Thursday, May 07, 2009

Hey I am Special!

Today while running errands in the car Caroline was hitting Sally Jane and Sally Jane said, "Don't hit me because I am special! I am so special!"

Oh my I was laughing so hard. This photo is the perfect photo to go along with this incredible special kid. I took it right before I walked out the door to Utah. I told her let me take a picture of you with me so I can look at you everyday while I am gone. And this was her face.

Also I must say those iphones take great pictures!!

I am almost done with my photo montage movie of Women's Conference. It is going to be great so if you are on the edge of ever going to Women's Conference my video could be the nudge you need to go.

Today was Mom's and muffins at Caroline's school. Thanks to my friend Nicole for watching my sick Sally Jane or I would have missed going (no siblings allowed) She made me a darling placemat and a "pinch pot" out of clay.

I got this great gift today from my 2clever partner as she nominated me for mom of the year and I won. You can watch the news story here!
She sure is clever!

The job interviewing drama/saga/excitement continues. Jeff flew somewhere just for the day and had a great interview. When he texted me this morning saying he was getting on the flight I honestly forgot he was flying anywhere today.

We go together this weekend for a interview in the middle of the country which I am really excited about.
I have learned that Job searching and baby naming have the same rules. Don't talk about it! When ever you tell someone what you want to name your baby and you are really in love with the name and then they look at you like you are crazy - it is a awkward situation. So when ever I tell people where we are looking for jobs in a certain area and then they say "Oh you don't want to live there" I think OUCH! How do you know??
We have had some great late night talks and I feel like my brain is working on overtime trying to decide. I just think it will be so exciting to see what door we pick. Door #1, #2, #3 or #4!!!


Autumn said...

I hope it's Texas of course for my own selfish reasons(I'll have a better chance of meeting you in this lifetime) good luck in deciding!

Jill said...

Sally Jane is so funny. I hope her "I am special" defense carries her through life. I'm sticking with "Please don't walk on me, I'm trying to grow" as of last week.

I can't wait to see your Women's Conference movie montage!

Congratulations on winning mom of the year, the video was great!

Amanda L. said...

That picture was from your iphone?? Wow, I am impressed.

I am waiting for a time when I can read all the Women's Conference posts uninterrupted. The glimpses I've seen on Jill's blog look like it was amazing.

That video was hilarious. I was laughing out loud. What a hoot!

Good luck with the job hunt! How exciting and scary and wonderful at the same time. You just have to do what's right for your family. Can't wait to see what door you choose.

Mindy said...

can you hear Boise's door saying, "pick me! pick me!" Can't wait to hear where you are interviewing and where the latest final 4 are!!! We are so excited for you guys!!! Love you! By the way, I LOVED reading Jill's recap on your weekend---I sure wish I was one of those people that got a "GOOD HUG" from Kristi!

Ashley said...

I can't wait to hear where you are going. Of course you will love wherever you go, and you will show the rest of us how X is the most marvelous city on earth! That is a gift.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the interviews. I learned through Kevin's interview process that I could basically make a happy life for our family anywhere we were together. Small town, big city, coastal, piedmont or mountain. We love NC so if you come this way, let us know. Jennifer F.

Francie said...

I wish it was Oklahoma. Pioneer Woman is from Oklahoma...does that put us in the running? Good Luck!

michelle said...

My sister sent me that video, too, so funny.

I love your comments on moving being like naming children -- quite right. Have a great trip exploring a possible new home!

crystal said...

I was dubious about my iphone to begin with. I am now in love with the thing.

In. Love.

Can't wait to see your montage!

Kristi said...

I'm with you on not talking about it! My husband and I are trying to buy a house, and we told everyone when we made an offer on one, and we never heard back from the bank, and it got REALLY annoying to have everyone asking us every day about the status. I appreciate that they care, but it was SO annoying to be asked about it 10 times a day!

Hang in there, and once the decision is made let us know! :)

Liz said...

I love the Sally Jane comment. Such a great thing to say...because really, aren't we all special??

I like your idea of not talking about the places you are thinking about moving too. You are right. I think that wherever you end up will be perfect for your family! Good luck!

Kelly(M&M) said...

I am still hoping for Portland!! What a fun post. I always look forward to a new post from you. One of these days I will get to meet you.

tarab said...

Can't wait to hear where you guys end up. From what I know of you guys, you make anywhere you live a place others wished they lived. And really, I can't believe it's move time again. Is this the last one? There is something nice about the last one...