Monday, July 20, 2009

Sally Jane gave her first talk of many yesterday. She is 4 years old! For a girl that only spoke 2 days in an entire year of school, she did GREAT. You could not hear her, but she gave her 8 lines a great shot!
Poor thing that she has a mom that has not gotten her hair fixed. Look how she only has hair on one side of her head - it is going to be some tough growing out stages.
This was her talk. It was perfect. I said the words and she said the pictures. I got it out of our church magazine for kids. If you need a talk you can click here and print it for your little Joe Dirt.

I also had a sad day of getting ready to say goodbye soon to one of the best YW leaders we have in our church congregation and so I took a ton of photos of her with the girls. You seriously can't even tell which one is the leader, she is so dang cute. Seeing people move away is so hard!
I am going to become a therapist helping all these girls deal with her moving away! I just may have to pop her car tires so she does not leave!


mimi said...

Good job Sally Jane! What a great talk for a 4 year old. You are also a lucky girl to have all of those curls to cover the self-haircut. She looks darling.

wende said...

change is rough. i'm sure your girls will need a therapist when YOU leave. i would cry if you ever moved away from me. :)

i love sally jane's lopsided hair, i'm sure that was the look she was going for, AND it's good conversation starter. (for both of you)

and i love the half words/half pictures talk. what a great idea!

Jill said...

I love it when the Sunbeams give talks in primary. We have some who are impossible to understand and some who love being up there and run with it. Either way it's adorable and a great experience for them to have.

It's so nice that you took pictures of that leader with the girls. Too often we serve in a calling and are emotionally attached but then leave it with no physical evidence we were there. Those pictures will be such a great gift to her!

michelle said...

Amen to Jill's comment! I don't think I have pictures of myself in any of my callings until now, what a gift for your leader!

Eva gave her first scripture in Primary a couple of weeks ago and it was awesome. I love that the church gives us opportunities for growth and confidence-building from the youngest ages.

michelle said...

p.s. Max and I played a duet in sacrament meeting on Sunday and it was his first time playing in church! Again, such a great opportunity.

Tasha said...

Cute Sally Jane! where did you get that darling dress?