Friday, June 05, 2009

Sally Jane has informed us that she will not be on swim team this year.
Which is probably good since she can't swim.
She said she is perfectly happy wearing her tutu pink swim suits to the pool
with her sparkly necklace
too bad for her because this year the team got swim caps with their name on it.

Swim team has begun!!


LJ and DC said...

Woowoo!!! Can't wait to hear about swim team. GO AK and CB!

Nora from Chicago said...

Love the pearls! That girl is "stylin"!

michelle said...

Wow! Now you have two on the swim team?? It's a good thing SJ enjoys hanging out at the pool... and a good thing Eva hasn't seen that swimsuit, as she would want to commandeer it immediately!

Jill said...

Sally Jane looks like the princess of the pool!

Marie said...

That swimming tutu is tutu much! So sweet!

mimi said...

Sally Jane is absolutely the most beautiful "Princess of the Pool". And Caroline looks like a "winner" know matter how she swims. Have a great wet summer!!