Tuesday, October 27, 2009

We gots crutches!

I am pretty sure buying these will jinx me into actually needing them, but I am taking the risk.
Today at goodwill I purchased
  • original framed watercolor of two skiers $1.00
  • Lands End purple suede boots for Sally Jane $1.00
  • the movie Beauty and the Beast (my kids have never seen it and I have been looking for it forever in the stores but can never find it-total score!) $1.00
  • a total Archie Bunker lime green recliner in Excellent condition for $15.00 (Jeff if you are reading this at work, can you stop by Goodwill and pick up that big green recliner and bring it home - they close at 7:00, thanks sweetie)
  • kids size crutches $5.00
My friend Kimberly recently told me that her friend gave her kids crutches for Christmas as a toy and it was their favorite thing ever. So I have been on the lookout for crutches. I have need seen the kids ones that adjust to 4 foot before, so I was excited when I found these today. I am sure it will be the big hit for all the kids to play with after school. I just hope we don't actually ever need them.

Have you ever bought your kids something before
that was not a toy but turned out to be their favorite thing to play with?

H1N1 has been officially kicked out of our house and is not welcome back! Good Riddance!


Natasha said...

I found a great lamp at Goodwill a few days ago. My 8 year old is in a waste not phase-- no toys for Christmas, please send $ to starving kids in Honduras, etc. So, she needed a new lamp but didn't want me to "waste" and buy one. Bingo! I found a gorgeous one for her at Goodwill. I also found 3hardback books at 39 cents each.

Favorite non toy past time - a real paintbrush and a bucket of water. My kids can "paint" the outside of my house all day!

Jill said...

Your Goodwill scores are always so amazing to me! I want to see pictures of the other items, especially the recliner.

I find that most of the things my kids like to play with the best are unusual items or things that aren't officially toys. I'm sure crutches would be a big hit here too.

Price Cream Parlor said...

You scared me - I thought you went from H1N1 to broken bones!
Score in the thrift store dept!! Fun!

My littles are loving boxes at the moment. Go figure...

Deb said...

Once I brought home the little pack of plastic utensils from a plane trip-my little one played with them many, many times!

michelle said...

Score! If I ever come to visit you, I know where I want you to take me...

Elaine said...

One of my kids' favorite toys are what we call "molecules." They are little plastic pieces that my husband used in his science classes in college to "build" the different atoms in the different configurations (I'm totally not scientific, so I'm sure I'm saying that all wrong). Anyway, the kids build all sorts of things out of these small plastic pieces that fit together, sort of like a scientific tinkertoy.

Nicole said...

Glad to hear H1N1 is all clear. It's horrible that it was even a guest (unwanted) at your house.
Jonas' favorite toy right now is an oil funnel. I bought it for my husband-to use to change to oil in the car-for .67 at Walmart. It's never seen a drop of oil-but has had plenty of baby drool...

Amanda L. said...

Favorite non-toy at our house is always a cardboard box. Whenever I come home from Costco the kids' eyes light up and they say "Can we have those boxes?" They become houses for horses, stuffed animals, airplanes, scary monster costumes, etc.

So glad you are all better! I am trying hard not to freak out about all of it because Posey is high risk with her asthma.