Friday, December 12, 2008

Photo I took in Morocco this summer of a scale system used at a fruit stand

My Tipping Point

It has been a long time since I have written on my blog, I mean really written anything that is going on in my heart.
It has been a bunch of things.
  • time
  • getting overwhelmed
  • writing something and being reminded of what I have not written
  • privacy
  • worried that someone will be offended that I wrote about them on my blog
  • starting a new website to transfer my creative ideas to (
I have never read the book the Tipping Point but have a lot of friends who love it and it's concept. My summary - it is not one major thing that makes changes but a series of small things.

For me my recent tipping point was getting called to the President of the Young Women's program at my church. It is not that it took so much more of my time, but it just was one more little thing that may have "pushed me over" Not in a bad way, I mean I have been dressed everyday and taking a shower, heck two more marathons under my belt. But is just pushed me to realize, "Ok what am I doing and how much time am I spending doing it.
The first thing to go was reading other peoples blogs and then writing on my own. I am always surround by people who love to tell me what they really think and it seems so many face to face friends just think it is so weird that I have this blog as a part of my life. I get so affected by those conversations... argh!!
I have decided it is pretty weird too, but that I really like the weirdness of it.

Being in Young Women's is like my heart just got so full for these girls and I instantly started caring about 20 new peoples lives. their day to day, the relationships with friends, parents, boyfriends(#*!) I feel so much. I have anticipation for the seniors getting letters back from colleges that applied to - almost like I got 20 new Annie Kates over night.

Time I used to spend blogging is now spent for Young Women's. And after spending an hour on the computer typing something up for a meeting or such I almost feel a little bit guilty spending time away with my kids who have been waiting for me to finish to then start blogging. (I often hear, "you have another meeting" - "you are going to church again -why can't I come")

I also seem to crave sleep more than I ever have in my life. I feel like when I wake up in the morning I just think how many more hours till I get to come back to bed. Winter months and my body do not get a long, so this does not help. Yes my fibromyalgia body has taken over my "I can do anything Marathon body" I am not worried it will come back in the spring.

I don't think I could ever give up blogging completely, because it is just to0 great to read back about your own life from a few years ago and say, "Oh my I totally forgot about that"
But I realize those who don't blog will never get it. Those who don't run and think I am crazy for running in a race i have absolutely no chance of winning, will never get it. There are things people I know do, that I just don't get why they do them, but heavens for Betsy I would never tell them to stop doing them. (step off soap box now)

I hope that my scale is now starting to tip back the other way a bit and find the middle somewhere. A place on the scale where I fulfill my responsibilities, feed my kids, get dinner made, use my creative side of my head and enjoy my relationships with friends, either face to face or screen to screen.

I think writing this post just starting tipping me back to the center.

Has anyone read the book the Tipping point?
Have you ever had one little thing in your life that kind of pushed you over?
How did you get back??


tootie said...

I read the Tipping Point, too. I thought it was very interesting! (His other book, "Blink," was just as interesting.)

Don't give up on the blog! Or, at least, don't let other people tell you that you shouldn't do it. I never thought I would get into blogging, but now it's one of my favorite things to do. Those people don't know what they're missing :)

Christie said...

I see blogging as journaling.. so now when you have a lesson on journaling @ church, you don't come home feeling guilty about not doing it. :-) As a fellow blogger.. I see your point, it can become obsessive... (obviously I have a problem because I am reading a perfect strangers blog) but it's good, I think it helps me realize that I am not alone.

My name is Andrea said...

Wow, Kristie, again you manage to express what is in my heart. I just called to be the YW pres here, too, and I don't want to STOP blogging, but the timt to do it has been...compromised! :o)

Keep posting cute ideas to do for those YW, I love to read them! Glad you are feeling more balanced!

Anonymous said...

Kristi - you just perfectly wrote the words in my heart! Yes, I read the Tipping Point -- what a great book. People kept telling me that I am a connector, and I can now see why. I have been receiving the same response from some of my friends and Tootie is right -- they don't know what they are missing. I have so many good friends, but when my grandmother was ill, it was my blogging friends - people that I have never met - that helped me through it. I guess we are just in another season of our lives. -Kimberly

The BirdHouse said...

Kristi, you don't know me but I have been blogstalking you for several months now (chalk that up to "one more reason to stop blogging" ~haha~ ). Although I completely understand you needing a break, I selfishly want you to continue blogging. Your ideas have totally inspired me to monogram everything and tie everything up in cute ribbon. You have amazing talent and awesome ideas. I hope you and :think: keep on creatively posting away on your other blog and don't mind a few stalkers here and there!

Charity said...

It's so hard sometimes to find balance. I echo your sentiments exactly, and think you're great either way!
Thanks for taking such good care of all the YW, they sure need a dynamite role model...

Liz said...

Hey Kristi, So glad you shared what was in your heart. I have never heard of that book, but it sounds interesting. I think my life is out of balance right now, and I really need to get some balance back. I haven't been that great at blogging lately either, but I want to be better. I also want to be better at other things which I think are more important in a spiritual way. I think it is great how much commitment you have for your YW! THey need that. I hope you keep blogging too, even if it is only once a week!

Lauralee said...

I have read the book.. oh it is tough when people don't get it.. I have some of those in my life.. balance is a tricky thing..
your young women are lucky to have you!

thanks for sharing.. I think so many people can relate!

Shauna said...

I have been in this spot many times. I look back and think that the very things that tip my scale out of balance are the things that bring me back to center. When I am off balance, stepping back from some of the busy-ness helps me change my perspective and get centered.

Dont apologize for blogging or not, or don't feel like you have to justify it.

Easy for me to say...but don't put so much weight in other's opinions of what you should or should not do. I have people who do that to me and it can eat me alive.

Many times, when people are free with their advice, they are trying to pull me back to a place where they are comfortable (trying to hold me back because if I shine, it makes them uncomfortable)not really trying to help me.

I hope this makes sense. Just be who you are and do what is best for you and your family. Everything always works out.

I have wanted to read the book, now I am more motivated to do so.

Bahama Shores Mama said...

I have just reserved that book at my local library.

Though we've never met, I look forward to your posts......however far between they are doesn't matter to me. I've been trying to find that balance as well.

You have the gift of making people feel like they already know you and are good friends. You currently live in the general area I grew up in and I feel like you are my "back home friend", though again, we've not met and I don't even comment that often.

Please know that I'll be reading whatever, whenever you find the time to post!


denise said...

I can totally relate to this post having just been called to be the Primary president. I have found it hard to find blogging time but I still love it. I love being able to go back and examine our day to day going ons.

Don't abandoned it completely no matter how others make you feel. Take it a day at a time - if you don't post for a day, 2 weeks or 2 months - who cares! Just come back and post - there will be lots of blogging friends waiting to hear from you!

Kara Jayne said...

I feel you Kristi..I really do.

Jill said...

I haven't read that book, but I've heard about it and been interested in it.

No wonder being in Young Women's has been your tipping point, it is so time consuming and emotionally exhausting (and uplifting). Having 20 more lives to be involved in is a lot, but they are so lucky to have you.

I don't know why anyone ever feels the need to be so openly critical of you and the things you do, I think jealousy blinds a lot of people and they lash out. Hopefully you can remind yourself that those criticisms are their problem NOT YOURS!

tarab said...

those of us who love you and can't see you face-to-face look forward to your posts. I've not read the Tipping Point, but feel like I'm on the edge any given day. I'll put it on my list of books that I never seem to get to...I've read 1 book outside of Bible studies in, like, the last 5 yrs. That's the thing that went by the wayside in my life - that and most tv (bc all the shows I watched have been taken off the air!)

Your problem is that you're too darn lovable and people just flock to you and that big heart of yours just needs a few extra hours in the day to keep up with all of them/us. : )

Amanda L. said...

Kristi -

I haven't read the book...but have heard great things about it. I feel that I am almost always near some sort of tipping point..whether it be my kids, blogging, my eating, whatever.

I have been blogging but not reading other blogs lately. I have been out of town and got behind and I just have to much going on right now to really read and comment on blogs...but I feel that my blog is a real outlet for me creatively [with writing] and it helps to calm my mind and make sense of my feelings.

It's awesome that you're so dedicated to your 20 new girls. They are lucky to have you! We will always be hear to read what you have to say when you are ready!

Jennifer said...

I totally get the tipping point idea. I hit my own over the past year and my blog was also one of the first to go. I miss updating more often because I miss comments from my friends but I can't ignore the two year old tugging on my clothes to come and give him some attention, right? I guess my physical world took over my cyberspace for now but I miss the empty space that is now where I didn't know I ever had a void before blogging. Catch 22 defined!

Laurie said...

I like your perspective. Thanks for sharing. I always enjoy reading when you do post. I understand the tipping point concept though and the challenge of finding a balance. YW president has got to be one of the busiest callings!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I loved the Tipping Point.

I figured that young women's had taken over blogging time for you and though I've missed you, certainly understand your time constraints. YW is a consuming (albeit wonderful) calling...good luck "pacing" yourself as you find your "balance" (my word choice for the year)!

I agree with Christie, you can always see blogging/journaling as a commandment so then it won't carry guilt!

Good luck and welcome back when you get time.

Amanda :-) said...

Yikes, you have so many responses to this! Good stuff.

I don't know what more I could add. I haven't read that book, but I'm glad you've made me aware of it. I've had a HUUUUGE slide from blogging over the summer and it was all down to taking on too many other activities. I've started to be quite harsh about what I do because I think I'm supposed to do it, and what I do because I enjoy it. I know, in faith and serving terms, people always say 'you have to get out of your comfort zone', but I think we (you, me, lots of other women on here) also have to bear in mind that we are mothers of young children and we are no use to them or our husbands or our households if we spread ourselves too thin. For me, that's meant that I'm cutting back on LOTS of church activities - but with the clear message to people at church that it is just not a good time in my life (the stage my children are at) for me to commit to so much. I'm trying to commit in lots of small, tiddly, RAK-style ways, but I'm stopping all the huge stuff.

So - I don't know if that was any help to you, but you're not alone is my message. I don't think I've P-ed God off with my decisions. I've tried to shuffle off things with kind words and a good heart. I prayed for two very specific things last night and by this morning they were answered with out-and-out tanglible results! It's all good stuff, K. Just amble along any old way it suits you to at the time. xx

Holly said...

I haven't read The Tipping Point, but am now intrigued. Our running club just quoted from it also in our weekly newsletter.

You are such a sensitive soul, your YW are lucky to have you as their leader. I know you are impacting their lives.

Balance and moderation can be so hard. Hang in there!

michelle said...

Great post, Kristi. I haven't read that book, but I have wanted to.

Finding balance is one of life's biggest challenges.

Beth Soelberg said...

It was Young Women's for me too - I was called about 6 months ago to be the Pres. and while totally fulfilling and absolutely special, it does require me to devote my time, and my heart, to really "magnify" that call.

I haven't read the book but, of course, now I will!

Best wishes. And if you don't blog as much as before we'll all be that much more grateful when you do! :)