Monday, August 31, 2009

First day of school always starts the night before with a little Father's blessing from Dad.
Oh ya did I tell you he got his braces off before our trip. Poor guy it was a long two years. (Thanks Uncle Sam for the free straight teeth)
Grade 5!... look back at grade 1

Caroline was racing around to get her school supplies in her backpack.
I was very proud of myself for not buying new backpacks or new lunch boxes and making due.
It's the Economy baby!

I had given the girls a long talk the night before about this being the only year they will ever be in school together and to look out for each other during the day. I had given them each a silver necklace the night before school. Caroline's is a heart and Annie Kate's is the square with the heart cut out. It had this cute little poem about being together.
Caroline was just jumping for joy to get to school as well as thrilled she talked or screamed me out of wearing the smocked dress I had set aside for her to wear.
The pink tights did not make it through the day but came home in shreds.
Annie Kate was excited to be the big man on campus
and Sally Jane was excited to have me all to herself for a whole year.
The magic school bus had brought her a new Webkin's Dragon the night before
and woo hoo for me, I am now pushing a single stroller!!

The girls each brought a gift for the teacher that I have started the past couple of years. They each give their teacher a book for her library that has something to do with what they did in the summer.

Caroline gave Madeline in Paris and Annie Kate gave a simplified version of Anne Frank.
Perfect timing with our visit as they study her in 5th grade
Caroline had no trouble going into school, in fact I had to call her back to give me a hug. She ended up walking in with her best little neighbor friend, which then hurt Annie Kate's feelings. So much for the cute silver necklace.
AK pulled it together and had a great day.SJ and I had a great day together at the Boo Hoo breakfast at Panera (yea new to our neighborhood and walking distance). We came home and I told her she could get as many books as she wanted and we hung out on my bed all day and read and read all snuggled up in my chocolate brown soupie (the girls call it my mud). Even though it was warm she was insistent on wearing her yellow sweater from Grammy.

When Caroline came home I asked her if she was nervous at school and she said, "No Way"
I told her she was brave and she said, "it is not being brave mom it is just being excited."


A Happy Heart Blog said...

Cute photos! That is so sweet that they were excited to be together for the first day of school. I think it's a great idea to give books to teachers - it's fun for the kids and the teacher gets to add another book to their library!

I just love the first day of school! It's so exciting!

Price Cream Parlor said...

I love the idea of the necklace! Such a great idea - so sad that I won't have my littles in school together at the same time ever again. Sob!

Cute idea for books for the teacher that has to do with what you did over the summer.

We have one more week before school starts and I am dying! So not ready (emotionally) for another school year. Exciting and crazy....

michelle said...

I love the photos. The girls are looking so grown-up! Next year will be the only year that Lucas and Eva will be in the same school, that seems so weird to me. I don't think he will go with the necklace idea, though... that was a great idea.

How exciting for Jeff to get his braces off!

Shauna said...

Love the book tradition.
Back To School Blessings are the most important "School Supply" of all.
This year, I made sure I got one, too. I had no idea how badly I would need it while serving as PTA Pres ( I was just thinking I needed it as a mom) Oh my... Wild Wild Wild start to the year.

Liz said...

Love the pictures! Caroline looks so much like AK did at that age! Love the books you chose too! I made some "Thank you" notecards for the girls to bring in to their teachers today. I'm not as on the ball as you for books. Maybe one day!! :)

Jill said...

Woohoo for Jeff's straight teeth!

The necklace idea is so sweet, you're always thinking of awesome things like that!

How exciting to have the girls in school together all day. Landon informed me yesterday that this is the last year he and Whitney will ever be in the same school...I hadn't thought of that and it came like a blow to me. He's already talking about junior high.

I hope you and Sally Jane love this time you have alone together.

LJ and DC said...

loving the necklace idea and thanks for the pics. Everyone looks super cute and so grown up. Even JCMD without his braces. ;)

The Trammell's said...

Great post Kristi! So fun talking to you yesterday. Love ya tons :)

Stephanie said...

Your girls are so cute. I love the book idea, one day when I am mom I will "borrow" this idea.

Enjoy your free time, if it can be called that. :)

mimi said...

What a handsome husband that Jeff is! It's so great that he is rid of the braces. I love the pics of those precious girls, and I know that Annie will watch out for her little sis.

Thanks for sharing your special times together with us. Fun times for sure.

Shawna B. said...

Good luck on a new school year! I love your idea of bringing a book to the teacher on the first day of school. Genius. Your girls are darling!

Now, on to a big question I have for you ... did I miss the Anne Frank documentation somehow? Did you make it to her home? I think you did and maybe you just haven't posted pictures yet. Anyway, Kristi - my dream is to go there. I have read every book about Anne Frank I can get my hands on! She's one of my heroes and who my daughter would have been named after if I had a daughter! :) I can't wait to see pictures. I have a book of excellent pictures of Het Achterhuis, but would love to read about what you and your family thought. Sounds like a dream vacation to me! You and Jeff are so wise to take your children to see the world. And good job for hitting the museums, too. You travel right!

Julie said...

Where did you find the necklace for your girls? That is such a sweet idea, I would love to do something like it for my girls.