Friday, March 06, 2009

This photo was taken of Sally Jane this summer. It was about an hour after we had gotten off of our 8 hour flight back from Spain. We were haggered, look at the knots in her hair! The plane does not have windows so we were so excited to see the sun!

I just had to write down a few things that Sally Jane has been saying lately that are cracking us up so I don't forget.

This morning she said, "I don't want to be in a family any more I just want to watch a show!"

The other day when Jeff came home from work she ran and hugged him and said, "I want to keep you, don't go back to work."

And after school one day she said, "Mom my ears or growing so much today"

Funny gal!


Liz said...

She sure is cute! I wonder if her comment about not wanting to be in a family is age Jared has been saying similar things lately. These little kids sure say the cutest things!

LJ and DC said...

That is hillarious K. Its the flip side of her classmates not knowing she could talk. Hahahah! Tell her she'll have to be in a family or her David will cry.

Tasha said...

Love her!

Jill said...

Sometimes I don't want to be in a family either, I'd rather watch a show too.

Kim Sue said...

what a cutie!

michelle said...

Yes, sometimes I just want to watch a show rather than be part of a family, too!!

Amanda :-) said...

You have to note down these things, don't you? It's so easy to forget. 'What was that really funny thing she said the other day? Errr, ummmm.' Yes, note it all down!

I still remember the time my sister (who'll be turning 36 at the end of March!) complained that her teeth were 'itchy' and that chocolate made her 'feel sea-sick'. Haha!