Monday, October 05, 2009

black and white string here.

Going to Jail

I am so behind on some amazing weekends we have had, "I will catch up, I will catch up, I will catch up" but before I do I have to share the funniest story the girls and I had on Saturday while driving to our great destination.

We went across White's Ferry and the kids got out of the car for the 4 min ride across the Potomac River. When they got back in the car Sally Jane did not put her seat belt back on. We realized it about 10 miles down the road.

Caroline said "Sally Jane if you don't put that on Mom is going to go to jail"

Jeff was out of town so I said to Sally Jane, "Who will take care of you if I am in Jail"

The conversation went on about who they would be more than thrilled to take over my job, but the funniest part was what Annie Kate said.

"Mom if you had to go to Jail I would go get your wallet and get all the money out. I would ride my bike to PetsMart and buy a dog and a fish. Then I would go to Michaels and buy the art easel I have always wanted, a bunch of canvas' and all the paint that I want and just paint for days. Oh ya and have a sleepover"

So funny. I kept saying, "but what about the fact that I would be in Jail" they assured me I would be just fine. Good thing I think black and white go great together.

Ask your kids what they would do if you were in Jail.
What did they say?


Anonymous said...

My Caroline (age 8) said she would buy a GoldenDoodle, and name him Nicky. She would also buy a Wii. She wasn't worried about me being in jail either. LOL

Amanda L. said...

AK is hilarious. It sounds like she really has a plan and you have an idea for Christmas!

Jill said...

I love that black and white string!!

As I was hobbling around with my sore back today, one of the kids accused the other of stepping on a crack to break my back and for a few moments I had no doubt that one of them had tried it!

denise said...

This is a hilarious story. It gave me a good giggle this morning.

By the way...I'm loving the string!

Liz said...

Oh that is just too funny! I think it is really funny that they weren't worried about you being in jail!

Price Cream Parlor said...

Hunter said "I would call the police and tell them that my Mom didn't do it"....

Your littles cracked me up!

Black and white are glorious!

wende said...

my mom used to tell us she had no problem going to jail because there they would feed her and she could read in peace. i'm not really sure that would be as nice of an experience as she made it sound, but it sure made me think twice about calling the police when i thought she was being mean. :)

ps i think you know exactly what to get AK for christmas. :)

michelle said...

First of all, I love that string! Now I have string envy.

Max said he would visit me every day and try to talk to the judge.

Lucas said it would depend on if I was framed or if I actually committed a crime. If I was innocent, he would get a battering ram to break me out and then we would run away to Alaska. Or France.

Eva is napping now, so I can't ask her, but I don't think she would miss me at all!