Friday, May 29, 2009

A day on the farm

The girls and I went to take advantage of the few hours of sunshine today to pick strawberries. We all brought boots because we knew the fields would be muddy (they actually were pretty dry)
Thanks to KMH for loaning us some pink boots for Caroline
yet any day you get a excuse to wear your pink kitty boots it is a good day
we fed the animals first before we headed out to get the berries!
I had hoped my three pickers would work hard to give me a big batch to make some jam for the next year
but they just found all the odd shaped strawberries
played in the mud
and this was all I got on my own until we headed back for what they really came for

these totally gross Popsicles that are too gross for me even to lick off their fingers when the drip
and boy do they drip and make nice
Since my workers didn't want to pick I told them that we at least had to take a photo together to remember the day. This was our first try.
Then this one. How funny that AK was kissing SJ and Caroline totally booted me out of the shot.
This was my third try. Their photo posing skills were as good as their picking skills - those slackers!
They worked so hard they had to all sleep on the way home
pretty good photo to take while I am driving - shame on me.
So I didn't get many strawberries, but I did find they great sweet potato vines which will complete all my planting for the summer and I had a great time with my girls. Off to Sams club to buy some strawberries to make some jam.


Anne said...

I so badly want to go pick strawberries. It's so much fun! Will you pick up a box of pectin for me if you find it??

Nora from Chicago said...

Great photos of Mr. Pink's "girls"!

patsy said...

Oh how I love to see those mother/daughter pics!!

so cute!

michelle said...

I love the photodocumentation of the day! I find that if I have my camera along, it doesn't really matter what happens because the photos will salvage the day for me! I especially love the one of SJ licking the drips off her arm and all the self-portraits. A fabulous day.

Mags said...

All of those photos are great!!!

And, Thank you for supporting me in the MOD March for Babies!

Mindy said...

I'm off to costco tomorrow to buy my strawberries. Once you buy those things you are tatooing yourself to do a must-do project within 2 days....pressures on!!!

crystal said...

That photo of Caroline spazzing at the camera is awesome. You've gotta frame that!

Sweet potato vines are quite possibly my favorite plant ever!

Jill said...

I have those same polka-dotted boots!

I think it's so fun that you take the girls to do this. What is up with the bizarrely shaped strawberries anyway? I've gotten quite a few from my Costco strawberry purchases.