Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Thanksgiving in Spain - day 2

So after landing and getting our vagabond selves off of the grass we got our rental car (which was bigger than we expected) right on the Navy base.
We needed the extra room since we would be going to the commissary on base and filling up with a week full of groceries along a full Thanksgiving meal. Our plan was to go to the grocery store and then drive the 2 hours to Marbella, our spot for the week.

We had 2 hours before the grocery store on base opened so we decided to go to the private beach on base that we had loved from last years trip. But the gate was still locked and we could not get in.

We then started feeling the hit of 24 hours of travel and decided we needed to sleep. So we got a room on base at the Navy Lodge.
We went to the video store on base and rented all these movies.
threw all of our stuff in our room
and for the next 6 hours room 43 had lots of snoring from our family. WE CRASHED!

Our bodies started craving food so Jeff and I went to the commissary to fill up for the week. We spent about $300 on food - which was a score for the week.

We ate up and then went to Rota at night. The kids were just itching to see the beach. I could not believe how different the city was in the winter time, so quiet and empty. I took a photo of Sally Jane at the exact spot I had taken one of her a year before.
It seemed unreal that we were back here with our little kids saying things like "remember this statue of Christopher Columbus" "I loved this church"
For the locals it was freezing, but for us it was heaven! The kids chased the ocean for as long as we would let them. They were so happy!

We washed off all of our sand and then we walked back to the town square were Saturday night mass was letting out. The Spanish people are so BEAUTIFUL. Their kids are all dressed the same and look like they just stepped out of a catalog. The families came out kissing each other on the cheeks saying goodbye. We were invited by a church member to go across the street to the church bake sale. We went but were completely crazy and didn't buy anything (trip regret)The streets were as beautiful as we remembered them.
We were still tired but on the travel high that we seem to run off of on these trips. I can't believe how lucky we are to do this all together.
Off to bed to rest up for our morning trip to Marbella!


Lauralee said...

beautiful pictures! what an amazing trip!

crystal said...

You are the best kid-vacationer ever! I am in awe. Have fun!

Jill said...

It's just too cool that your girls recognize things in Spain!!

michelle said...

Seriously so cool that your girls remembered things and that you have favorites in Spain!

You guys are getting really good at this.