Monday, June 09, 2008

Women's Conference Day 1 part two

So after a day of many long classes (hee hee 2 classes) Jill was nice enough to get me started on my "Utah list" I had just a few (well it seemed like a few at the time be rereading it looks like a long list)

1. wanted to be with my friends, I didn't care what we were doing
2. didn't want to change a diaper
3. wanted to eat a big pink cookie, a smoothie, slice of great harvest bread, soup in a bread bowl, Cafe Rio, a large shake that is coming out of the cup and a mint brownie oh ya and at the Training Table. (I loved what someone said about eating their way through Utah - it is so true, such yummy food)
4. walk through a craft store and the BYU Bookstore.

Writing down and telling people in my life my expectations is a whole new thing for me and wow it just makes every one's life so much easier. Jill and Michelle never made fun of me wanting to do things that may seem like a waste of time, not exciting enough for my long journey or complained that they do any of these anytime they want and to do something more exciting. I really appreciated that.

We left the conference to drive past the dorms where we all lived in the 80's (how crazy is that). It had just been demolished and I just kept thinking "how I can jump the metal fence to put some of the rubble in a bottle labeled "Deseret Towers".

Jill was nice enough to drive past the two places where Jeff and I lived when we were dating each other. I could not remember which one was Jeff's so I took photo of three doorways but think this is the one. Jeff and I really have a great story of us meeting (something I really should blog about) for the first time, meeting for the second time and getting married and those front steps where the second meeting was - so it is fun now have a photo of it. I took this photo while Jill was driving and was trying to take a photo of the mailbox. This is where I lived for many years after I left the dorms. The mailbox is where my mission call was sent to and I opened it on the steps on the third house down from the right. It came on a Saturday morning and I ran to the mailman as he was walking up the path to see if he had the big white envelope. He said that there was a mission call that day in his mail delivery but that it had my name but not the house number so he sent it back to Salt Lake to get the official address. I could not believe it. All my friends were outside on the steps and I was devastated. He then delivered the mail to 16 homes and started to walk away and then said, "Kristi there was one more thing for you" and starts laughing and holds up my large, white envelope holding my mission call to North Dakota. He was laughing so hard and placed it on the mailbox and starting jogging away laughing. For some reason everywhere I have lived I always have a friendship with my mailmen. I have never really realized it until I am writing this story that even before I got married was friends with all my mailmen. (I even knew the name of many of them on my mission)
It is interesting what a blessing going back to many memory lanes on this trip, but it was not being there that has jogged as many memories - it is taking the time to reflect and write about them that brought back the details. (blogging pros and con list - check for pro)
We walked around the craft store and I felt like I need Jill or Michelle on by my side to ask "what is this for" "were are those things you write about on your blog"
There are so many gadgets and such that I was so intrigued to look at. I bought a large scallop punch and a pink sugar cookie. (the sugar cookie made it all the way home and I shared it with my three girls on the steps of our house)
The the feasting began! I really wanted to go to Training Table. Jill was so nice as she had preplotted in her mind would be the best day to go to make sure it didn't get lost in our activities. I wanted to go here because it just brings back so many memories for me. I am so sentimental. This was the last place I ate before I went down the road to the Missionary Training Center and said goodbye to my family for a year and a half. (funny how then that seem like forever but now seems so short)

you get to call on the phone to someone 10 steps away from you to make your order. I begged to be the one who got to call - Jill and Michelle were nice enough to let me make the call (I don't really think they cared and probably thought I was silly, but made me feel special to be the one) "Alright Kristi - you can use the brown phone to order a hamburger" hee hee.
I was just so excited finding they still had my favorite item on the menu.
They even let me get the food and fill the water.

Seriously I am sure this only admits how eating healthy is outweighed by sentimental food. There is just something in that sauce that brings back so many memories. I loved it. Had a great time and it was better than I remembered.Coming home to Jill's and just getting on that comfy couch was one of the best parts of the day. I finally gave Michelle her Birthday present (two months late) and we just sat on the couch enjoying doing nothing.
I could feel myself really fading as I was two hours ahead and never really stay up past 10 pm, I knew that if day one was any indicator on how this weekend would go, I was in for a great weekend.


Nikki said...

What a perfect day! I think I would do everything that is on your list too. Ahh... memories!

lelly said...

what?!? you DIDN'T get a bottle of rubble? that would have been a totally krisit thing to do...

thanks for sharing all of your memories. i love the photos of the steps of the places you've lived.

totally laughing about your mailman fooling you!

lindsey said...

love the food in gotta try Zupas it is right next to training table. they have the yummiest salads, sandwiches, soup, fondue, etc, etc

Jill said...

I loved it that you made a list of all the things you wanted to do/eat while you were here. It made it so easy to please you! I'm just sorry we never got the huge shake, that seems ridiculous now but somehow didn't happen then.

Liz said...

FUn times in UT! Wasn't it great to be able to do so many things on your included!

Love the mailman story by the way. That is such a classic, funny story. Did you just want to run after him and smack him??!

staciandrolo said...

Me again :) I left you a comment in the previous post. I lived in Victoria place in front of those condos after my mission. Our BYU ward would gather on the lawn in front of the condos (by that black car in your picture) and that is where My husband and I actually met :) Good memories. I love Provo!! and I miss going to the training table too :) Such Good FOOD in Provo

stacy{s} said...

i can almost taste the cheese fries!
i need to photograph places of meaning for mark and i when we go up there in a few weeks...thanks for the idea!

thanesherri said...

I know this is totally off subject, but I remember reading you are camp director or assistant? I just got called to that and I'm not really a camper. Our theme is boot camp-build our own tetimonies. Just wondering what fun ideas you guys are doing? HOw are you making certification fun and not boring? Not that anything you do is boring you are so fun! I love reading your blog. Thanks for all the fun ideas and inspiration. I also have 3 girls. Lots of fun!

Ryann said...

I love that you took pictures of the places you lived in Provo. I did this for my husband one year-- all the places we lived in Provo/special places throughout our courtship, etc. It was so meaningful for both of us. Again, reading your Women's Conference Weekend recap is great-- meeting you was such a treat. I LOVE all of the ribbon and have been using it. P.S. The Training Table is my favorite, we just celebrated my husband's B-Day there.

Amanda L. said...

I am super sentimental too..but this takes the cake. How great to get pictures of those steps and places where you have such fond memories.

I remember some good times eating at TT in Utah. You are very disciplined to bring that pink sugar cookie all the way home. Wow.

michelle said...

I absolutely loved it that you had a list of things you wanted to do while here. Like Jill said, it just made it so easy to make you happy! And I didn't care at all what we did, I just wanted to spend time with you guys and have a break from being the mom. Great day, great weekend.