Tuesday, September 15, 2009

the last of my Tiny Tim Garden

I think this cantaloupe is the last of what I produced in my garden this year. I have a 3x5 space to plant. This year I grew
  • tomatoes
  • peas
  • cucumbers
  • 3 ears of corn
  • a million zuccini flowers that the squirrels ate (those stinkers)
I am just keeping my fingers crossed that our next house has a back yard to grow even more. I should have been a farmer - I love it!


MeganAnne said...

that looks beautiful. my little patio garden experiment didn't go so great this year. i too am day dreaming of days when i have a house and a yard that has a space for a "real" garden.

LJ and DC said...

YUm! I bet that cantaloupe was delish!

patsy said...

gardening is such a chore for me- I am glad you love it :)

that cantaloupe is so pretty!

Stephanie said...

Love that little guy!!
I also love that you planted 3 ears of corn!!!

Price Cream Parlor said...

That is so fantastic that you will plant a garden and not use the excuse you don't have a ton of yard...What a beautiful mellon!

Jill said...

I'm impressed that you were able to grow so much in such a small space!

michelle said...

Beautiful! I am confident that your next yard will provide you with more gardening space.