Thursday, October 29, 2009

We have this fancy little label printer at school that you use when you come into the school for ANYTHING. You are supposed to type your name at the top of why you are there. Lately I have been coming up with funny things instead of my name (I am so the creative rebel). Today I came as Annie Kate's Awesome Mom.
We had our trunk-or-treat last night at church. Our youth group put it on and I was uber proud of them. The youth were to dress up as characters from Peter Pan. (which also happens to be Sally Jane's costume choice this year) She felt like she was standing next to a super star when she got a photo with one of the YM who came as Peter Pan.
Today my friend and I put together the treat bags for the Halloween party. I came up with this idea last year and will do it every year until my kids are out of school. A local dentist donated toothbrushes along with his business card. I dropped them in a paper sack, stapled the top with a die cut I made at the school and the poem that my friend Mindy's mom wrote for the occasion. I realize this helps no one for your school parties tomorrow but it is a great treat bag idea for the future. (I don't mean that to sound as braggy as it does)

Trick-or-treating on Halloween night
Is fun, fun, fun and quite a sight.
With ghosts and goblins and heroes, too,
All in costume, which one are you?

We'll get Smarties, suckers, chocolate and more
Lots of goodies at each friend's door.
They taste so good, they're fun to eat
Who can resist a Halloween treat?

But candy can really stick to our teeth
And sometimes the sugar is hidden real deep.
So brush your teeth till they're shiny and bright
And have a fun time on Halloween night.

and I have to add this recent photo of my Dad. They guy is a true outdoorsman.
Here he is fishing in New Mexico and check out the at least 12 elk watching him.
This could seriously be a postcard.


Jill said...

I love label makers and went through a phase of labeling everything our apartment (it was a long time ago) just so I could use it. I enjoy your creative label making.

The Halloween toothbrush bags are cute, you're always doing something fun for the school.

Sally Jane is the cutest Peter Pan I've ever seen. Our ward doesn't do a trunk or treat, but I wish we did.

Amanda L. said...


Our ward doesn't do a trunk or treat either! But one of my friends has the unofficial ward party at her house every year so we can partake of cider and goodies together with all the kids. She even hands out goodie bags.

Love your label. Was AK embarrassed by it? Our school was supposed to have a Halloween party tomorrow night but cancelled it because of the dreaded H1N1. The dentist must love you for doing this! Such a cute idea.

Love the photo of your dad. It should be a postcard.

patsy said...

That photo is so cool of your dad! I can't wait to show my FIL that--

so what do you think of denver right now!!!!? they got two feet of snow yesterday- I couldn't help but think of you- the great thing about denver (rem. I used to live there) is that the snow never lasts. It's gorgeous, comes in, comes out- sun's back. If you're going to have snow- that's the way to do it! I never felt bogged down by it & that made it more fun.

thanks for the great ideas AGAIN- your brain is amazing!

Liz said...

I love that your school does labels like that!! OUrs is sooo tedious, we have to sign in on a clipboard, and then sign a sticker with our name and date and stick it on somewhere. It takes so much time.

LOve the treat bags! So cute! I will have to remember this for next year.

We're having our Trunk-r- Treat tonight. Combined with another ward, so it is going to be a mad house!!!! I am not looking forward to that aspect of it!

michelle said...

Your label is darling. I love labels of any form!

That photo of SJ is so adorable, that girl is too cute for words.

Our ward doesn't do trunk or treat, but it sounds like fun.

I heard from my Denver relatives that they had two snow days this week! So jealous. My kids have never ever had a snow day, even though we sometimes get feet of snow in Utah... one more fun thing about CO!

crystal said...

That photo of the elk snooping on your dad is priceless! I can't wait to show it to MY dad; he is a lifetime fly fisherman & will love it.

Your little Peter Pan's expression looking up at the "real" Peter just so cute!

I was Peter Pan my sophomore year in high school!