Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Thanksgiving in Spain - day 3

Our big plans to get up early were squashed by our exhausted, 6 hour behind bodies. We barely made the 12:00 check out time. We stopped by the Pizza shop on base that we had eaten at a lot last summer, to bring back memories and also because it is so cheap!

The two hour drive went fast because the girls again fell asleep.
Aha! we made it to Marbella. We checked in to find out we had a three bedroom three bathroom place to make some awesome family memories as close to the beach as you could get.

We were anxious to get to our room as well as run into....
Grammy and Papa!
It became even more of a miracle that we made it considering we were meeting Jeff's parents for the week.
Even though the pool water was freezing Sally Jane wasted no time to get a foot dip in.
The girls picked their room and instantly tested out the trampoline readiness of their beds

We wasted no time to test out the cold waters of the pools at the resort
but spent most of our time that night underwater in the heated indoor pool. Yea. Family swim time!
Oh and the sunset on the beach that night was probably the best of the whole trip.


Jill said...

Wow, Jeff's parents joined you guys, was that a surprise for the girls?

I would really like to stay in a beautiful, tropical place like this some time in my life.

I love that sunset photo!

michelle said...

How fun that you met grandparents there! Big bonus.

I really want to go to Spain after reading your posts about it!

crystal said...

How did you take such a good photo of yourself UNDER WATER! Now THAT is photogenic!

Awesome sunset :)

Amanda L. said...

The grandparents are the icing on the cake! What fun. Gorgeous shots..esp. the swimming family.