Monday, September 07, 2009

Going into Labor on Labor Day!

Today for Labor Day Jeff had to go into work for about half an hour. We decided to go in with him since it is a long drive and we wanted to spend as much time with him today.

So why Jeff went into the hospital the girls and I went into the National Museum of Health and Medicine which is on the Walter Reed Campus, as well as a great museum.

It holds the bullet that killed Abraham Lincoln along with the pencil sketch that was made that night he died of everyone in the room with him - and many other historical findings.

They had a traveling exhibit of Caldacott winner, David Macaulay's book "The Way We Work" It was awesome and I am was reminded today how much I love museums. The above print in the book is called "Air Traffic Control" and would be a perfect addition to Jeff's office as he loves noses as well as mountains.
We then walked through the section of the museum that had the baby fetus in jars. The girls had lots of questions.
Next to that display is the auditorium that always has a different movie playing. We went in because it was a place to sit down and it was empty. I didn't think we would stay but the girls instantly became intrigued with the movie - "Conception to Birth"
I didn't know what movie it was but when we walked it was showing the growth of a baby in utero. Then it went back to the three women they I guess had highlighted in the movie delivering their babies. I kept thinking I really should take the girls out but for them it was like watching a car accident on the side of the road, they couldn't stop looking.
So, I thought what the heck we are watching it. We saw the epidurals, the babies come out and everything in between.
What was funny was how no big deal it seemed to the little girls but Annie Kate was like "Mom, really this is gross!" She almost knew too much. It brought up some great questions and we laughed about each day they were born. I had three amazing deliveries. I could go on and on about what we talked about but probably should refrain since I have no idea who reads this.

The funny part was when Jeff was done seeing his patient and he came and met us outside. The girls were running around and telling him about what we saw and then Sally Jane looks up at him when we were crossing the street and said "Hey Dad the baby comes out of the vagina. Where are we going for lunch?"

We were laughing so hard. Jeff has done an amazing job of teaching Annie Kate about the ins and outs of the body, I seriously think he could be hired to come into families and teach the kids as a moonlighting job. I think because of his profession we are very upfront about most things but even today I wondered if my parenting skills were a bit lacking. I guess I will just chalk it up to learning about Labor on Labor day!

Is it hard for you to talk to your kids about the "ins and outs" of the human body?
Is 4 and 5 too young for kids to watch three deliveries in 6 minutes?
Would you hire someone to come give your kids "the talk" so you didn't have to?
Have you ever really gone into Labor on Labor day?


denice said...

When my 9 year old commented on how painful it must be to push a baby out of your butt I realized I had done a horrible job of teaching her the ins and outs. My husband & I quickly remedied that situation. We have 2 girls older than this one and I guess we just forgot that she didn't have all the information the others had. The American Girl's Body Book - The Care and Keeping of You is a fantastic guide for girls. I think if your girls are comfortable with the info they've been given then their ages are irrelavant. What a funny conversation to have with your husband!

Suzie Petunia said...

I had my first baby about 6 hours before labor day... 11 years ago. Has it really been so long?

Jill said...

I think it's good to teach them as opportunities come along like this one did for you, that way it doesn't ever have to be weird.

Maybe you could make a video of Jeff giving "the talk" and then distribute it as a form of good mail to all your less clinical, comfortable friends! (I'm NOT kidding.)

LJ and DC said...

Mmmm, I sure wished I was going into labor on labor day. Alas, I did not. Here I am, back at work, and have already barfed once today. Yipee!
PS. If the girls wanted to watch it, I don't think its bad. Probably better for them to learn when its a little more disconnected due to age. But what do I know.

michelle said...

I think it's great that you took advantage of that opportunity! I say, tell them what they want to know. Better that knowledge come from you and Jeff and under your supervision!