Monday, January 18, 2010

I made it back from a great and emotional weekend in Denver doing some house/neighborhood hunting.
I was greeted at the airport by a real Cowboy! They have darling retired Cowboys and Cowgirls who walk around and ask you if you need help. What?? I knew I loved this state.
I also get my own airplane when I move there, that will be dedicated to just me (and the other 4,939,456 people that live in the state). The sign on the outside of the plane that reads
"This plane was dedicated to the people of Colorado on May 11, 2008."

Good news -I flew home with no panic attack freak outs, as I am a nervous Nelly flyer these days, but the Bad news I did sit right next to a gum smacker. I came this close (pinch fingers close together) to asking her to stop, but glad I didn't as she then started a conversation with me and was really nice. I figured the more she talked the less she would crack her gum. I watched Fame on my Iphone and loved it! Perfect plane ride movie.

Moving to Denver in 5 months and counting.... Yikes!


Jill said...

I'm glad you made it back without any panic attacks!

michelle said...

Oh, but did you see the blue statue of a stallion with creepy glowing eyes outside the airport?? We love to joke about that.

Flying with no panic attacks is a real blessing!

Melissa said...

How exciting your new adventure is!! I am pretty nervous about flying now that I have kids- I just feel so vulnerable.

Mindy said...

So your post about the fellow in front of you busted me up! Can't wait to hear where you choose to settle----hope to see you soon when you are on "our side" of the country!

Price Cream Parlor said...

Did you find a great neighborhood?/home?

Shan said...

Love your blog! And I love Colorado- how fun that you are moving here. Though I have never met you, it feels like I have a friend moving here after reading your blog so much :)

elshmobelsh said...

I am sure you will love Denver- as you are the kind of person who will love anywhere you go. I didn't realize Denver was a "coyboy" kind of town. And I have no doubt Denver will love you. :)

I read your New Beginnings post. I have to admit I'm almost jealous. Wish I could have been there. Miss you guys tons. Love the gold tie ideas. Please give the girls a big love from me.

Denise said...

Please do not judge my fair city by the demonic stallion that greets newcomers with a rearing snarl and glowing red eyes. So creepy.

Where did you look for houses in Denver? After reading your New Beginnings post I wish you would move into my ward!

P.S.: Contrary to the belief of most East-Coasters, not EVERYONE who lives in Denver is a cowboy. :)