Saturday, March 07, 2009

Saving Wishes

Today was another great Saturday - Washington D.C. style. ( I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!)

I am too tired to download all my photos from today, right now so I will just post this video of us saving wishes.

They are cleaning out the reflecting pool between the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument, or I should say the WWII memorial right now. We hung out in the empty pond today collecting peoples wishes (coins) that had been thrown in this past year. They would have been headed for the trash so we decided to save as many as we could to bring home to store in a "wishes" jar so they still have a chance to come true (or as Sally Jane says, "spend them at the store")

If you live in D.C. they are filling the pond next Tuesday so you still have time to go down there and save some wishes of your own - there are thousands! (I will warn you most of them are covered in Duck poop, so you may want to bring gloves!)


Jill said...

It's crazy that you guys had enough snow for a snow day this week and then are running around in almost no sleeves on the weekend!

kelly said...

I can't believe that they throw that $$ (wishes) away..I wonder how much it all totals. And what good it would do for some family in need!

patsy said...

where do you think you will go when your time is done there?

I of course am hoping you'll move to my town & be a blogger mom ;)

I too love D.C.!! What an adventure to live there for a while. I love that you are saving the wishes- I can't believe they would throw them away? Maybe the government hasn't heard of coinstar? Coins- ADD UP! Their loss is Sally Jane's gain :)

Sharon C. said...

What fun memories for all of you. Saving wishes is a great idea and the girls will remember hunting for coins amidst the duck poop!!!Good idea to get out and have fun family activities on the weekend. We need to do that more often.

Liz said...

What a cute idea! I think they should clean that money and use if for something good instead of throwing it away!

michelle said...

The idea of collecting wishes is so poetic, Kristi.

Amanda :-) said...

Her hair is GORGEOUS! It's very like Isla's hair, but we've let her hair grow and grow so long. I'm scared to death to cut it, but seeing SJ's shorter hair settles me a little bit about chopping Isla's at some point.
I never knew the 'pond' was that expansive! It's a LAKE!!