Saturday, August 15, 2009

We made it to Paris!

We were sad to leave Brugge and our AMAZING HOTEL

(remember we came here with no hotel reservations for the first week and did it all the night before we would arrive into a town. We scored the most amazing hotel room that probably would have gone to the bathroom for us if we would have asked, for a third of the price in the center of town. I am convinced I have ruined any chance my daughters have of going on a honeymoon and walking in the room saying ahhhhh! - it may only go down from here for them)

We made an hour detour in Belgium to go to a Army base to stock up on groceries for the week in our place in Paris. Best choice we have made so far. We spent $123 US dollars and have food for the week.

We were given our week in Paris as a gift the week before we left on our trip. As I am sure the gift giver wants to remain nameless I will just say this place is AMAZING!!! OH MY! and thank you thank you thank you!!
We are sitting at the pool with fountains and a lazy river. Jeff just walked into the market at the hotel and bought some yummy treats for the kids along with goggles. He is now in the two hot tubs and indoor pool with the kids, while I type on a blue and white lounge chair under a blue market umbrella. There is a breeze in the air and the sun in shining! Our room is actually a mini house that is two stories and feels like something out of a country french magazine. Our laundry is in the washer as well as hanging in the French air to dry on the rack in our back yard, which is right next to the pond with the ducks (yes all visible from the round port windows in my upstairs room) It really seems too good to be true.

Today belongs to the girls and we promised them a day with no lines, no car and no museums. Caroline keeps asking us if we are going to church tomorrow and that we can not miss it. Annie Kate is itching to see the Mona Lisa and Sally Jane keeps asking when we are going to see Cinderella. Jeff and Rick Steve's are hand in hand as they are planning their next attack on something historical. As for me, I don't care - I am in France and never dreamed of a vacation so good.

**I added the photo above of Joe Dirt (look how bad that one side of her hair looks) totally UNDER appreciating the Michael Angelo (Madonna and Child) that is 30 feet behind her in Brugge, Belgium. Yet I love the photo because of the lighting.


Sharon C. said...

What a great picture of S.J. Sounds like an incredible vacation. Can't wait to see all of your pictures. Love you.

michelle said...

Woohoo!! Your hotel does sound amazing, and so does your place in Paris! I am so excited for you all to have this opportunity.

Jill said...

What in the world? Someone gifted you a place to stay for your week in Paris? I'm officially intrigued!

I can't wait to see photos of everything because your descriptions sound amazing.

I'm so glad you're having a wonderful trip and that it's dreamier than anything you could have imagined. (Though I'm a little jealous too.)

NPS said...

Are you staying at the Marriott Vacation Club outside of Paris? We LOVE this place! We have stayed there many times and it is the best with kids.
Hope you enjoy Paris and all the area has to offer. I really miss Paris!