Friday, January 15, 2010

dear mr.

Dear mr. Row 5 seat A,

Let me introuduce myself, my name is Mrs. Row 7 seat B.
I sat behind you the entire 4 hour 15 min flight to Denver Colorado today.
I hope your mother in law feels better. I am glad you loved the Avitar movie and you saved me $10.00 because you did such a good job retelling it
I hope the new seed you put down in your yard grows as nice as you had read in that gardening magazine.
I am impressed at how dedicated you are to helping the apes in the wetlands
I am sorry you are allergic to wheat, that must be hard.
I am glad you were able to see your cousin before she passed away last spring in Wisconsin
Keep working on your new year resolutions this year maybe your year.
Have fun in Denver for the gun show
Yours truly,

The gal who sat behind you and was she grateful she had headphones so she didn't have to hear the rest of your loud talking. Gee whiz.

Made it to Denver and feel a little panicked about big life decisions.

Have you sat behind " that guy" before on the plane?


Jolie said...

Shoot, I sit by that mom every week in the ballet waiting room. Fascinating that your contacts get lost in the back of your eyes when you fall asleep after a drunken bender! NOT!

Jill said...

I haven't definitely been tortured by loud-plane talkers in the past and had some on my flight to Paris, but luckily had headphones so they didn't bother me too much, though the man in front of me turned around and asked them to be quiet (he was a rude Frenchman).

I'm excited for you to be house shopping in Denver, I hope you have a good weekend!

Natasha said...

One of my brothers and his wife live in Denver. They have been there for 2 hours and they love it.

I get annoyed with loud talkers like that, especially on planes and in doctor waiting rooms.

michelle said...

I'm glad you had headphones, too!!

wende said...

oh my gosh kristi, i am laughing so hard - sorry, you're probably not!

this was the perfect way to blog about this story! so funny. i hope hope hope i am NEVER this person.

good luck house hunting and getting a nice quiet flight home!

Price Cream Parlor said...

On my way home for Utah I sat next to two scary people that were taking MY space and I was literally in the isle the entire flight as I had to lean way way over not to be squished or have tiny white little pieces of some kind of animal hair all over me. These two were silent - sleeping and leaning on me the entire time. Think I would welcome the crazy talkers instead! HA!

Thankfully you had your headphones as an escape... Are you solo on this house hunting trip? Hope you have a great realtor and love the area - finding a great home for your littles...

heather.cook said...

good luck with the house hunt,remember it is a house, but you will make it a "home".....sorry about your flight, just be glad you weren't the ear right next to him who had to reply back!

love, heather

patsy said...

my girls sat next to some interesting ladies to & from AR last summer- I was so sad that they had to experience that wo mom there.. but I guess that is life.

I hope denver is nice & sunny for you!

crystal said...

This is why I hate flying.


brooke said...

Better to have been sitting behind him rather than the poor soul who was sitting next to him :-)

Stephanie said...

Darn it! I guess that guy likes it better sitting by you ;) Never had that problem but I have a feeling I was the lady "with the zillion kids" who provided free birth control.

Sharon C. said...

Hope your weekend was successful in your being able to get the information you wanted. I have been in that situation before and finally asked the couple to speak more quietly as even the Bose earphones did not help....