Saturday, June 07, 2008

go ahead, jump in the water is great!

I have way more pictures from today than words. We are so blessed to be apart of this amazing neighborhood and swim team. Today was time trials and there is just a revisited excitement in the air.
gummy worms made a appearance
Sally Jane seems to like laying on the ground and may spend most of her summer there on a towel, awake or asleep.but sometimes she will join us for a dainty dip in the pool

Seeing Annie Kate swim just warms Jeff and I's heart.
the team can not get in the play pool during a meet so when AK was done she was so excited to jump in and cool off - hot day!
Caroline is thrilled to have a team suit even though she is on time pre-team. she is strutting around like a rooster.
But has a perma-grin the whole time we are at the pool
Annie Kate has finally agreed to wear the swim cap i bought her last year and i think it is perfect with the summer Olympics coming up
Caroline likes to practice the back stroke but does more sinking than stroking.
Breast Stroke is this girls stroke (even though this is her doing the butterfly)
She got a great time today and this is what I love about swimming you are only competing against yourself.
we also found the perfect goggles, I swear that took us two years to do so.
AK also got to put her name up on the award board during a small ceremony during half time for winning most improved from last year.

Even though we still have a week of school and I have my teacher gift and gumball jars to make it feels like summer.
I have now figured we have been to the pool 10 days this season and summer has not even began. It is going to be a great summer.

Have you been to the pool yet?
Any suggestions on how to overcome my fear of desperately wanting to take swim lessons?
(I have a sloppy stroke)


stacy{s} said...

ahhhh...some good water therapy. nothing better. yay AK again for her accomplishment from last season. can't think of a better award to get.

love the suits. where to did you find SJ's? does it come in bigger sizes for E?

you should take a class. (triathalon yes?)

E was sad to see these photos. wants to be there in the worst way. had to console her with the hippo.

Price Cream Parlor said...

This looks like the best outlet for all the girls! What a great sport to be involved in!Each girl looks like she is totally in her element there at the pool! I am SO jealous that you have been to the pool already, let alone for 10 days! It is freezing here and feels like NOV! - hard to think that school is out next week!
Would you share the name of the googles that you love?

Autumn said...

I haven't been to the pool yet but the kids have been with some friends! We've been to the ocean though does that count for something?

Do you know how to swim & you just want to better your stroke? I know when I was on the swim team they had a Masters class that was for adults~maybe you could check into that?

Caroline looks so happy to be part of the "team"

Barb said...

I took swimming lessons last fall, it was awesome. Stacy seems to have an intriguing idea for you . . .

Sharon C. said...

Take a class!!! My mother never learned to swim as a child but took swimming lessons when in her 40-50's. She thought it was great. Love that the girls love swimming so -- it is a great exercise and recognizing their improvement is good for their self esteem!!! Love to you all----

Lauralee said...

it is so cold and rainy here, it is hard to imagine summer is anywhere! my kids would be thrilled to go to an outdoor pool! enjoy the sun!

Kim Sue said...

yesterday was our first trip to the pool. Carly has been a few times with friends and then last week at her nona's house, but our first trip together. kenny even met us there after work. the pool = summer for me since I was a kid :0)

lelly said...

oh, how i wish we had a neighborhood pool!! swimming in the ocean is sooooo different.

shauna said...

Kristi- you should totally take the plunge :) and do swimming lessons if you're still considering it even lightly. I didn't learn how to swim as a kid, but when I was ready to learn "later in life":) and did it- I felt like it was a huge accomplishment! I know some community pools offer classes. I dare you to take the plunge! Just think about what you did running, and your marathon!...You could do the same with swimming! :)

Jill said...

We've had such cool and rainy weather here that it's hard to imagine real summer heat going on.

Your pictures are beautiful!

I'm so impressed that Annie Kate is a good enough swimmer to compete and also that Caroline is so determined!

patsy said...

Kristi these photos are down right amazing! What kind of camera do you have? You've got talent I'll tell you that much!!

We went swimming yesterday- it was 57 degrees and raining but the pool was 85degrees. When the kids got out they just about froze to death. I know summers coming & the heat with it... trying not to complain because in July we'll be wishing for some rain, but this is nuts... I even grudgingly turned on the heat this morning.

everything pink said...

I have a nikon D80 - i used to only use automatic, my brother showed me a few tricks and when the girls are swimming i have it on running mode - it is amazing what photos you can get when you make your kids jump out of the water 100 times, you are likely to get one good photo.
many of these photos i brightened the color and skewed them a little bit while learning to use iphoto on our new mac.

everything pink said...

but seriously the camera does all the work, i have no idea what i am doing...

Kristy said...

I don't think summer will ever come to Utah!!!! We went swimming with the blogger moms and kids and froze(it was still a ton of fun)! I see the sun in your pictures.....I am so ready for the sun to come out here please send the sun our way!

melanie said...

Your day was gorgeous! Love all these photos. Your girls are darling. I can't wait for summer and swimming. (for them not me, ha!)

thetramfam said...

Dean and Mark had their practice meet yesterday and had a great time. So fun to see all the pictures you took of the girls. Caroline looks so adorable in her suit and I love the swim cap Annie Kate has on. Can't wait to share our swim team experiences w/ each other. We love you guys!


Shauna said...

Just do it!! You ran a marathon, girl!
My dad finally took swimming lessons at 45 years old. He took private one on one lessons at an indoor pool without children all around. he only wished he would have done it many years earlier.
Happy Summer!
Here in S Florida... we have been in the pool since February!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...
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Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Ooops. That was me, sorry.

Your pictures and enthusiasm are wonderful!

Yes, yes, I agree with the other commenters, if you're wishing to swim better, take a class . . . or a really honest friend who knows how to swim with you to the pool and have them tell you what you're missing.

I think a triathalon is a great idea, but with your busy and creating mind, I'm not thinking you probably need more ideas :)

You're right, swimming IS such a great sport for kids. Both of our girls did it in high school and it was great for them and their self image--no insecurities of wearing a swimsuit in public after being on swimteam with all the competitors of all shapes and sizes.

Anonymous said...

I'm 38 years old and am in training for my 1st triathlon (in 11 days!!!) I didn't know how to swim "right", so 5 weeks ago I found a lady who teaches children and she gave me some private lessons. Go for it girl.
I'm now "a swimmer", and absolutely love it!
It was life changing for me and my confidence. If you take lessons, let me know and I'll tell you my experience. It was hard for about 3 weeks, but now it's totally worth it!

Anonymous said...

oh ya, over on my sidebar, there are some good sites about beginning swimming. Also some youtube stuff.

Brandon said...

So fun to see Caroline's excitement! Too cute! Loved that little bummy shot too!
Go Ak!!! She is going to rock this summer, I can just tell!

Becky said...

LOVE those pictures!! You took some amazing shots of AK swimming...and I love the one of Caroline strutting around--too cute for words :)

denice said...

I just read this post this morning (6/11) and had to comment. Take swim lessons! If your pool has a masters class sign up for it! I started going to a masters class so I could feel more confident in the open water for a triathlon 3 summers ago. My friend and I signed up together and spent the next I swear 6 months doing drills until we could swim a bit with the rest of the group. Three years later we're still going and we both absolutely love it. It has been an amazing way to see progress. I'll never swim as well or as fast as most of the swimmers in my class but I sure do love it! It has really changed my life. It's also great fun to compare workouts with my girls (ages 12, 10, 8, 6)and see who is faster on any given day. It's usually the girls.

Amanda L. said...

were those strawberries on the beach towel by Sally Jane? And you say your kids don't eat healthy!

Way to go AK.

We opened our pool but haven't swam in it yet. Hopefully this week!

michelle said...

I LOVE the photos of AK! Amazing. I would like to take swim lessons, too. I am so sloppy and not a strong swimmer, yet I love being in the water.