Monday, August 17, 2009

We strolled in Paris on the late side and didn't arrive until noon. Lazy us.

We totally exhausted the kids today by :

  • found great and fast parking
  • visited Notre Dame. thank you Notre Dame for having a playground outside for kids to play on while parents take photos (i took 245 today)
  • paid 1.50 euro to go to the bathroom with great pink toliet paper
  • had lunch on the street - rough life for the kids having to eat fries and chocolate crepes for lunch
  • Sainte-Chapelle (I actually enjoyed this more than Notre Dame) the twisty, skinny stair case made Sally Jane think we were in the Sleeping Beauty castle.
  • a visit into the Louvre (meltdowns began) Annie Kate's wish came true. She had done a big report this year on Leonardo DaVinci and was thrilled. The photos I love even more than her in front of the Mona Lisa was her taking a photo in the crowds with the camera on her Nintendo as well as the masses of people snatching a photo with their cameras.
  • laid in the grass in the gardens by the Lourve (Caroline found two wine corks, which seems like a perfect souvenir)
  • had ice cream and cotton candy at a little fair (probably the best part of the kids day)
  • had my first taxi ride with a woman driver (who was so beautiful and extremely nice)
  • got our car and drove to the garment district where Jeff squeezed our Passat Wagon into the smallest parking spot known to man. Jeff seriously wins super driver of the year here!
  • saw some incredible notions, ribbon and fabirc (Michelle you were right it was amazing)
  • Walked to the top of the hill at the Scare-Coeur ( Jennifer F - I thought of you at the top) Worth the hike
  • drove back to our little Villa on the outside of town - yea Marriott!
  • had Ramen noodles for dinner along with mozzarella, tomatoes and nutella - but not all mixed together.
  • kids went swimming
Day over! zzzzzzz!

Disneyland tomorrow.
note to self. take more self portraits, so that there will be a record that I too was on this trip.

**Can't seem to find any yummy pasteries, is there a street I am missing? feel free to pipe in.


Megan said...

We found the best little shop in the Montmartre. Couldn't tell you exactly where though 'cause it was at the long day of lots of wondering.

Looks like you guys are having an amazing vacation. I'd love to be able to do this with my kids some day (when I have them:) ).

Anonymous said...

I am SOOOO glad that you liked it, did you have "un cafe" outside?? Jennifer F

Jill said...

I think walking around Paris is one of the most exhilarating and exhausting things I've ever done! It's like everywhere you look is something amazing, quaint, or beautiful and you just go and go and go trying to soak it all up and by the end of the day you're a whimpering mess. I so wish I was there!

I love seeing these places you're going and being able to say "Hey, I've been there!"

Anonymous said...

Looks like you're having a ball! Try rue Cler - it's a Rick Steve's recommendation...a no traffic-street full of shops and such...great bakery at corner of rue Cler and rue de Grenelle. We ate there quite a bit for bfast...yummy almond and chocolate croissants. My info is almost 8 yrs old, so not sure if it's still there or not. Rue Cler is over near the Eiffel Tower and Invalides. Enjoy!
Karen Connolley

Amy said...

If you can swing it you should go to Pierre Herme on Rue Bonaparte. Pierre is one of the most celebrate Parisian pastry chefs. The best part is that it's very close to a Laduree. But I would go to Laduree first, because they are wonderful, but they won't seem nearly as good after having something from Pierre Herme's shop!

I second the Rue Clare. It's really close to the apartment Michelle stays in when she's in Paris. It's on the same block that the Shopi supermarket is on, but on the opposite side of the street. There are good pastries there. When we took the kids to Paris in November we ate there every day. Oh, to find it, it's very close to the Ecole Militaire Metro station.

There's another place that I remember thinking was pretty good by the Musee d'Orsay on Rue de Bellchasse. If you run into the Solferino Metro you've gone too far.

OK, can you tell what my favorite part about Paris is? Sheesh! I have more places to get a treast in Paris that I have where I actually live. But that fits in with vacation, right? I certainly couldn't eat multiple pastries a day at home and have a hope of maintaining any sort of decent weight! ;)

Have fun-and take the time to hunt for some pastries.

Amy said...

Oh, yeah, I spelled it wrong--it is Rue Cler!

michelle said...

Yes, try Rue Cler! One of my very favorite streets. And the one on the corner of Rue Cler and Rue de Grenelle. And Pierre Herme and Laduree. If you haven't had good pastries you are seriously missing out!

If you go to the Jardin de Luxembourg, there is a fabulous street nearby called Rue Vavin. It has great shops and a yummy gelato place!

You guys crammed in so much in one day!!

Elizabeth said...

Walk down the little streets, bakeries on every corner! We always stay in st germain neighborhood. A lot over there at least.

patsy said...

Oh I am loving this vacay!

I am so happy you got to see so many things today... and me too :)
thanks for sharing- really I mean it!

eve said...

sounds like a blast! I just remember on the Seine sometimes people were playing music and hanging out and it was nice to hang around and listen. is in France and is tweeting from Paris, she might have good suggestions too. She said Molieres had great antique French toys. (Okay, I think that is really far away from Paris, opps.)

I do love Gien Dishes ( They have a couple outlets somewhere in France. Okay, this probably wasn't helpful but I love hearing what you're doing so I can put things on my list for the next time!

NPS said...

There is a boulangerie in the village down the street from the Marriott that has the best chocolate croissants. If you go when they open they are still hot! They might be closed this time of year. Not sure if they have pastries.
Good luck at Disneyland Paris! We had season passes for 2 years. The kids love it.
Are you going to Giverny? So beautiful and not such a bad drive. Enjoy!

Shauna said...

Soooo, did you purchase any ribbon or fabric?