Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A new week at Fairy Camp

Today Cinderella joined us for our family room tea party. We had apples, oranges, fudge striped cookies, bananas and water served on the beehive tea set.

All the bears that came were yellow and one even came sporting a "Lyla Lou's" headband.
Cinderella and I have both opted to not get dressed today and will be watching Return to Neverland for the 2nd time.

note my awesome new trash find of the large black frame sitting by the door. It has so many possibilities.


mimi said...

If I was a yellow teddy bear I would love to be invited to your tea party. The food looks luscious and the hostess is enchanting.

Natasha said...

I found a big empty frame like that for my son's room - spray painted it navy to match his quilt and then hung it over his dresser in place of a mirror. He still asks when we will put something in it!

Jill said...

Another cute party. I'd like to see photos of you in the mix as well!

The black frame is quite a score!

Kari Lynne said...

Savannah and I would like to invite ourselves to your Fairy parties. We'll be there everyday until the fun runs out which will never happen.

Sharon C. said...

I am still waiting for my invitation!! Looks like such fun. Cinderella is sure adorable.

michelle said...

I noticed your frame right off! I love frames like that. My mom has taught me to use them in decor as is, propped against things, with other things propped inside. So cute.

Eva sure would be happy if we had a camp like that!