Sunday, June 08, 2008

If you only make one dress

Make a white one. This was I think the third dress I ever made. I made it for AK to wear to my brother's wedding in New York. Every time one of the girls have worn it, I put on a new ribbon around the waist and it feels like a new dress. Yellow seemed to be the perfect color for Sally Jane to wear today to church.
especially when you could see the big bow in the back.

I broke out the white skirt (Wal-Mart $7.99 a few years ago) and white top and someone said to me at church you are so brave for wearing white - i thought oh no it is not past Labor day? they claimed it was because I have little kids who could get me dirty- I guess I was brave, but came home stain free.
tomorrow i can't wait to photograph all my new plantings to see how big they will get at the end of the summer.

It was so hot Saturday we headed to the movies. Sally Jane is a Panda nut. She and Caroline wore their Panda Jammies at 3 in the afternoon and they loved it. I did not even provoke this photo op.
And all I can end with is, what is up with this???


Emily & Jeremy said...

your gas price is a lot better than ours. in orange county - we see $4.49 for the cheapest. and its only getting worse. each week it seems it goes up 20 cents. yikes!!

JENNIFRO said...

That little Sally Jane is darling in yellow!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

That white dress is adorable, Kristi. And the panda pj's are fun, too.

Gas is terrible, isn't it? Truly terrible. But Calvin told me something yesterday that concerns me even more. Fertilizer prices. Phosphate jumped from $200 a ton last fall to $1400 this month (due to export demands + fuel prices). We thought groceries took a big jump with the transporting prices this winter, but that was before the fuel and fertilizer prices hit the farmers this spring. It looks like commodities price are going to be high, high, high later in the year. Scary--for the farmers and the consumers.

Jill said...

What a beautiful picture of Sally Jane in that white dress! I love the idea of changing the ribbon like that.

Whitney is dying to see that movie, how was it?

stacy{s} said...

we love our panda pjs. did we thank you enough for those? great idea to wear them to the movie.

great photos (the lighting was beautiful) and great dress. why did I not try sewing when i lived near you? why or why!!

stacy{s} said...


great LIGHT


why oh why!!
not why OR why!!

sheesh! its too late at night for me to be commenting obviously...

Cecilia said...

I love the white dress and how you can just change the ribbon. What a great idea!

I also love your shoes and white skirt.

We also saw KungFu Panda this weekend! The kids loved it!

Tasha said...

Did you love the movie? We saw it and loved it! The white dress is adorable. I LOVE The off set button! You ARE brave, but for lots of reasons, wearing white with kids is just a small one friend.

I can't even talk about gas prics. We are occupying the center of the oil world for heaven's sakes... At any rate, makes us want to get Vespas to drive around on!

lelly said...

i think white is the new black...

we missed kung fu panda twice this weekend (and trust me, jack let me know he was NOT happy about it.) so we're off to see it after school today. he'll be in his uniform, though. no cute pyjazies for him!

tootie said...

Love the PJs and the pose in front of the Panda sign!!

Autumn said...

I just wanted to cry last night when I saw our gas for $3.98~ugh

great idea with the dress~sally jane just loves yellow doesn't she?

Love the PJ idea! what a great mom you are!

staciandrolo said...

Hi Kristi,
This is staci, i e-mailed you a few months ago. I love checking in on your blog! You really are a fun-loving person. Thanks for sharing your experiences! I ran my first 1/2 marathon a month ago and right before i ran i signed up on marathon mommies. That is a great group of gals too. I love the idea with your little girls white dress. I have been wanting to sew a white dress for myself and my daughter (shabby apple has a cute one) And what a GREAT IDEA to switch the ribbon!

You help brigthen many lives with your blog! Thanks!


Liz said...

$4.19 is cheap for gas. Here we are paying around $4.39 or more. Unbelievable!

I love the dress on Sally Jane. Your skirt is darling, and your shoes, sooo cute! I don't think there is anything wrong with you wearing white!

Love the panda pjs. How was the movie? said...

Loooooooove the yellow dress!!

Oh and I will NOT complain about the gas prices here .. eek!!! I thought we were bad but ours is only $3.90!

Traci said...

I am with you an the gas prices, makes you rethink about going places these days!
My tykes and I also went to see Kung Fu Panda on Saturday. My sons' karate company all went and got to show-off a little with some moves for everyone before the show. Plus they are told to wear their karate uniforms too!
Oh and with this lovely humid heat- my tykes got out of school early today and for tomorrow since they have no air conditioning!

Amanda L. said...

That is a beautiful dress and so creative with the ribbon!

I hate seeing the gas prices rise. I paid $4.11 to fill up on the Cape this weekend and thought it was a good price compared to CT. Very sad.

michelle said...

Kristi, I want you to teach me how to make dresses like that! So sweet.

Gas prices are so sad, very sad. And we're driving to Oregon next month!