Thursday, November 05, 2009

So here is my $15.00 Goodwill chair.
and yes I know it looks like I stole it from the American History Museum in the Archie Bunker section. I scrubbed, scrubbed the plush green until it almost changed color. It rocks and reclines and the kids love it. It has made it possible for the first time for all of us to sit down in the front room together now that we all have a place to sit, but it is dated! I can't decide if I love it and it has potential or if looks like my great grandpa moved in with us and had to bring his chair to be comfortable. (remember the show Frasier?)
I am hoping that I can put some red damask pillows on it to give it some Holiday style.

I don't think it will be making the trek west with us next summer, so it is up for grabs in a few months if someone will want it. hee hee!!


patsy said...

so what did you scrub it with?
I think it will look great with the damask for the holidays!!

Dani Stolworthy said...

looks vintage!

Amy said...

Maybe you will want it in a future guest/kid's room with a good lamp for a reading spot? If it has good bones, it is worth attempting to recover.

inawhilecrocodile said...

it is my favorite green! if you decide to part with it. i'll buy it from you for our guest room!!!

would love to host the likes of you up in frederick!


michelle said...

I love the color! I think it will be darling with red pillows.

Price Cream Parlor said...

I think you should keep it. If you are not paying to move yourself - keep it. You will find a place for it and kick yourself for not keeping it.

Funny thing is - we had living room furniture growing up in that exact plush color! Love it!

Great bones - or even fun the way it is...
Keep it
Keep it
Keep it

Jill said...

I think you should keep it too! It looks comfy and fun. My grandma had some peachy colored chairs like that and they were always in high demand when we'd visit her.

Sharon C. said...

Funny thing, is that we have two chairs (off white now) that were a similar color only a velvet stripe -- similar back by the way, bought the chairs in 1972-- tufting, rocking and swiveling. Had them reupholstered 25 years ago and they still look just like new. Like others have said, if the bones are good then keep it!!! You can always change it.....