Friday, December 12, 2008

my indulgence

Last night after getting the kids to bed at about 11:00 pm. We have a really sick house here this week and Jeff is out of town - so we are a wee bit off schedule.
I laid down in bed to get my weekly 22 minutes of pure bliss. The Office.
I watched it twice, yes embarrassing I know. I laughed out loud by myself. Ahh it was so funny.
The unicorn Barbie was the best!
I wonder if my grandchildren were to read this someday and wonder what kind of show their Grandma watched that was about an Office staff and why it was so funny. Just trust me kids it is so funny, often offensive, but funny.

Every week there is something that makes me wonder if there are not secret cameras in my home, as a story line always hits a little bit close to home.
A few weeks ago it was the 911 page for a non emergency. 2 days prior to the joke on the show Jeff was 911 paged by a guy in medical records who wanted a chart signed. Jeff explained to they guy that he worked at a medical center and that 911 means EMERGENCY. The guy did not quite ever get it, so we were so hoping the medical records clerk saw that episode.

Last night the Unicorn barbie brought back many memories of the Christmas I bought a slew of FurReal Kitties and sold them on ebay to make some cash. I usually am up on the hot toy of the year and am out of the loop this year.

anyone know the hot, unatainable toy this year??


Melissa said...

I laughed out loud while watching the office last night too. I don't know if it was my mood, or if last nights episode was especially good, but it is my favorite show hands down! I don't ever know what the hot item is to buy each year. The only luck I had was about 2 years ago I kept seeing posts on Craigslist for Erika (princess and the pauper) barbies. That particular barbie had been out for a few years and I had a couple stashed away that weren't opened yet (my mom got them for like $6 at the mattel outlet). I looked on ebay and they were selling for anywhere between $75 and $100 each! I couldn't believe it! Needless to say, I sold my stash and felt very lucky. I guess mattel stopped making those dolls and they are popular for some reason.

Amanda L. said...

Terry is always dreaming of finding the hot toy and selling it on ebay....remember when Furbies were the big thing several years ago? He was dying to get his hands on some.

We don't know what it is this year...but the unicorn Barbie story line was hilarious.

dani said...

it's ok, i watch the office by myself & laugh too. My brother Spencer has every season on dvd, so he shipped the 3rd one out for me to watch (isn't he so sweet?!) but i have to finish it before Christmas because I promised him i'd bring it home. Jim is a dreamboat.

sweetfunkyvintage said...

I don't know what the "IT" toy is this year, but I know that American Girl is retiring the Samantha and Nellie dolls and they are IMPOSSIBLE to find, and going for a premium on ebay. I ordered one from AG, and it is backordered until May! But, they will stop selling them Dec. 31st. They are going for double on ebay.

Jill said...

I thought The Office was hilarious too. I have rewatched that episode yet, but I love rewatching them because there's always funny stuff I missed the first time.

I have no idea what the hot toy is this year.

Amanda :-) said...

Oh no, more sickness? I hope you get back on schedule soon.

I only know the UK version of the Office with Ricky Gervais and I find it both funny and painfully tragic. We're watching a really funny series at the moment on BBC1 called 'Outnumbered' which is all about parenting. That's VERY 'camera in my house?'-ey.

Hot toys. Blimey, all people talk about here is Nintendo DS games. I'm soooooo bored of people talking about DS-es!!! We don't have any games consoles in our house. It's a total black hole to us. I had a friend who used to sell vintage Fisher Price toys on eBay...she did fairly well with it. Unfortunately she called it her 'Boob Job Fund'. I don't see her any more - NOT because of that! but I did think it was a total waste of money hard-earned.

Moody Family... said...

The Office is my secret indulgence, too! I watch and re-watch every week!!!!

lisa (lost pezhead) said...

love the office!

bakugans were very hot for boys this year, at least out in Ohio. they were very hard to find, but santa managed somehow! they are little 1 inch balls that pop open to reveal some creature when they roll over or are placed on something magnetic, pretty cool little things. Maegan said...

oh I love The Office ...and actually 30Rock now's great ...but The Office, I wait patiently for all week!