...

kristi, i hope tomorrow is a better one. i know these days quite well. um, i'm kinda having one today too ; ) and what a way to word it..."life-envy" a great word for that feeling that comes from comparing when blog reading. (have you read amy m's post today?)

your daddy-daughter pictures are so sweet. they will love having those when they are all grown up and reading to daughters of their own.

any lastly, i seriously love that prom dress. wow!

Crystalyn said...

hehe, dave is making me cookies and i can't wait! your ice cream sounds delish. really hope you feel better.

Lauralee said...

I hope you get to feeling better..
life envy.. :).. that does happen to me with this blogging.. so thanks for sharing what you do..

your girls are sure cute.. and those dresses.. are adorable.. that prom dress. WOW.. seriously.. from a shirt?

amy m said...

kristi I've had these days, a few too many for my liking, and it's hard to go through them, but when the sun rises after a long hard emotional day more often than not a lesson is learned and the promised of a new day is given. I'm so sorry you are feeling out of sorts. It happens to everyone and sometimes we just need a little space to figure out what it is we need or what we need to do. You are not alone.

The dress is darling and so are the ones you made for your girls. You are an amazing seamstress.

Cute photo of dad and girls. Makes me miss my family.

Anonymous said...

That dress -- I'm dying! So gorgeous, and yes, it totally looks right out of a magazine. And you probably delighted the heck out of Sally Jane by pulling that yellow dress out today! Who would have guessed when you made it years ago for Annie Kate, that it would probably bring such a thrill to her little sister! I love the pictures.

Everyone has days like that -- I had one earlier in the week. I appreciate you sharing it, and I hope the rest of the week treats you gently!

JENNIFRO said...

It must be a dumpy day. Speaking of life envy I'm now feeling so depressed I've never sewn my girls ANYTHING. Add that to the list of things to learn I guess.

Barb said...

Today Carmen wore a dress I made last year that I just love. The asian motif fabrics went so well with the design of the dress.

Unfortunately she had trouble taking it off, so she is probably too big for it and won't wear it again. I'm so glad she has a little sister to pass it on to in a couple of years!

(I totally love the choke hold photo in your post today)

This week Jaclyn and I are sewing a dress for her to wear in the school play, and we are using 'fancy' (not cotton) fabrics and they are giving me trouble! I can't imagine sewing a prom dress right now, but that photo from your friend is inspiring me! I need more practise, I guess.
I would also love some lessons in altering dresses to make them fit our modesty standards.

Holly said...

After having a strange day emotionally, where I felt like I was faking it (being somewhat pleasant to my family and through church) when I felt completely the opposite, I appreciate your honesty. I like how you described life-envy--based on what we see on the outside through blogs or even in real life--can be a trap. Ugh--but true, so true.

I just ate two ice cream treats!Smack, smack.

I want to start sewing modest, classic dresses for my daughter, but can only follow the SIMPLEST of patterns/directions. I may check that link out--thanks.

Charity said...

I commented a while ago in someone elses blog that the hardest thing for me about having a blog was that I felt judged on more levels than know, not being perfect...I've been struggling for a while of how to put it into words and today you did it for me...Blog envy....of course, everyone has bad days, off days, even "mean mommy" days...It's often hard to let other people see that we are not perfect...or at least give people the illusion of not being perfect...thanks for summing it up so gracefully.

On that note...I think my 5 year old had an off day at church today...I was filling in on the organ today and was serenaded by the lovely sounds of "Mommy...I need you me!" As he was being dragged out over my husbands shoulder...

Our high councilor said today "We can look at our lives like a ladder...perfection being the top rung, and us somewhere in the middle...isn't it great that we are all still striving to reach the top rung? It made me feel a little bit better about all my imperfections, knowing that I can still strive and make it to the top rung..."

On that note...I think I'll go have some icecream!

katherine said...

Love the dresses for the girls. I was so excited the first Sunday Posey wore a dress to church that I had made her. We took tons of photos and she looked so cute, and then I washed it and it completely fell apart.

I thought that photo was from a magazine. Amazing.

Jeff and the girls are so sweet reading..and the light seemed so dreamy!

Hoping this week is better for you. Thanks for the link to Amy's post...amazing.

The 5 Bickies said...

"Life-envy" sure can rear it's ugly head at my house. Some days would be simpler if I stayed off the computer AND stayed home. But then, think what we would be missing. I would never have learned about the ribbon outlet, I wouldn't be making the fabulous $100 stack for our teachers and that is only the beginning of the list of things you bring to me.

It's good to have a day (and a bowl of my favorite ice cream too!) to start again tomorrow.

Peace to you!

Jen said...

oh wow- your post was awesome for me. i have often felt the way you describe and seriously end up feeling like i'm the only person on earth who feels that way and that i'm defective. thank you!!! i hope you're feeling, i really like hearing your stories b/c i happen to experience life-envy as a result of blogging at times. :)
that dress is amazing- and your girls are so cute in the dresses you made them! that is one skill my mom had and never taught me! of course, i wouldn't have been a good pupil, but man. what i wouldn't give to be able to sew!!!
i think you're amazing.

Rebecca said...

Allison said it really well when she said you're not perfect but she loves all the things you do perfectly and even the things you don't. (I am lucky she is my friend) This week was especially hard for us too. And if it could possibly make you feel any better I ate 2/3 of a LARGE tub of Baskin Robbins chocolate and peanut butter all by myself -- in 3 days!

Amie said...

I saw you mentioned on several of the comments I read this morning so I had to come check in... sorry to hear about the hard day... we all have them and I totally understand the not being able to stop the tears. I swear the skin under my eyes in thin from wiping it so much with my rough hands.

I hope you have a great week. Thanks for sharing your cute pictures... they really are so cute and I can't believe what a great seamstress you are.

andrea said...

That prom dress is so cute. I love the ruffled collar. Your girls' dresses are adorable too.

I'm hoping that this morning has dawned brighter than yesterday and that your body is feeling better.

Kim Sue said...

I love your pics of Daddy reading to his girls. Such a treasure to have.

CrazeeAngee said...

Krist, You should have just come over to my house yesterday and joined me sulking in my bed.... I didn't go and I wouldn't even help get my family ready so noone went to church. We could have watched a good chick flick and ate some yummy Trader Joe's cookies. I hope your day is better. If not, go eat some really good ice cream and take a hot bath (while the kids are tied up in the closet... they can join mine. They are still there from yesterday!! Ha ha!!) Be good!! You are great!

Jan said...

I hear you on the 'off' days. I'm so grateful that sometimes, the spirit give me a chance to reflect on how blessed I am. Then I can pick myself up and go on with gratitude. I love your attitude.

Shauna said...

Oh, have I had those days at Church and home! I find I have to go with them, cry, sleep, have a meltdown, and just hope the next day is better. If it isn't, I know I need to take time to evaluate what is or is not going on in my life!

Great prom dress!
With daughters, sewing becomes an absolute necessity the older they become. Modesty on the store racks becomes a challenge at every turn!

I held a Young Women Activity last summer at the mall. Each team was given an occassion to find a modest outfit for. They had a budget, time table, etc. They also accessorized the outfits.

The Activity proved that with a little creativity and thought, dressing modestly and cute is possible.

I am planning another similar activity for this summer, I will post on it.

April said...

Thank you for being so real and for sharing so much of yourself with all of us.
I hope you are doing better today.

Jamie said...

Hi Kristi- So I'm finally leaving you a comment. I told my friend about you- she is moving to the DC area and I think she called you last night (Rebecca). I was always telling her about your awesome blog and how we are long lost friends who just haven't met yet. Anway, just wanted to thank you for all the many ways you have inspired me since I found your blog. You are so real and so fun and so inspirational! Your posts have helped me through a couple of rough times. So even on the days when you are feeling yucky, rest assured that you are still helping others.


Natasha said...

Church makes me emotional even on a good day, so I totally understand when it's not as well. Having all of that time to pray, reflect on my life and the kind of person I have been, ask for help to get through the moments when I wasn't acting the way I should have - that can all be emotional for me. Usually I leave church feeling uplifted and renewed but sometimes not.

That prom dress is so classy. Exactly what I hope my daughetr Luci will be wearing 10 years from now. I cannot stand all of the backless, strapless, sleazy ones out there. She wore a bikini to the beach yesterday and Kim had an absolute fit when she saw the pictures of Luci in the tiny suit (I thought it was cute). I guess now that she's growing up I have to start thinking about these things. My grandmother used to sew a strip of eyelet into the top of my mom's suit as a child, so that no boys would peek in. Yikes!

denise said...

Oh, I have felt that way on many a Sunday - it's nice to know that we are not alone. I hope your mood will lighten soon.

I just have to comment on the prom dress - it is so unbelievably adorable. Modest and stylish - it is to die for.

Anna said...

That prom dress is to die for! I love it. Classic, clean, and contemporary all rolled into one fantastic dress. And your sewing skills are inspires me to get back into sewing myself and push myself to learn some more techniques.

Christina said...

oh way cute dresses--like i said i cant even sew a table cloth! so anything beyond that impresses me!

bummer about the "out of sorts" day..its SO nice to hear that its not all easy breezy...sometimes a lot of the blogs arent very "real" to me..i bond when i hear about other's struggles..with my man in the wheelchair i have ENOUGH to spread around! so thanks for sharing...

Kristy said...

We have a few people who live close by me that make me like a failure as a mom all the time. They seem never to loose their cookies like I do with my kids and their kids can sit through church and are good every week. My 2 boys that are 11 and 8 can't even make it through Sacrament without some major fighting going on. I look at them all the time and I wish my kids could be good at church. So I totally understand how you are feeling.

I am impressed that you can sew.....anyone that can sew is awesome. I can't even sew a straight line. I have to use some special sticky stuff on the boys' scout uniforms for their badges that is how bad I am!!!

I hope you had a better day today! :)

Rachel said...

Hey gorgeous. Been there many a times. Realizing you post, focusing on the positive and the high times, but I appreciate this post.

The dresses are oh so cute! I have never learned to sew, but it's not too alte, right??? I have some great books and a machine, but haven't made the time.

That prom dress is dreamalicious! And the color is so wonderful!

Beautiful pictures and I am hoping the start of a fresh new day has brought a renewal of spirit! hugs to you and yours! R

Janae said...

What a great and real post! We all definitely have these kinds of days we don't just always like to admit it;)
I love the dresses you have sewn... I can't sew one lick and love to see what others can create:) the prom dress is darling...a definite 10. By the way the mint brownie recipe is finally up:)check it out here...

wende said...

we all have days like this, every sunday is hard for me, rich is not active and it stinks going alone. but what do you do? i hope you have a better day tomorrow!

i LOVE those photos of jeff and girls, they will be one of the girls' treasures when they are grown. i also love pinkalicious, how cute is that?

Claudissima said...

kristi...don't be soo hard on yourself...sometimes you have to battle more things that any of us...our bodies are strong and full, but sometimes they just need a special rest and recovery takes time. I think you are amazing in that your attitude is strong and full of life and sometimes you are way light years ahead of your easy fabulous easy...I do get what you call it life envy....with you! but in the sense that you JUST GO and are part of life and part of your city and expose your kids to sooo many things...that I love that about you. SO easy, let your body catch up with you once in a while.
ciao bella...i have to undust my italian book (took 3 semesters at byu, was striken with one of my professors there for a while...a la Michelle...)

michelle said...

Hooray! I followed the link to you on Crystalyn's blog, and it actually let me read your blog and comment finally!!!

1. I am dying over that prom dress. Seriously.

2. I am dying over the dresses you made for your little girls. I've been thinking about it ever since you told me about that shop and all you learned. I want to know how to do that!

3. I am dying over the term "life-envy" -- that just sums it up, doesn't it? And for you to point it out is just perfect. I really hope today is better. love you.

Jill said...

The pictures of Jeff reading with the girls are magnificent! I love them. What a treasure for them to have.

I'm glad you included the rough parts of your day. It's comforting to know that everyone has them and that they pass.

I love the term life-envy and think that as bloggers we all suffer from it in various degrees.

Ryann said...

Wow-- just what I needed to read. Am fighting back the tears. Thank you for always sharing yourself and your spirit.