Friday, October 09, 2009

Our neighborhood is very quaint, extremely charming and full of character. It will be irreplaceable for us. (oh it feels like moving from Tennessee all over again)
We are currently looking for a new house, in a new neighborhood in a new state. I have to constantly remind myself that it will be totally different not totally bad. This proves my theory on moving that "What you know is not always the best way, it is just the way you are used to"

This week the weather has been beautiful. The air feels like the sound of a crisp apple when you cut it. I made the kids decade by putting up cheesy Halloween decor that is all lite up outside (which goes against my farm like, fall decorating). The neighborhood kids have been outside every day riding scooters, ripsticks, skateboards, bikes and plasma cars. We have at least 10 kids out at a time. A set of twin girls, Annie Kate's age, moved just moved in from Seattle. It seems like we are living a life you dream of, at least on the outside.

I will have no problems saying goodbye to our incredibly shrinking townhouse that has 25 stairs I have to climb with laundry, a back door that hits my kitchen table every time I open it and no where to hang our coats or put our shoes. But this neighborhood, that will be hard to say goodbye to.

What do you love about the neighborhood you live in?

Would you fabulous schools ugly neighborhood or
beautiful neighborhood middle of the road schools?


Deb said...

seriously??? schools win EVERYTIME~
unless, of course, you're going the private school route....

Natasha said...

School over house for sure!

everything pink! said...

deb. i rewrote the question.

the schools in the beautiful neighborhood are not bad they are just not as fabulous as the ones in the other.

Jill said...

I think it's so wonderful that your family was able to have these years in this enchanted neighborhood while your girls were small.

Lauralee said...

SCHOOLS for sure.. something we should have looked a little more into for sure!

SarahGwilliam said...

I really wish I knew you! You seem so down to earth :) I say go for the schools. A better education is a great gift to your children that they will take with them everywhere. A so-so neighborhood can be enriched by what you put into it. You will find exactly what you're looking for--and as long as it's not seedy, it may be just as fabulous as a neighborhood that just *looks* prettier. Do you know that old story about the farmer and two families moving into his town? It's a good one.

Leslie said...

Where are you going?? Jennifer F.

Price Cream Parlor said...

You will find, that your new move will provide you with these same wonderful experieces - it will just take time. Make sure you don't compare anything for a year. A year makes everything seem better.
(Now, remind me of this pep talk as it looks like we will be relocating in the near future....) :-)

I would choose schools totally!!! I will email you my secret site for house hunting...even my realtor didn't know about it.

Being outside with little people to play are the best memories ever!

NPS said...

Schools! We have always put them first and generally the neighborhoods have worked out. You'll make any neighborhood fabulous!

tarab said...

I love the huge, old trees and wildlife. And didn't realize until last week when the energy co was trimming for powerlines that part of the beauty of our neighborhood is the lack of visible power lines - they all run on the back of the properties. And Brent counted 7 monday and 10 deer tuesday in our front yard this week coming home at 5am after night call.
And I'm with Jennifer, when do we find out the lucky city that gets to know your family next?

michelle said...

What I love about my neighborhood at home is the people. We are surrounded by truly wonderful people. The kids can play outside and I don't worry. I can call on any number of neighbors to borrow an ingredient, or stop by for a chat. It's not a beautiful neighborhood, but it is a great great neighborhood.

What I love about my neighborhood in Paris is that all the amenities we need and enjoy are right here. Grocery store across the street, metro stop and bus stops right outside the door, several good bakeries right down the street, a great park, and of course, the Eiffel Tower.

willpower said...

After living many places I would say that the most important thing to look for is a great family neighborhood with lots of friends to play with (both for kids and moms and dads). Looks like you've found it temporarily. Good luck with your new search!

crystal said...

I would make schools the priority, making sure that part of that "above average school" dynamic, though, includes good kids for YOUR kids to associate with.

GO TO THE WARD IN EACH NEIGHBORHOOD. Go a few times to each ward. Cannot stress this enough!!!!

I can't wait to find out where you are moving! Even if you choose the ugly neighborhood, you will beautify your space and your neighborhood--it's what you do! You're Pink, for goodness sakes!

good luck.

michele said...

I don't know you. I read your blog and amazed at your creativity and heart. I've used your end-of-school ideas and are always well received.

We are moving too and when I read this entry I felt like I was reading something from my many unanswered questions, but I found great comfort in your words.