Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Biker chicks!

These girls now think they are so awesome riding on the new double bike. Their confidence has tippled. (yikes)
We packed up the truck with the bikes and headed downtown on Saturday. We figured the summer tourists had all gone home and the school groups had not started coming to D.C., so it would be a perfect quiet weekend to go downtown. Are we crazy to think there is such a thing as a quiet weekend downtown?
We always find luck with parking at the Jefferson Memorial, especially lot B. just a tip. So we loaded up the kids on the bikes and headed for the Jefferson Memorial.

and there we saw a wedding just about to start right on the lawn of the Jefferson Memorial. I felt bad because the wind was blowing and her white picket arch kept blowing over.
But when we came up to the memorial all of us said, "no one is here!" In the summer time the steps are packed with people and we have not seen it this quiet since before Cherry Blossom Festival.
We then to the Washington Memorial and got to hear the praises of Jesus from a local church. I seriously wanted to shout Hallelujah from my bike. They were passing out free cold water. We stopped at the Washington Memorial and gave it a good luck rub and took some funny photos.

We then headed down to the Capitol Building and saw all the event tents set up on the mall. There was a large Black Family Reunion Celebration going on. Tons of concerts, kids stuff and yummy smelling food.
The closer and closer we got tot he Capitol the more I noticed everyone was quite patriotic today. I always enjoy dressing the kids in red, white or blue when we go downtown - but I had never seen so many doing the same. Seriously Betsy Ross was roaming the mall.
Then we rode pass another lady with tea bags all over her hat and then we figured it out
There was a huge Tea Party going on on the lawn of the Capitol. As we rode up a Reverend was giving a loud speech and the crowds were a cheering. I wondering of Nora from Chicago might be in the crowd and I thought how excited I would be to tell her I was there. This is our second time coming uninvited to a National Tea Party this year, the other was in Philadelphia at the Liberty Bell - how is that for historic locations. Nora where you there?

Here is the video - you can kind of hear the crowds cheering.

There were people everywhere dressed in costume
even this little grandma all decked out in prison uniform
all the roads were blocked off and people in the streets so it was the perfect day to be on a bike, we could get anywhere we wanted.
There were creative t-shirts and posters everywhere. I loved Ronald Reagan so I asked this lady if I could take a photo. Everyone there had been driving on buses all night to get there. So you would get asked, "where did you come from" It was funny to say we just came down town for a bike ride. She was from Tennessee and of course the nicest person ever. they don't get much better than Tennessee women.
We really came down for the food to go to the Native American museum. The line to get in was crazy because it is the closest Smithsonian to the Capitol and everyone needed a bathroom. They could not take their signs in with them so the wall was covered with signs.
I went for the Navajo taco (a favorite when I was a kid) and my favorite wild rice salad.
We came back outside and noticed the crowd was getting larger. Here is a guy dressed as a Dr. with Heath Care reform info all over his white coat.
Annie Kate and I rode through the crowds and Jeff said, "I have already been to Europe once this year"and he met us around the corner.

I was impressed with my biking and filming skills but had to get the girls on tape pedaling. Even though they were going backwards it was so cute to watch them.
We headed to the other end of the mall and went pas the World War II memorial.
We rode to the Lincoln memorial and

I got video of Sally Jane's confidence boosting as she learned to stand up on the bike and shake her bon'bon!

We got off our bikes to feed the ducks Cheezit's and take a horrible family photo.
I was mom of the year with feeding my kids a healthy fruit snack the size of the Washington Monument (ha ha on the healthy part)
I was the only one who climbed the steps to say to President Lincoln. I am a believer that you always get something new every time you go to a monument or museum and there is no such thing as "I have already seen that monument and don't need to go again" Just think if I would not have gone up the steps I would not have seen this....

beautiful site with the wonderful cloudsWe are loving the new pavers in front of the Lincoln Memorial. When we moved here 3 years ago this was the old road that you could drive on pre Sept 11th.
We started to head to Georgetown but then were afraid we were pushing a good thing and then headed back to Jefferson to complete our day. We saw swimmers in the Potomac

for the Nation's triathlon. Wow. It was awesome. I think the triathlon was the next day and these were groups practicing but it was fun to see all the bikes and everyone coming out of the water.
It was a great day and so much for going downtown and thinking we were not going to see anything exciting. We also saw a women's rugby came on our way out of town along with sand volleyball tournament.

We love this place and are going to miss it so much!!!

*** I often get asked my advice when visiting D.C. I always say wear your most comfortable shoes no matter if they match or not. You do a lot of walking. I think my new advice is rent a bike.


Anne said...

I miss that place!

Price Cream Parlor said...

Your littles have had an amazing ride with you two as parents! So creative and just 'let's get out there and do something' approach! Wish I was more like that...

Love the sights that I saw today going downtown with you! Beautiful photos!

Loving the bike! How fun!

Nora from Chicago said...

Thank you for a first hand review of Sat. in DC, especially the rally. Rick & I were in Chicago raising our hand-painted signs high and proud!
Regardless of anyone's political leanings, opinions or affiliations, political rallies are a living civics lesson and good for children to see. People exercising their 1st Amdmt. rights without being persecuted; people petitioning their government without being arrested or tortured. America is great because we CAN all have and let be known our opinions. What a wonderful day your family had! THIS is what the children will remember when they grow up and think about life with mom and day.

lisa (lost pezhead) said...

I'm so sad I missed you!! I flew to DC for the weekend from Ohio to go to the Tea Party!! I didn't have a cool costume though. I met Sen Jim Demint on Friday. It was an amazing experience to go. That guy in your photo might be a real doctor...there was a big group of doctors that went. i talked to an orthopeadic surgeon and he said he'd spent 17 yrs training as a doctor and was so worried about this health care thing. It was a great weekend in DC!

Mindy said...

we never did the bike thing---what a great idea! It feels like going down memory lane when I read your DC blogs! Thank you for sharing!

The Trammell's said...

What a great day!

Rebecca said...

We are coming to DC in the next two weeks and I so hope to see half of what you see!!

Jill said...

Wow, what a great outing! I love it that you guys can bike through the city together like this...stroller free!

michelle said...

I'm thinking that bike is your best purchase ever! So cool! And I love Sally Jane's expressions. Gotta love a kid with confidence.

Kim Sue said...

since I went for the first time this summer, I have a whole new appreciation of your outings and can not imagine the opportunity to plop your bike down and take off!

Melinda said...

I LOVE, LOVE that addition to your hubby's bike for the girls!! Where did you find that? It is exactly what we need.

Thayer said...

I found your blog searching for teacher appreciation gifts last year and wondered if you have a pattern for that bag you made AK's teacher with the fabric scraps - what a great idea! ( if you need a memory refresher). I can't find your email address and the link to email you doesn't work bc I don't have that kind of acct. sorry to leave this all in a comment. thanks!

CrazeeAngee said...

I love the Navajo taco with buffalo chili!! That cafe is the best!! What a fun day!!

Shalyce said...

Every time i check out your blog your girls get bigger and bigger!

Kristy said...

Someday I will make a trip to the DC area! I think it is so pretty and I would love to get lost in all the neat historical sites you live by. Lucky you!

What a fun day on bikes!!!