Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Break Spring Cleaning

For Jane Payne

Jane, I have been trying to find you a copy of this print at our local sandwich shop for 2 years now. I can't find it, but finally took a photo of it today when I had a yummy turkey sandwich.
I have always loved it and thought you would too.
the name at the bottom is 1963 Mauldin. Chicago Tribute. Along with a copyright, which means I probably should have not taken a photo and put it on my blog. Oh Mr. Mauldin - if you knew Jane you would want her to see it too. Jane what do you think is it not an awesome Lincoln print!

PSSS. **** edit *** Wow I love having smart friends. Stefanie - sent me this link to the story of the drawing. Thanks smart friend.

On to the cleaning...
I spent Spring Break last week cleaning out my house. 15 bags of trash. 10 bags to goodwill. Today I made my donation and then of course had to run in to see if there was anything great that needed to come home with me- the symbolism of that is scary. There were some great things but I left them behind for someone else to discover.
Look at these 4 different hand drawn legs with awesome shoes on them. They were originals drawn on this really cool paper sack material. The matting was awesome. The frames a bit dated. They were only $5.00 each and would have been worth it just for the frames and mat. I did love them but left them behind.
The other find were these beautiful green dishes. A whole set of EVERYTHING. Mugs, plates, dishes, bowls and such. If I had tons of space I would have bought the $.49 cents for each piece and pulled them out during March. But I don't have that kind of space and it seemed to go against my Spring Break Spring Cleaning. So I kissed them goodbye and went back home, to my almost dejunked home.
All that junk was affecting my Chi!


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh Kristi! What a funny, funny post. I think I could hear him groan.

Thank you, thank you for the picture of the print. Thank you even more for thinking of me.

I'm planning on getting a shot with you in front of the memorial in May.

Those dishes are beautiful. Truly. The dichotomy of you dropping and wanting to pick up in the same trip is funny.

Jill said...

It's so sweet that you and Jane share such a fondness for President Lincoln.

It's our spring break this week and I really should be cleaning all our closets and things out too. It's so satisfying to lighten the load, especially after a winter of things accumulating in our garage.

I'm constantly surprised by the things you find at your Goodwill!

melanie said...

You are such a good friend to think of Jane. Whenever I see something Lincoln, I think of both of you! Are you guys really getting together in May? What a treat! (I'm going to beg Jane to pack me in her bags....)

The green dishes are amazing. I stopped in our Goodwill today and it was just as disappointing as always. I haven't given up checking. Not yet anyway.

michelle said...

I NEED to do spring cleaning! (check out my new blog header for confirmation) That sounds like a lot of seriously satisfying de-junking.

I love those green dishes! Oh, I wish you had room for them -- they are so you. Do you think having a photo is compensation at all?