Friday, October 09, 2009

Relief Society Sisters,
Does the words like backup, network, spreadsheet, cursor, magabyte, browser, pixel, icon, twitter, modem, processor, cell, text, ping, initialize, blog, kilobyte, chat, attachment, download, virus feel like a foreign language to you? Then you will not want to miss this weeks Relief Society on Wednesday night at 7:00 pm.
The true computer gurus of the ward (the Young Women) will teach you how to login to your true techno self.

We will have a techno fair of sort where you will be able to see how technology can help strengthen your family.

Come learn how to
  • access the entire stake directory with a click of a button.
  • keep a private journal online that can be bound into a book
  • make a family group facebook page that will remind you of everyone's birthdays and anniversaries
  • carry the scriptures around with you on your phone
  • take any photo and make it look great and where to get it printed
  • keep in touch with your grandkids and look like Grandma of the year
  • find the best applications for an itouch or iphone
  • and much more.
Bring a notepad to take notes and your cell phone, a camera, laptop or any other electronic device that you may have questions about how to use.
See you there!

This week the young women in my church congregation were in charge of a Relief Society night (no more calling it Enrichment) to teach the adults in our church about the following.

I had heard a talk at Women's Conference by John Bytheway that said,
"if we do not learn what our youth are doing on the computer the generation gap will become a generation canyon" This talk prompted me to have a night like this.
It was overwhelming and exciting. I am adding my handout in case anyone is interested in doing the same for a community or church group. (also below are the cell phone manners that we went over before we started, always a good reminder and two great videos.)

Kentlands YW Computer Night

Facebook ::

storing and sharing photos and videos
family groups to remember events and birthdays
leave video messages
how and who can sign up

How to find and search for friends

Cameras and photos great photo free software
how to download photos and what to do with them
where to get them printed
how to email copies of photos to be printed

How to store your photos –, snapfish, smugmug

{some of my favorite apps}
google talk
gps motion x
face melter
if found
around me
iblogger (mobile blogging)
crazy mouth
kid art
spin art
LDS audio
snap and tell
plate game
take me to my car
wunder radio
movie brain
save benjis
adding the Montgomery county school calendar into you ical ::
access the ward and stake directory
playing the children games and listening to stories (The Friend)
find a meetinghouse
access all teaching manuals
church web page on youtube
prepare a talk software
watch general conference
adding the ward list to your phone contacts

register and blogging
keeping a journal printing blogs and journals into books wordpress (free) , - online blogs

privacy for – to help you calendar your Book of Mormon reading -

keeping a calendar
adding new contacts
keeping track of minutes


Cell Phone manners
  • Speak softly. Cell phones are usually more sound sensitive than regular phones, so you don't need to yell to make yourself heard. And no amount of shouting will improve a bad connection.

  • Respect the personal space of others by taking your conversation 10 or more feet away from people. Ideally, take your phone call into a private space. Refrain from using your phone in a place where others can't escape your conversation, such as in an elevator or on public transit.

  • Do not interrupt a face-to-face conversation to take a cell-phone call. The person you are actually with takes priority. If you have a phone conversation in front of that person, you're showing that he or she is unimportant to you.

  • Keep private matters private. Nobody wants to hear you fight with your spouse over your cell phone. If you use the phone for business, you could leak company-confidential information when talking in public.

  • Turn your cell phone off during weddings, funerals, movies, live performances, sports events, business meetings, classes, and dates, and in places of worship, restrooms, restaurants, libraries, museums, and doctor or dentist waiting rooms.

Another tip -- be wary of novelty ring tones. Not everyone will appreciate hearing the latest Britney Spears tune or Beethoven's Fifth every time you receive a call. Try using your phone's "vibrate" function instead of the ringer in public.


Here are two videos that are a good explanaton about social media.


Anna said...

Thanks for posting this. Fabulous idea. I think I will try to incorporate most of this into an activity for our Relief Society.

Jill said...

What a great idea! I think it's brilliant that you did this.

Shauna said...

Fabulous Ideas!!!!!!
Now, here goes my YW Camp brain....what about offering one on one tutorials as a fundraiser for Camp?
Once they have this big group training, they will want to go to the next level. I know I would gladly pay many of our YW for an hour of Computer Tutoring

Price Cream Parlor said...

This is the best idea!! Seriously passing this on!

Have you heard of the ap - i stake!??
Your entire stake directory as well as directions to their homes!

Tasha said...

That sounds like a great idea! Are you teaching the class? I'm going to have to pass this along to my Enrichment Committee.
You are a font of ideas. Are you SURE Jeff doesn't want to come to Logan? There are only 2 ENTs and neither of them are rhinologists
(did I spelll that right?)

michelle said...


I think most any ward could benefit from an activity like this.

Kat said...

This is such a good idea. I will have to bring up this idea in our next YW meeting. Our girls could totally do this in our ward. :) Thanks for such a fun idea!