Saturday, September 05, 2009

Kids Fight Club

Caroline started a little Fight Club (I guess it is like a pretend boxing match) with her neighbor friend this morning. They had his sister write down the rules. I found this piece of paper hidden in the club house corner. (which happens to be our basement)

  1. no punch in the face or gets clean up (if you punch someone in the face you have to clean up.
  2. Don't mess room up
  3. no cutting off head
  4. no bad words
  5. no cutting stuffed animals
  6. no taking off clothes
It is funny to me that rule #6 got overruled and crossed out and then became legal in the rules of play.

Yikes my parenting skills may need to be reconsidered

Did you ever start a fight club when you were a kid?
Are you intrigued with a video documentation of our Fight club?


Jill said...

What a crazy game! I think you'd better keep an eye on Caroline and her friend or things might get ugly.

Sharon C. said...

Do you still have your Girl's club Membership card? I don't know about a fighting club........ good rules, however!

amy m said...

this cracks me up. I do love that they reconsidered taking clothes off.

michelle said...

That is hilarious! I too was cracking up over no taking off clothes being crossed out.

Rachel said...

Thank you for a great deep belly laugh! What a rad job we have that enables us to catch a glimpse inside our little one's heads!

JENNIFRO said...

This is stinkin' classic!!

wende said...

that is so classic, i love it! i never started a fight club, but i did have tons of "girls only" clubs. i remember making lists and lists like this. so funny to think of that now.

ok, and i read the note - no punching in the face or guts, clean up, etc. i was laughing about how they needed to specify face and guts in a fight club. :)

i agree with'd better keep your eye on that one! :)

erin said...

im guitly I was stalking. Your blog title caught my attention. Its soooo my sister i had to peek. I am jeff and christines friend, we are in the same ward.
well we happen to be going to europe and going to brussels for a weekend. ANy suggustions? i havent met anyone whos been there(and it appears that you have) to offer us tips. this is totally random. sorry.
oh and i love the fight rules.

LJ and DC said...

hAHAHAHHA!!!!! This is hilarious. What kind of fight club would have a rule against taking off clothes, of course it must be crossed off. :)

mimi said...

I am laughing so hard, but inside am a little fearful of Caroline's little fight club. When I was her age, however, my next door neighbor (a boy a year older) and I had a little secret club. We met in the room under his stairs and plotted a lot of things, usually how to make people very small and stick pins in the ones we didn't like. Funny that now he is an entomologist at the Smithsonian and sticks pins in flies.