Monday, July 27, 2009

A peek into our Sunday

I welcome Sunday's! Even on the busiest of days, Sunday always feels different and great.

I had a meeting at church at 7:45am. My body and mind were not ready to be up and dressed at that time and so I am sure I must have looked I tad out of it during the meeting. I came back home in time for the family to switch spots and Jeff could take AK and CB to church while I sat home with the Joe Dirt - who is sounds like a coughing seal.
I then had to be back in time for Young Women's so Jeff came home and we made the switcheroo again. I got to church and then realized I had forgotten everything I needed so I had to go back home and get it and come back. It was only 11:00 am and I was making my third arrival to the building.
We had a very small group of YW to say goodbye to one of our teachers who is moving. She teaches the Laurels so I am super sad because now those darling girls are stuck with just me. Before she left she had to go through the hug machine (a process of everyone standing up and the hugger goes to everyone to give them special hug) We save the hug machine for special times when the girls need an extra pick-me-up, moving or need to know how much we all love them.

I then had a meeting after church and so sent the girls home with one of my Laurels. After my meeting I started to walk home totally forgetting that I had a car there (I am losing my mind). I was so tired to walk the 4 blocks home I asked my friend to drive me. As I walked in the house Jeff asked why I didn't want to drive the car - duh??

We have decided that Roast will be our Sunday meal until we totally get sick of it. The girls love it and Jeff becomes a kid talking about the Sundays they entered the door with their noes first to smell the results of being out of the house for 3 hours at church. We now cook it "Stuart Style". (Advice given to me by my friend Jill's husband)

The girls had a 5 minute Sister Power moment on the couch reading to each other. It was sweet so I had to take a photo.

We had a going away party at our Bishop's house for two families moving away. When the girls and I walked out to the car I remembered it was still at the church so we had to walk down there to find it to drive to the going away event. (seriously losing my mind!)
Caroline informed the Bishop she would like for him to get a trampoline to put in the back yard for the primary and asked me if she could have a playdate there sometime. Their home is beautiful and she loved sitting on their back deck.
This weekend was our last swim meet as Kingfish, which I will have to write about this week, but had to share this poster that was hanging at the pool.
I swear that was hanging there just for me. Thank you so much to every one's insightful comments that I really needed to hear. Just to let everyone know that nothing really happened and there is no big story or event that happened, it is just the small little things building up. It has helped remind me that the little things do matter!


Mar5195 said...

I'm starting to think you posted that picture on here for me. I needed to read that. Thank you!

michelle said...

I'm cracking up over you getting a ride home from church when your car was there! I can imagine myself doing that.

While I know it's always sad to lose a leader, especially one that the girls are attached to, they are certainly NOT stuck with "just" you -- they are so lucky to have you and I bet they know it! Love the image of the hug machine.

Megan said...

Can I just say I LOVE that picture of your girls? Although this is in response to your previous post, I don't think you're emotional or crazy. I've always looked up to you for you positive personality. And I understand the whole "balancing the pink" idea. Good luck!

Amy Caroline said...

What a lovely view into your day, thank you for sharing with us. I have to say that poster was something I really, really needed to see. I can't thank you enough for that.

Jill said...

That's an awesome picture of the girls, and a great moment to capture even if it only last 5 minutes!

How funny that you forgot the car at the church.

A hug machine sounds like a good idea.

I never get tired of having roast for dinner on Sundays, the only thing we really get tired of is all the dishes that result from having roast on Sundays.

That's a great quote on that banner!!