Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We were robbed!
WARNING :: Travelers beware!

Oh my we have seen the signs for pick pocketers everywhere. We have read in every book we have to watch for people lifting anything from you without knowing. There are even signs in the elevator in the Eiffel Tower. We have warned the kids. We carry only what we need. We thought we were smart - but we were not. We were robbed of all money, right under our noses.

Today we had every dime taken and seriously have nothing left in our pockets. Good thing our flight home is free because we would have no way to get home!

The guy who took our money was sly and looked so nice when we first saw him. He was friendly and smiled the whole time we were with him. He had a lot of friends with him that got my kids attention so he could get us when we were not looking.

He had a large nose and the a head the size of Texas. His ears were seriously as big as his feet and that smile just drew us in.

It was when we came home tonight we realized he took every dime we had left. Just in case any of you reading this may see him, don't forget this face and beware! He even looks like a rat!

Ok. So it was a long day of lines and euros flying out of our pockets left and right. The kids had a good time but had just as many meltdowns as they did in the Louvre.

The white sheets are screaming my name!


LJ and DC said...

hahaha! You totally got me.

Anonymous said...

haha! Got me too! I was just sick for you!


Megan said...

aw, just as i was starting to feel really really bad, i got to the end of your post.

ya got me!

stacy{s} said...

hilarious. you totally got me. I was even thinking what a "head the size of Texas" would look like.

Anne said...

my stomach DROPPED! You are so bad! And completely funny. Good one!!!

Natasha said...

You had me and I was wondering how you got a pic of this criminal until I scrolled down!

We went to Disney two years in a row to escape Mardi Gras (we LOATHE mardi gras) but it sucked so much $ that we took a break this year.

Shauna said...

You know what we sing instead of M-I-C-K-E-Y, etc.
We sing R-I-P-O-F-F when our kids are begging to spend a ridiculous amount on something silly at the happiest place on earth, which is just up the Turnpike from me!

You got me on this one!

patsy said...

totally got me too-

fewwwww! I love disney... & mickey... even if it is a rip off. So fun!!

Holly said...

Okay now that I know you were pulling my leg I can say that Texas was quite offended to be associated with the head of a CREEP.

Glad y'all survived EuroDisney--meltdowns and marketing and all.

Home soon?

Jennifer (mom of four) said...

that was funny!

michelle said...

oh, you got me!

I've never been pickpocketed in Paris, but our apartment was robbed once -- the day before we returned home -- and it was awful!!

Glad your cash drain was voluntary.

Jill said...

You poop, you totally got me!

Ashley said...

Me too. . . my computer was slow to load the picture and I was actually surprised to hear you talking about someone--even a thief--in such physically unflattering terms!

Liz said...

Oh you really got me!! I was really worried for you for a minute there!!

and reading Stacy's comment, I was too, wondering what in the world this guy looked like!

Anonymous said...

Just when I was feeling so sorry for you, I received the best hearty laugh! Good one. I am so glad you are all having a great time.

Sharon C. said...

I was robbed in Paris -- and your description of the guy was not too far off. He thought he was getting a great deal with my wallet, but all there was was a $20 dollar bill -- no credit cards, no nothing. He dropped the wallet and left the $20 bill. It was on a bus from the airport to place we picked up the Metro. Made me so mad even though he didn't get anything.