Sunday, August 16, 2009

We promised the girls we would take them to Euro Disney one of the days we are here. (we had to cancel their week long trip they have been planning for October) Every day our amazing journeys are going to make Disneyland lose its flavor. (at least for Jeff and I)

Today we went to the Chateau de Vaux Le Vicomte. An Amazing chateau with an amazing story behind it. (the owner worked for the king Louix XIV as his financial advisor. He had a big celebration, the king was insanely jealous and had the owner fired and thrown in jail for life and his wife kicked out of the country and then took his two designers and built Versailles. That stinky King!)
In the month of August the kids get to dress like a princess and prince for free. The girls got to look through all of their wonderful costumes to put on.

Don't be fooled by how darling this photo is. Caroline put the dress on for 2 seconds and only smiled because we begged her. But the photo is a keeper. (I also have some great ones of her crying)
Sally Jane on the other hand was in heaven! She was twirling all over the castle.

Annie was a super sport for wearing the dress through the tour even though she said she felt a little old. I told her "oh it will make great photos!" I was right!Caroline's dress came off seconds after the photo while Annie Kate and Sally Jane toured the entire scene in costume.
The history is that the owner (Forquet) demolished 3 villages to build his gardens (he did hire all the villagers to work the gardens). The gardens were amazing and beautiful. We opted for the 15 Euro per hour little golf cart to view them all. best money we ever spent. The gardens were huge and a treat.

We summed up the day as comprising The Pirates of the Caribbean and a jungle tour and a walk through Sleeping Beauty castle at Disneyland only WAY better. I don't think we will get out of taking the girls to the crowded Disney, but we did try.

Off to the swimming pool and to eat our Sunday roast that we made in our little kitchen.


Doodle Bugs Paper said...

love that you are blogging about your trip!! Keep having fun!

Sharon C. said...

We have memories of Versailles as well. A little stinky in the corners, however. We thought we were on our way to Versailles, ended up at the end of the line and found out we had been on the wrong train going the wrong direction. We went back to Paris and took in the Sacre Coeur (however you spell it) and the Moulin Rouge area -- bought some great fabric there. We did get to Versailles -- great adventures, and the girls look darling in their costumes. Oh Sweet Caroline!

crystal said...

What an Adventuress you are! I love it! And how about that mobile blogging, eh? Ohhhh, have so much fun....sigh. It is so awesome that you tramp around Europe with the girls.

Jill said...

I love it that the girls got to try on those dresses and take the tour in them! Too bad Caroline didn't want to stay in the dress, but at least she looks semi-happy the picture you took.

It's so awesome that you get to do this!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I went there in high school and LOVED it so much (much more that Versailles) and then my favorite place was the square behind Sacre Couer. It was a little artist district with vendors and cafes...spent MANY hours there. Have fun, take pix and live life! Jennifer F.

LJ and DC said...

hey we had a sunday roast too! YUM. the castle looks amazing!

Liz said...

That place is gorgeous! I LOVE that the girls got to try on the Princess dresses....stunning! You all look great!

michelle said...

The costumes are a great touch! I wish they did that all the time.

Esther said...

The girls are certainly living a "fairy tale" life...what a wonderful adventure.